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Great Games to Educate & Entertain Your Kids at Home

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Most parents are stuck at home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Chances are that your children are driving you nuts due to their mischievous behavior. Well, the good news is that you can fix them up with some help from this blog. Make sure to limit their time watching cartoons on TV if you’re a subscriber of Spectrum TV or some other service provider. Instead, divert their attention to educational games. How can you do this? It’s simple. Continue reading below about some captivating education and learning-based games for your kids!

1 Animal Jam

This is an ideal & great game for kids between the ages of six and twelve. Available on PC, Android, and iOS, Animal Jam is a virtual online world. The National Geographic Society assisted the developers in creating this game. The game teaches children about animals and human interaction. Basically, it resolves around zoological and ecological themes. The game has more than 150 million users worldwide. Remember that if your children become addicted to the game, you can limit their playtime with the help of some quality parental controls.

2 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

A great game available on GameStop and Amazon for Nintendo Switch, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker promotes thinking capabilities in children. The game comes with a variety of challenging puzzles for ages five and above. As the name implies, the lead character is Captain Toad from the popular Mario Bros. series from Nintendo. The children will win “treasures” as they continue to solve the puzzles!

3 Prodigy

Prodigy is available on both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. It is also available on PC. For ages six to twelve, this game is ideal for boosting kids’ math skills. The complexity of the questions increases as the players advance in the levels. They can also earn rewards and share their progress with their friends! Furthermore, the game also promotes a competitive atmosphere as children can invite their friends for a nail-biting contest!

4 Tinybop Games

Tinybop is actually a suite of apps aimed towards inculcating a love of learning in kids. Ideal for ages four and above, it is available on both PC and mobile (Android and iOS). Try out the app with your kids and see which games pique your interest. The Curiosity Kit is quite popular. This game is about the human body, animals, and much more. Tinybop also offers a special package for schools. Hopefully, when the schools reopen, schools who are subscribers of this package will make it available again for their kids. This special package comes with around ten apps and games!

5 Dragonbox Math and Chess Games

Dragonbox Math and Chess games are great for children above four years of age. The Dragonbox games are primarily related to math. However, they also created Magnus’ Kingdom with the chess pro player Magnus Carlsen. This chess-learning game has enjoyed a lot of wide acceptance and popularity. Make sure to introduce these games to your child for boosting their analytical and math skills. The adventure-styled approach that the games provide allows kids to understand with ease and comfort. They can easily understand math operations and what the chess pieces do with the interactive interface. You can also play the chess game to improve your chess skills!

6 Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is also a great game to improve your children’s basic language skills. The app helps in teaching basic alphabets to kids in the beginning. Once done, the app teaches simple sentences followed by complex sentences. Therefore, this app is great for children of ages three as this is the time they are learning how to speak. The puzzle games also boost the analytical skills of children. Moreover, the game also provides definitions in the form of illustrations to aid in learning. The developers of Endless Alphabet have many other games to their credit as well. Make sure to check them out too. They’ve also published a similar app for the Spanish language.The games mentioned above are quite helpful in developing an analytical mindset in kids at a young age. Furthermore, do note that you require a stable internet connection for most of these games. I upgraded my internet bandwidth by calling the Charter customer service to ensure a smooth gaming and learning experience for my kids. Check with your service provider if you need an upgrade as well! Once you make sure what needs to be done, have a great time playing and learning with your kids!