An explained overview of Bharatanatyam Dance Uniform


Bharatanatyam is the most eminent and oldest form of dance that has also provided a mark of the heritage of Indian Culture. This dance form was mainly originated in the Southern Part of India, namely Tamil Nadu, and slowly spread its route to the other southern states. Performing dances like this are incomplete without the Bharatanatyam Dance Uniform. This uniform also has a great significance in the overall dance.

However, availing of the Bharatanatyam Dance Uniform can be hard and confusing or can high time-consuming. However, in this blog, you can find out details by which you can easily avail of these costumes. Also, you can understand the basic facts regarding Bharatanatyam.

What are styles involve in Bharatanatyam?

Looking at the rich cultural values of Bharatanatyam along with its deep history and transcendence, it is found that these special forms of dance have undergone several changes. The Bharatanatyam dancers have involved other various forms and styles in this traditional dance to meet their convenience and to make it more attractive. The several styles involved in the Bharatanatyam are further given below:

  • Vazhavoor Style

In this form of style, the sudden movements along with the abruptness are quite less and do not occur more of a sudden. The Ramai Pillai, in Thanjavore, provided light to this particular style. This also includes the static postures along with some postures. Where the dancer’s body from the waist is to bend to that level.


  • Melathoor Style

These styles were first developed in the 20th century by the Devadasi Tradition. In this style of Bharatanatyam the anklets or the ‘ghungroo’ play a more prominent role on the sringara than the bhakti. The ghungroo is the main hero of this style.


  • Pandanallur

The name is Pandanallur because this form of dance introduces in the village called the Pandanallur, Thanjavur district. In this style, deep sitting positions are involving. Also, this is the feminine form of style that emphasis on linear geometry. This further includes slow movements matching the rhythmic movements.


  • Kalakshetra Style

These are quite similar to the Pandanallur style but in a quite similar way and are introduced by Rukmini Devi Arrundhalae. This includes some movements that are clear cut, linear, along with angular and sharp movements. These are a controlled and sharp movement that includes some stiffness.

Bharatanatyam Dance Uniform- Explained

The Bharatanatyam Dance Uniform is also the most important factor of dance that includes the same aspect of art. These are highly remarkable and intricate and represent a huge amount of elegance. Without the proper costume, the Bharatanatyam is never completed. Apart from these, the costumes are vibrant and colorful and look elegant.

The Bharatanatyam Dance Uniform further divide into two parts that include the following:

  • Pajama Styles
  • Skirt Style

In the above styles, the costumes are so beautifully constructed and include some pure gold and shimmering silk. These uniforms also hold some religious beliefs and motifs and each thread is intrinsically designing with the motif of attraction.

However, to get these styles sari is mainly involves for the woman. The middle of the sari is arranging in such a way that it creates a layer of plates when the dancers open up their legs. This further, looks mesmerizing to the eyes, and at the time of opening up, this showcases the entire zari work and embroidery border and other details of the sari. However, the middle plates are the most enhancing of these costumes.

For men

The Bharatanatyam DanceUniform for men is not so complicated as the woman. It might include a simple dhoti along with some stitched embroidery. It can also include some silk work and jewels in the upper part of the body. Normally in this form of dance, the male dancers remain blank and covered with jewelry only.

For Women

On the other perspective, the dance costume for women includes the sari. The Indian traditional Southern sari is the costume. It also includes some jewelry like the mange-tikas, bangles, neckpieces, and many more. The color of the women’s costumes is also very bright and attractive. The borders of the sari further include various stitches to ultimately decorate the whole dance form.


The Bharatanatyam is the most delicate form of dance and also represents a religious belief. Maintaining the look with all the things is thus very important to perform this dance. Without the incomplete uniform, this dance is incomplete.


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