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All You Need To Know About Legal Comprehensive Trademark Search

Comprehensive Trademark

Comprehensive or Knockout Trademark Search?

The registered trademark has a high competitive power and reputation
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A comprehensive trademark search is an in-depth study of other trademarks by trademark attorneys and lawyers. This search is to check whether a trademark or brand name is currently in use, or whether registration is requested by another company or individual.

Whether you have a whole business empire or just a small startup, extensive trademark research is highly recommended. Choosing the right name for your business and brand can mean the difference between success and failure.

Regardless of the size, the best way to ensure that the private name associated with your product or service is available . Supported is to research your brand name and apply to register your trademark at the federal level. But how do you know exactly whether the required name has been used or is suitable for use and registration? The best starting point is a comprehensive trademark search.

Why are these searches supportive in the registration process of trademark?

The biggest benefit of brand research (especially for new businesses or brands) is that it helps to highlight the uniqueness of your brand. If you wish to convert a name, logo, or symbol into a trademark, the federal government will compare it with the registered existing trademark, and your registration may be very similar to the existing trademark, so it may be rejected.

By doing some preliminary research on the brand, you can determine whether it is enough to constitute a brand or not. If the search returns multiple built-in marks that are similar to yours, you can make the necessary changes and continue to use the changed mark.

If the search is not completed as soon as possible, the USPTO lawyer will issue an exemption in the form of an agency contract, inevitably further expanding the application process. This saves time and money for brand owners and allows you to come back before submitting an application.

Overall, brand research is very important for new brands and new companies to minimize the obstacles. That may hinder their future development, and the help of professional legal teams also increases the chances of success from a statistical perspective. You have must know what is a comprehensive trademark search and want to conduct it. Please contact an intellectual property lawyer for a free consultation.

Advantages of Performing a Trademark Search

Even if the cost makes you reluctant to use the brand. You should also be aware that careful searching can prevent unintentional infringements in the future. To register a trademark at the federal level, you can expect to spend between $275 and $400 on each category of goods and services. If the USPTO rejects your request, the agency will not refund any fees. The main advantages of brand research are:

  • 1 Provides legal and guaranteed protection.
  • 2 The registered trademark has a high competitive power and reputation.
  • 3 It allows you to take advantage of some government incentives.
  • 4 It provides application to customs to prevent the import and export of imitations.
  • 5 It facilitates the registration process in your foreign registration transactions.
  • 6 It prevents the same or similar of your brand from being taken by someone else from the same line of business.

Once you have a trademark registration, you automatically increase the value of your company and your brand. You can increase the value of your brand by showing that this brand is unique to you and yours. You can also benefit from trademark registration to protect your own and original products. When you are a registered trademark, you not only protect your brand name and logo. But also your products, and if these products are imitated, you will have the legal force to defend your products. As you increase your brand value and awareness, you increase the value of your trademark registration. In this way, since you want to exit the sector by selling your brand at a later time. You can sell your brand for a higher price and increase the value of your brand registration. This gives you an extra return in the sales and exit process.

How to identify the life of a trademark

You can determine the legal life of your trademark. You can extend this period as much as you want. If you want, you can register your brand for a period of 10 years or you can have this brand registration for life. Thus, nobody else can have the right to use this brand during this process.

Comprehensive or Knockout Trademark Search?

There are several ways to search for trademarks, but the two most poarch. A knockout search reveals apparent hurdles that may be encountered in registering trademarks. You can even search for free yourself, the Knockout search limited and can be confusing. Popular options available are free knockout trademark search or Comprehensive trademark.