What is Britpop?

Britpop is a musical genre heavily influenced by the British guitar-pop of the 1960s. We are going to look at http://britpopreunion.co.uk/brit-pop-tribute/

The Britpop genre emerged in the late 90s and rose in popularity until it became less mainstream. It is characterized by catchy songs with strong melodies and lyrics which reminisce about a culture that has ceased to exist. This genre was popular in Britain during the 1990s when they were still a leading player on the economic stage.

You deserve better…. We’re here to give you what you deserve. You deserve nothing less than ‘Britpop Reunion,’ the UK’s only professional http://britpopreunion.co.uk/brit-pop-tribute/ and 90s tribute band. They have 7 years of experience performing on stage and know-how, We will provide you with a perfect 90s experience so that you can feel like you’re transporting back in time to when British indie-pop was prevalent and took over the world. You will witness a live performance that plays the biggest hits from the 90s all over the world in an amazing setting. We’ve seen nineties performances never go away. This is one of them.


Booking a Britpop Reunion for your event is the perfect way to bring back memories of the ’90s. You know those were the days of fun and we have just the band to make you feel like you’re back in time. Get Britpop Reunion today at http://britpopreunion.co.uk/brit-pop-tribute/ ‘Britpop Reunion is the perfect live act for your event! They & an all-star lineup of musicians who are the best in the business, covering a whole range of your favorite British pop songs. Book today. We are confident that we can deliver an unforgettable time and offer services for any event size, no matter how big or small. Brit Pop Reunion has performed at festivals of 20,000 people to house parties for 20 people in the past and will be sure to deliver a show that is as tailored as it is incredible.

Why do People Like http://britpopreunion.co.uk/brit-pop-tribute/

Britpop is a musical genre that originated in the UK in the 1990s. The movement was inspired by various trends of the 1980s, such as synthpop, glam rock, and acid house. The genre was popular among young people who were coming of age in the 90s

Here are some of the reasons why people like Britpop tribute bands:

  • It is easy to dance to

  • It sounds more cheerful than other types of music.

  • It appeals to listeners who grew up during that time period

  • The lyrics are often about love or relationships.

Ultimate Britpop 90s Experience band Best of Festival Performance

Hire our Britpop cover band and we’ll play all the old and new earworms for you

Britpop is a genre of alternative rock music that originated in the UK. It first emerged over 20 years ago and has continued, with newer bands emerging all the time. Our show has something for all music lovers – from old school to new, from upbeat to mellow.

The only professional Britpop tribute band

Hiring a 90s tribute band can bring you right back to the good old days. You get to enjoy all of the old hits from awesome bands like Oasis, Blur, Supergrass and so many others. You’ll also hear songs from Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears, and Robbie Williams, as well as The Verve and more. It’s all been worth it. We have entertained you for years dressed as Indie Britpop heroes and performing with their swagger of them. ‘Britpop Reunion’ is perfect if you’re celebrating a big birthday, holding a 90s Weekender, or need music for any occasion. Every week we have a theme that tickles your nostalgia bone like no other! This Monday it’s 90s Britpop, so expect a lot of Oasis & Blur!

Hire a Brit Pop Tribute Band

It’s the 1990s again and it’s cool to love British indie music again! Lots of artists want to grab a guitar and get creative with their own music. They sing about common folks & everyday life, just like Pulp. We provide the best British pop songs of the 1990s live for parties. “John’s getting easily scared by dirty pigeons.” They love a bit of irony, PARKLIFE. “Slip inside the eye of your mind, don’t you know you might find a better place to play”.I also think “See our friends, see the sights, feel alright”. http://britpopreunion.co.uk/brit-pop-tribute/ has the music skills and experience to provide a fantastic show for all party guests of various sizes and ages. So sing with us “And after all, you are my Wonderwall” and “A little less conversation”, and let’s make your next event something to remember.

If you are looking forward to the thought of a http://britpopreunion.co.uk/brit-pop-tribute/ and recent successful reunions involving the original artists, then contact us now. We already have bands in touch with many of these original artists, so you don’t have to worry. Want more proof of how skilled we are? Take a look at what we’ve been up to on Facebook. It should speak for itself about the quality of our work. You can also see the Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve cover version on Facebook


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