6 Ways to Find Friends Who Smoke Marijuana


Some people can make friends wherever they are and regardless of their situation. For others, making friends isn’t that easy, whether they smoke marijuana or not.


In any case, being a stoner shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to finding new buddies. But if it does, if you’re having a hard time finding friends, or you just prefer people who enjoy the same pastime as yourself, then this post is for you.


Let’s help you find friends who enjoy a Smoke Marijuana just like you.


Smoke Marijuana
Smoke Marijuana


1.   Keep Learning About Marijuana


Ask nonusers, and they’ll tell you that cannabis users mostly seem like they share an inside joke nobody else has access to. They’ll tell you that stoners are usually a friendly bunch, but you’ll always feel like you’re on the outside looking in.


If you’re a user, it’s worth getting to know more about what you’re using and the community surrounding it. The more involved you are, the easier it’ll be to fit in and make new friends wherever you are.


Learn about the species, the slang, and even the different methods of consumption because these things matter in the life of a cannabis user.


Who knows, perhaps you won’t always be able to Smoke Marijuana. Check out Veriheal, which discusses a much safer delivery method known as tinctures.


2.   Visit a Dispensary


If you’re getting your weed illegally from a dealer, it’s most likely a secret affair, and you won’t be meeting anyone worth being friends with.


With the new regulations favoring cannabis taking hold across the nation, it’s no longer a secret that you can buy and consume cannabis legally through dispensaries.


These weed outlets are some of the best places to meet friendly and law-abiding weed buddies.


Just strike up a conversation with a couple of people in the queue and talk about your favorite topic: weed.


3.   Find Online Communities


One of the perks of technology is that the world is now connected through the internet.


Your online connections can be as real as you want them to be. If you can trust the online world to deliver your shopping and find you a date, you can trust it to find a community of like-minded people.


It’s worth noting that there are online communities for almost everything. You should be able to find a Facebook page or Reddit forum dedicated to cannabis consumers, such as the /r/weed subreddit.


4.   Attend a 420 Event


The cannabis culture has blossomed out of the shadows, becoming a huge and unstoppable movement. You can witness that when you attend a 420 event.


420 signifies the humble beginnings cannabis and its users have had on their path towards social acceptance. The phrase refers to the international cannabis holiday, which is celebrated yearly on April 20th at 4:20 pm.


On April 20th every year, many events and protests take place the world over in honor of weed. If there’s one place that can guarantee making friends who share the same interest, these gatherings are.


5.   Cannabis-Friendly Areas


The reality is that you can’t smoke cannabis everywhere in the United States and that factors into the ability to find a blazing partner.


But the state laws that recognize cannabis in some form have set up programs to manage the industry. That means businesses are acquiring licenses to run weed-friendly areas, which come in the form of hotels, lounges, yoga retreats, etc.


Basically, when you visit these safe spots, you can smoke cannabis legally on their grounds, provided you’re an adult. The best part is you get to hang out with other stoners.


6.   Friend of a Friend


Weed is popular these days and not as difficult a topic to bring up as it used to be.


If you’re searching for a blazing buddy, chances are you have a friend who can connect you with someone sharing your interests. You can still make those connections yourself if you don’t have anyone who can help.


What you need is to get out there and talk to people you vibe with. As we said, weed is way too popular for you not to encounter other users.





There was a time when finding weed buddies was a struggle. It’s not the case anymore. If there aren’t any users in your circle of friends, it’s only a matter of time until you meet a fellow weed lover.



















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