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Friends game (Translated title: Tomodachi Game) is a Japanese Manga series. ‘Mikoto Yamaguchi intellectualized it while ‘Yuki Sato’ inscribed it has been published in an episodic way in ‘Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine since 13 December.

This manga series was also adapted into a TV Drama and two live-action films in 2017. The first TV adaptation was by ‘Okurutu Noboru,’ which aired from April to June 2022. The second TV adaptation, Tomodachi Game R4, aired on TV Asahi in July of 2022.

Friends Game or Tomodachi Game

The real name is Tomodachi Game, a Japanese manga series released on 9 December 2013. Friends name is its translated name. Tomodachi Game is a wonderful manga series adapted as a TV drama, video games, and movies. It gets popularity among people.

Friends game scan 69 Fr Overview

69 Fr means the 69th chapter of the Friends game series. The series’ storyline is interesting and provides its readers with endless entertainment, suspense, and thrill.

The name of the SeriesSeries shows that the storyline is about friends. The major or main character is Yuichi Katagiri, who learned the worth of friendship when he was young. All the credit goes to his four friends who enabled him to enjoy school life.

Yuichi, with his four friends, is dragged into a secretive and strange ‘Tomodachi Game’ because of one’s responsibility. It all happens when their school trip’s money is thieved. Their friendship will be tested against the promise of money in the game. They face different challenges in the world they are dragged into.

General Information about Friends game scan 69 Fr

Friend’s game is one of the wonderful Japanese Manga, which gives you an unforgettable experience and provides you endless fun. You will get suspense, thrill, and adventure in this manga series.


Friend’s game


Japanese Manga

Translated Title

Tomodachi Game

 Written by 

Sato Yuki and Yamaguchi Mikoto





Thrill, adventure, and suspense

Published by 

BesetsShone Magazine

Characters of Friends game scan 69 fr

Friend’s game scans 69 Fr is a wonderful Japanese series popular among manga lovers. The characters of this SeriesSeries are mentioned below:

Yuichi Katagiri


Yuichi is the main character of the series. He is a young high school student who has a low-income family background. Like his friends, he was also dragging to partake in the Tomodachi game and test his trust in his friends. As the game headway, Yuichi has exposed a completely different side of himself. He became cruel, cleverly manipulative, and dangerous to his enemies.

It is exposed that he has a dark and cruel past because he killed three persons, his parents, who adopted him. He decided to participate in the Adult Tomodachi game and abolish its management. Later in the SeriesSeries, it was exposed that he was the person who gave the idea of the Tomodachi Game as a child and led its development.

Tenji Mikasa

Tenji is one of their four Yuichi friends who participate in the Tomodachi game with him. He is a peaceful, cold, and brilliant personality. He is a good student and has a good position in the school. It is exposed later that he was brought to this game due to his past friends. He hates his childhood friend “Shiho,” so his friends cheat on him and his parents die. He used the existing game to beat and completely discourage Shiho. After some time, his friendship with Shiho is reinstated when he knows the reason behind his parent’s death. At the end of the second round, he remains with Yuichi for the whole game and wins his trust.

Shiho Sawaragi

Shiho is also the Friend of Yuichi, who took part in the Friends or Tomodachi game with him. Shiho’s father is a police officer, and she has good ethics and virtue. Her good ethics and nature make her appreciated among her friends. She liked Yuichi, but she lost the class trip’s fund, due to which she faced the anger of her class fellows.

Yuichi disappears from the game due to her fellow’s anger and reappears in the game as a hostage. She later returns to the game for #2.2 Friend’s battle Royale as the substitute for Kei. After that, she takes part in the game to explore the reality behind the Tomodachi game.


Makota Shibe

Makota is also Yuichi’s Friend. He also takes part in the Tomodachi game with his friends. His father is a politician, so he does not have to worry about money. However, he is an honest personality. He likes Shiho. He follows Yuichi and participates in the adult Temodachi game. His class fellows bully him as Shiho.

Yutori Kokorogi

She is also one of Yuichi’s friends. He also takes part in Tomodachi games with his friends. She has a kind, shy, and innocent personality and She also possesses an interest in Manga. She joined Yuichi and Tenji in the whole game. Later, it exposes that she has a foxy and dreadful nature. She was also one of the murderers of Mikasa’s father.

Releasing Date

Friend’s game is a wonderful Japanese manga series with a good storyline. It was originally released on 9 December 2013.

How many volumes can Friend’s game have?

Friend’s game Scan has 20 volumes. Friend Game is a wonderful series that has an incredibly enjoyable storyline. People who read this never get bored because they find thrill, suspense, and adventure in it that is necessary to make a series interesting and enjoyable.

Who writes the Friend’s game series?

Friend’s game scans 69 Fr, a Japanese series that Mikoto Yamaguchi and Yuki Sato write. Yuki Sato illustrates it. It is one of the interesting SeriesSeries praised by a huge population of manga lovers.

Who is the publisher of Friends game scan 69 Fr?

Kodansha is the publisher of the Friend’s game scans 69 Fr. Friend’s game, a thrilling and adventurous Japanese manga series with 20 volumes. It has an interesting storyline, due to which people like it most all around the world.

In which magazine Friend’s game scans 69, Fr is published.

It is published in an episodic way in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Its enjoyable storyline becomes the reason for its popularity.

Is Friend’s game scans popular among people?

Friend’s game scans 69 Fr is popular worldwide, especially among manga lovers. Its popularity can estimate because it has a 4.3/5 rating. It has 1.2K views in a month only. It gets the 38th position according to its ranking.

Is Friend’s game has its second season?

No, Friend’s game does not have a second season. Its second season not officially announces yet. However, its heart dying is waiting for its second season.

What is the translated or alternated name of Friend is a game?

Friend’s game scans are a Japanese manga series. It is also popular as the Tomodachi game. Tomodachi game is its translated and alternative name.

Is Friend’s game season 1 over?

Season one of Friend’s game is near its end. It ends up leaving many questions in the minds of its heart-dying fans. The first season is near its end, but there is no official announcement about the second season of this wonderful manga series. All of its heart-dying fans are extremely waiting for its second season.

Is Friend’s game good to watch?

Friend’s game is a good manga series. It has a good storyline, which is enjoyable and reliable for everyone who reads it. The storyline is based on a game-like format in which friends are dragged into the Tomodachi game, where they test each other and try to win other friends’ trust.

The storyline is built on well-organize characters and their relationship with each other. The SeriesSeries is dramatic and seems dangerous throughout the end. It remains its readers suspicious for the next episode and gains their interest.

How many seasons can Friend’s game have?

Friend’s game Scan has only one season and has 12 episodes in it.

Is Friend’s game like a Squid game?

Friend’s game scan is a thriller-based manga series. It is now become anime due to its animated Series on Netflix and it has been running in an episodic way since 2013. It has the same theme as “Squid Game,” in which the story also takes place in a Japanese high school.


Friends game scan 69 Fr is a popular Japanese manga SeriesSeries. The storyline of this SeriesSeries is based on friends. The students of high school in Japan are dragged to a game Tomodachi game in which they face adventure and challenges. I hope the information mentioned here will be helpful for you.


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