Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks

How to Use Facebook for Business?

Despite the fact that younger generations are switching to platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to quench their social media needs, Facebook still dominates a huge chunk of the market, accounting for the most social media accounts so far. If we go by statistics, 1.85 billion people log in to Facebook, on average, every day. These numbers are inflating by 16% every year. Hence, Facebook is one of the most viable social media sites for you. Facebook marketing for your business and reaching out to your prospective consumers. 

The first step towards achieving this is to have a Facebook business page that attracts and engages visitors. You then need to drive them to your website and convert them into leads by optimizing your Facebook presence and adopting strategies that are conducive to your business requirements. 

How to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook business page is free of cost and can be done within a few minutes. Here is a complete guide:

  • You need to log in to your personal account to get started with making your Facebook business page. To do so, head to 
  • Next, select the page type, like business/brand or community/public figure.
  • Now, enter your business details.
  • Use an optimum image for Facebook and upload your profile and cover photos
  • Click on ‘Edit page info’ to enter your description, contact info, operation hours, and other relevant information.
  • Click on ‘Create Page@Username’ to enter your vanity URL. This should be no more than 50 characters. It helps people find you conveniently on Facebook.
  • Now, click on ‘Add a Button’ under your cover photo to incorporate a call-to-action button like ‘Contact us’ or ‘Shop.’
  • Your Facebook business page is good to go. 

Types of Facebook Posts for Businesses

Facebook gives you the ability to create different kinds of content for your business, each of which has its own benefits and ignites engagement in different ways that can prove to be fruitful for your business. Facebook stories play an integral part in igniting and improving the engagement of the business.

Here is a list of content options available for your Facebook business page:

  • FB text posts (a.k.a. status post)- these have no photos, videos, or links
  • Facebook photo posts, with infographics or illustrations 
  • Facebook video posts, with short, compelling video narratives or announcements
  • FB Live video post, having live-stream broadcasts. These are best for product demos, behind-the-scenes tours, etc.
  • Linked content posts (aka link posts)
  • Facebook stories with short video posts or photos that last for 24 hours
  • Pinned posts
  • Facebook watch parties that screen a public video on Facebook for all your followers to watch together, at the same time

Best Tips and Tricks to Implement While Using Facebook For Your Business

To make your business presence felt on Facebook, you need to have a focused Facebook marketing strategy. The primary things you need to do to create a successful business campaign are:

  • Plan strategies that engage your audience
  • Give your audience space to revert and listen
  • Work upon creating a contest and giveaway strategy
  • Get on with promoting your events
  • Make use of Facebook ads

To implement the above, you need to list down things you have to put into action in the right order. Let’s explore these in detail:

Engage your audience

Social media is the best way to reach out to your audience and connect with them on an everyday basis. On Facebook, this can be done through direct conversations in the form of comments, messages, and even reactions. Such actions can help you create brand awareness and tell your brand story to a larger audience.

Listen to your audience

One-sided communication never goes too far, and the same applies when interacting with your audience on social media. Hence, as you talk to your audience through Facebook, use social media listening tools to track what people are saying. 

Develop a contest and giveaway strategy

Running contests and giveaway strategies always works as they encourage your audience to participate and even win little gifts through giveaways. However, when planning such a strategy, you need to make sure your ideas sync with your audience’s expectations and wants.

Promote your events

Facebook provides great access to create and market your online events. These can help spread the word about your business and promote your events to a large audience.

Use Facebook Ads

Again, Facebook has advanced ad tools which is why it is so popular with businesses for marketing and promoting their products and brands. In fact, Facebook is one of the best platforms when it comes to running ads online due to the visibility and wide reach that it provides.

Strategies That Work Best for Facebook Business Pages

When promoting your business on Facebook, make sure you follow these techniques to get optimum results:

  • Create a business page for your brand, do not use or create a personal profile for promoting your business on Facebook
  • After creating your business page on Facebook and randomly assigning a number and URL for the same, create a recognizable vanity URL
  • Add an attractive photo to capture the attention of new visitors, and keep the old ones hooked
  • Add a recognizable profile picture of your company logo or of yourself as the sole entrepreneur for your visitors to find you easily. 
  • Optimize your “About” section, especially the preview, with a brief description of what your business is about for visitors to click on, read, and learn more about it. 
  • Try to earn the badge for ‘very responsive to messages.’ This would be an added feather in your cap as it would convey to your audience that they are being heard and your business cares about their needs. You can earn this badge if your response rate is 90% and if you respond within 15 minutes over a continuous span of seven days.
  • Choose a call-to-action button and link your Facebook password page to your business homepage or website landing page.

Final Take

Give your e-commerce business the right stance and stride to kick-start on a positive note by using your Facebook marketing business account in the most productive and lucrative manner.

For this, you need to prioritize quality over quantity, choose the right time to post to ensure maximum audience visibility, post complete meta descriptions, and use compelling video posts and images. 

Remember, the advertising tools on Facebook marketing can work wonders for your business. All you need is to channel and plan your moves strategically and sensibly in a way that works best for your business products and services. 



Saeed Akhtar is a seasoned freelancer and digital marketer, boasting a rich background cultivated over five years in the industry. With a passion for innovative strategies and a keen understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape. Saeed Akhtar brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to his projects, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations.