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Do You Know About The Exotic Chinese Food

Do You Know About The Exotic Chinese Food

Popular dishes of Chinese food

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Whether it’s a posh fancy restaurant or a crowded food street, one thing common on the menu is Chinese food. Originated from China, Chinese cuisine has become very famous in Pakistan over time. With the basic ingredients used by the Chinese for example soy sauce and rice, the food has a unique flavor, enlightening the taste buds of many on daily basis.


Popular dishes of Chinese food


The cuisine includes many traditional and distinctive items. One of the most popular Chinese dishes known in China, as well as Pakistan, is Chinese Rice. It can be enjoyable as it is, along with multiple other options too, for example, Egg fried rice and Shrimp Fried Rice. Other than this, it is very simple and convenient to make. 


Another very well-known dish, which is widely consumed in Pakistan as well, is called Chow Mein. Chow Mein is basically a dish that includes noodles. Again as the fried rice, chow Mein as well as has an endless variety of flavors and toppings. Chow Mein has many side toppings for example chicken chilly dry, chicken Manchurian, fish, shrimps, and duck, to enhance the flavor.


The Main ingredients


Chinese food mainly consists of these three staple ingredients, rice, wheat, and noodles. The Chinese ancestors cultivated these items to provide a steady food supply to the people. This is the reason why that these items became the basic unit of their cuisine. Almost every dish in Chinese cuisine consists of at least one of these items.


Chinese cuisine is incomplete without Tofu. Tofu has a unique taste with a strong pungent smell. It is made from soybeans. The white creamy texture easily spreads over the steamy buns making them taste ten times better. Deep-fried tofu alongside soy sauce or spicy oil is also a very delicious combo. Though hardly found in Pakistan, it is excessively used in China. 


The cuisine also uses a variety of vegetables. The soil and weather of China promote the best growth for crops such as eggplant, broccoli, snow peas, straw mushrooms, baby corn, and bok choy. Thus these vegetables are mostly used in various dishes across China. Dried and pickled vegetables are also widely used.


Chinese Desserts


A meal is incomplete without a dessert. Apart from seasonal fruits, the cuisine contains many dessert items and sweets. There are different kinds of traditional desserts and pastries, also known as Tian Dian and Gao Dian in their local language.


A cold dessert called Baobing in China is also widely seen in the streets of Pakistan known as the Gola Ganda. It basically consists of colorful and sweet-based syrups over shaved ice. It is the perfect refreshment in summer. Other than this, Moon cakes are often prepared for special traditional events. Moon cake along with tea is the best soothing combination to enjoy on a nice warm evening.


Chinese Food in Pakistan


Coming towards the Pakistani Chinese meals, there are some differences in taste when compared to the original dishes made by the Chinese locals or chefs themselves. Chinese food revolves around a few spices whereas Pakistani cuisine consists of many wide spices. The majority of the population of Pakistan has a high spice tolerance and therefore enjoys and prefers “desi spices”. Hence, the food consists of a slight Pakistani spice touch.


Today, there exist many restaurants and hotels around Pakistan that serve Chinese cuisine. In 1930, these Chinese restaurants were established across the country and they continued to grow due to the growing customers and positive response. It has become a major part of our cuisine as well, whether it includes dumplings, rice, or noodles. This continental cuisine is highly favored by the majority because it is a healthy diet and does not fall in the “junk food” category. 


The most commonly consumed Chinese food in Pakistan is the Pakistani-influences chicken Manchurian served with egg-fried rice, vegetable rice, or noodles. The top five best Chinese restaurants in Pakistan according to the website “Pakistan Tour and Travel” include Chine Town, Suzie Wong Restaurant, Mei Kong, Ginsoy, and Yum restaurant. In order to enlighten your taste buds visit the nearest Chinese restaurant and try exotic Chinese cuisine.