How to get a commercial vehicle insurance quote?

You must gather details about your company, your vehicles, and your drivers in order to receive a commercial vehicle insurance quote. After that, you can contact insurance providers or brokers to acquire estimates based on your requirements and financial situation. It’s crucial to compare several quotes in order to discover the best pricing and coverage for your company.

An insurance agent needs to be aware of a lot of information when putting together a commercial vehicle insurance quote for your company. Through this guide, you are ready to make sure whether you are quoting for a company car, a commercial truck, or any other kind of commercial vehicle.

Your current commercial vehicle insurance policy

Bring a copy of your most recent commercial vehicle insurance policy’s declarations page, which is the front page. This gives the agent a place to start when figuring out what coverage you require and how to tailor your commercial vehicle insurance quote to suit the particular requirements of your company. Bring a copy of your personal auto insurance if you don’t already have business vehicle insurance.

Information about your company

Insurance firms check your credit report for business car insurance and look for evidence of your sound financial standing and prudent credit management. It is necessary to make sure your credit report is fresh and correct. Because they will use this information to calculate your insurance cost and plan. Before requesting a quote for commercial car insurance, you should contact the credit bureau to have any errors or discrepancies fixed.

We will check your and the company’s credit histories to ensure your financial stability and get an accurate quote.

Vehicle details

Make a list of each vehicle that will be covered by the commercial vehicle or commercial truck insurance coverage, if your current policy does not already do so, including:

  1. Make Model Year Initial Cost
  2. Especially if it’s a truck, the gross vehicle weight
  3. actual miles
  4. VIN, or vehicle identifying number

Additionally, describe to the agent how your company uses the vehicle(s). The overall premium will be affected by this. You must let them know if personnel operate the vehicle, whether it transports passengers or cargo, and how frequently (or infrequently) it is utilised.

Driver information

  • For each driver, include:
  • Legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license number

The insurance company will contact your state’s DMV and review the driving records for each person on your list. This information is kept confidential.

Loss history

Describe any insurance claims you’ve had for commercial vehicle insurance in the last three years. Your company auto insurance quote and premiums will likely be less expensive than they would be otherwise if you haven’t experienced any significant losses during that time.

Ready to quote?

To satisfy the requirements of companies of all sizes, Nationwide provides a range of commercial vehicle insurance coverage. Liability, collision, comprehensive, and other risks may be covered by their policies. You may receive a quotation by visiting their website or contacting a Nationwide agent, who will walk you through the process and assist you in locating the ideal coverage for your company at a reasonable cost.


Discover additional advantages of trustworthy commercial auto insurance from Nationwide. When you’re ready for a quotation, request one online or by calling your agent to begin the process of insuring your commercial cars.


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