3 Finance Career Opportunities with a B.S. in Business Administration

Embarking on a journey with a B.S. in Business Administration opens doors to various lucrative career paths and one of the most sought-after fields in finance. The finance sector boasts stability and competitive salaries, making it an attractive choice. However, the realm of finance isn’t a monolithic entity; it encompasses diverse roles. Let’s delve into three compelling finance career options:

  • Auditor: Delve into the intricacies of financial examinations and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Analyst: Navigate the world of data and trends, providing insights crucial for strategic decision-making.
  • Accountant: Master the art of financial management, balancing the books with precision and expertise.

Explore the possibilities that a B.S. in Business Administration from Pacific Oaks College can unfold for your financial career.

What is a financial auditor?

Decoding the Role of a Financial Auditor

Ever wondered what financial auditors do? Well, they play a crucial role in examining an organization’s financial records and statements to ensure everything adds up accurately. Their mission: confirm compliance with regulations and accounting standards, ensuring the financial well-being and honesty of the organization. Day-to-day, they conduct audits, assess internal controls, pinpoint financial risks, and suggest ways to enhance practices. Financial auditors can be found in public accounting firms or working within internal audit departments of companies or government agencies, keeping the financial world in check.

Exploring Financial Auditor Salaries

Curious about financial auditor salaries? On average, they earn around $73,791, as per data collected by ZipRecruiter. Keep in mind that this information is current as of the publication date of this article.

Decoding the Role of a Financial Analyst

Ever wondered about the role of a financial analyst? Well, they delve into financial research, offering insights and recommendations for smart investment decisions, robust financial plans, and effective risk management. Their research involves a comprehensive analysis of market trends, economic indicators, company financial statements, and industry performance.

As a financial analyst, you might find yourself creating financial models, crafting forecasts, monitoring financial health, and conveying your discoveries to stakeholders, be it senior management or clients. The beauty of this role is its versatility, allowing professionals to thrive in diverse sectors, from banking and investment firms to corporations and consulting companies.

Unlocking Earnings Potential: Financial Analyst Salaries

Curious about the earning potential of a financial analyst? Well, the median annual salary for these financial maestros is $95,570, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This salary snapshot, collected in May 2021, provides a glimpse into the lucrative rewards that come with mastering the world of financial analysis.

Decoding Financial Careers: The Role of a Financial Accountant

Dive into the world of finance, and you’ll encounter the pivotal role of a financial accountant. These professionals are the backbone of recording, analyzing, and reporting financial transactions for individuals, businesses, or organizations. Their tasks range from bookkeeping and payroll processing to tax preparation and financial statement analysis. Unlike auditors who verify financial accuracy, accountants focus on day-to-day financial operations and tax compliance. Whether in public firms, corporate finance departments, or as independent consultants, financial accountants play a vital role in shaping fiscal strategies and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Understanding the Average Salary for Financial Accountants

Curious about the earning potential in financial accounting? On average, a financial accountant takes home $71,706, as reported by Indeed. This snapshot reflects data available at the time of publishing, offering insights into the compensation landscape for professionals in this dynamic field.

Launching Your Finance Career: A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

To embark on exciting finance career paths, a bachelor’s degree is your first step. Pacific Oaks College’s B.S. in Business Administration program equips you with practical business insights, laying a strong foundation for your financial journey. Offering both in-person and online learning options, this program ensures flexibility, enabling you to earn your degree on your terms.

Final Thoughts

Elevate your career aspirations with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Pacific Oaks College. This program not only paves the way for diverse finance careers but also provides the flexibility of in-person and online learning. Seize the opportunity to acquire practical business knowledge and set the stage for a successful financial journey.


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