How To Store CBD Flowers?

If you are a frequent CBD smoker, you know how important it is to store CBD flowers safely. Generally speaking, CBD flowers are buds of the dried and cured cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% of THC. Due to the limited amount of THC, CBD flowers aren’t intoxicating. Moreover, CBD flowers are among the cleanest and most efficient ways to consume CBD.


Storing CBD flowers is paramount as it ensures product quality and potency over time. Storing carefully can increase the shelf life of your CBD flowers. Moreover, it will also save you from smoking moldy CBD flowers that can make you sick. At the same time, the thumb rule for storing CBD flowers is to keep them in a container in a cool and dark area.


So, let’s see some of the pro tips for storing CBD flowers.


How to store CBD flowers?

Before storing your flowers, you must be careful when buying the CBD flowers or buds. Make sure the buds are moist and sticky, but not too much. The buds should also be dry enough to break down in a grinder.


According to the experts, buds around 62% humidity are best for long-term storage. You should also note that drying the buds too much can cause the flavor to die. On the other hand, if it’s not dry enough, there is a risk of the molding in the buds.


So, it’s important to buy those CBD buds that have been appropriately dried and cured, which will help get a longer shelf life in optimum storage conditions.


Use Airtight Containers:

Airtight containers are the best options to store and prolong the shelf life of your CBD buds. These airtight containers can trap all the moisture in the buds. Apart from trapping the moisture, they also circulate the moisture around the air in the container.


Airtight containers also stop the outside oxygen from getting inside and oxidize the ingredients of the flowers. It is crucial because oxidation can lead to the degradation of active chemicals in the bud. By trapping outside oxygen, airtight containers also protect flowers from outside moisture. Because of it, there is minimal risk of mold or flowers getting dried out.


Containers such as glass jars, sealable Tupperware, or double-seal zip lock bags could be great options for storing your CBD flowers for longer. For the maximum shelf life of your CBD flower, consider using a vacuum sealer with an oxygen absorber.


Store in cool, dry, and dark place:

Like most drugs and household items, CBD flowers must be stored in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight. It’s because heat can interact with the humidity in the airtight container, leading to mold and mildew growth.


Besides being unenjoyable, moldy smoking weed could cause intense coughing and make you nauseous. Moreover, it could also be fatal if you are allergic to mold.


While exposing CBD buds to light won’t cause any damage and can help lower the humidity, exposing them to direct sunlight can cause several problems. For example, UV light from the sun can damage the cannabinoids and terpenoids in flowers, dropping the flower’s potency over time.


Moreover, these UV rays could also kill the chlorophyll in the buds, inducing a grass-like look and taste. So, keeping your flowers in an airtight container away from direct sunlight will help increase the life of dried flowers.


Mask the smell:

While using an airtight container does half the trick of storing your flowers safely, sometimes it isn’t enough. Because CBD flowers are the most fragrant form of CBD compared to tinctures, vapes, and edibles, by masking the smell, you can also increase the life of flowers. The old trick is putting dryer sheets in a weed drawer to mask the smell.


However, this trick could make your flower taste like dryer sheets if your container isn’t airtight. So, using a smell-proof container is the best deal you got. You can also use silicone or thick plastic airtight containers for best results.


Storing it in the fridge:

Storing CBD flowers in the fridge is another option you can consider if you plan to use flowers for a long time. However, using an airtight container is also a prerequisite to lower the chances of degradation from oxygen.


If possible, keep your flower in a fridge that doesn’t contain food items if you aren’t using a smell-proof container. Beer and wine coolers could be a great option and keep CBD flowers fresh for several years.


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How long can you store CBD flowers?

While CBD flowers don’t expire, their potency decreases over time. Due to this, the strength and flavor of the flower will change over time if the flowers are frequently exposed to air. Moreover, the buds get weaker as the terpenes and cannabinoids break down slowly.


Storing effectively doesn’t stop the degradation process; it only slows it down, so the buds remain potent as long as possible. So, it’s best to use the CBD flower within one year of harvest. However, if the flower he stored in an airtight container, in a cool place, and away from direct sunlight, the buds may remain viable for up to 3 years.


Moreover, in the fridge or a freezer, flowers may remain viable for an extended period if they aren’t opened frequently. The trick for long-term storage is to lower the amount of oxygen in the container. So, new oxygen gets in whenever you open the container, and this fresh oxygen will break down cannabinoids gradually over time.



CBD flowers could be used for more extended periods if stored in proper storage conditions. Some people also ask does hemp flowers smell like weed but both smell differently. Keeping flowers is about managing the right amount of moisture and protection from direct sunlight, oxygen, and heat.


So, store your CBD buds in an airtight container in a drawer or at any place that isn’t exposed to much heat and sunlight anytime. Moreover, using a vacuum-sealed bag with oxygen absorbers would be the ultimate solution to secure your flowers for a longer duration.




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