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Introduction to OG Bounce Mushroom

OG Bounce Mushrooms are usually viewed to be the first extensively on-hand jump mushroom morph and have been firstly cultivated via World Wide Corals. They have orange bubbles with an inexperienced and pink base and are considered the unique soar mushroom. Bounce Mushrooms are a particular variant of Rhodactis mushrooms. What units them aside from everyday Rhodactis is that they increase giant and brightly colored polyps that seem like bubbles, consequently giving them their “bounce” name.

They are nearly in no way observed in their “bounce” structure in the wild, and divers ought to gather rankings of Rhodactis mushrooms in hopes that a handful will advance the trademark bubbles. It has been hypothesized that being added from the wild into captivity is what makes some Rhodactis “bounce” however, this has no longer been proven. Despite its excessive rate tag, this coral is effortless to maintain and no longer requires extraordinary care.

OG Bounce Mushrooms commence as everyday Rhodactis mushrooms, located all over the Indo-Pacific region. They are observed in bays, lagoons, shallow reefs, and reef slopes. A domestic aquarium needs to be positioned at the tank’s backside, where they will be covered from excessive mild and flow. It is necessary to observe that Bounce Mushrooms are nearly by no means discovered in the wild and they are solely “bounced” whilst in captivity. It contributes to their excessive rate because it is impossible to inform which Rhodactis mushrooms will bounce. No guarantee is that a frag from a jumping mushroom will enhance the trademark-swollen polyps.

OG Bounce Mushrooms opt for decreased mild stages and can be broken if they are uncovered to excessive tiers of light. For this reason, they should be positioned close to the tank’s backside. They additionally do great in low float areas, as this will stop the mushroom from being blown around excessively. In addition, a lot going with the flow can even reason them to detach and be sucked into a power head.

Like all mushrooms, OG Bounce Mushrooms are photosynthetic and use aquarium lights to meet their power needs. However, due to their beauty, rarity, and fee, many hobbyists will also cautiously feed them. If preferred, they can be fed microplankton or different options designed for filter feeders. Generally, Bounce Mushrooms no longer reproduce as effectively as some different mushroom species; however, they can propagate via cautiously slicing a piece from a large specimen. It ought to be carried out cautiously, and success is now not guaranteed. When coping with the coral, it is vital not to harm the inflated polyps.

While undeniably, steeply-priced OG Bounce Mushrooms provide the hobbyist with danger to personal stunning and convenient to preserve a piece of reefing history.

General Information about OG Bounce Mushroom

Here are some quick facts on these mysterious corals that are determined (in some places) in the wild. Taking care of them is much less complicated than you think, so here are extra facts on the coral that we may want to find.

Name: OG Bounce Mushroom



Care Level:


Maximum: Size Unknown

Minimum Size: Does no longer count

PH: 8.1


9-11 DKH

Temperature: seventy-six F to eighty-two F

Raising Time:




Temperament: Peaceful



Flow: Low

Type: Soft Coral

Growth Rate:



Care for OG Bounce Mushroom

Now, let us get to the essential part, caring for the mushroom, how they do not require any exceptional interest as soon as you have positioned them in a tank. However, like most corals earlier, extreme care should be taken to avoid destroying the coral and bursting its bubbles before being it into a reef tank.

They can live to tell the tale in extraordinary kinds of water. They can additionally stand up to many distinctive water prerequisites as long as there is not a lot of fluctuation. The touchiest aspect is at some stage in the transportation method as the whole lot is easy after that.

The appearance of OG Bounce Mushroom

Another cause that human beings love getting this mushroom in their aquarium is its unique and stunning appearance. It will make your tank aesthetically alluring while presenting advantages for the fish.

Different kinds of colors are accessible in the Bounce Mushroom family-like orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, and many more, which capability that you can get any shade those appeals to you.

However, the vital purpose for their recognition is the enlarged polyp tissues that shape bouncy bubbles on the pinnacle of their body. These bubbles discovered on the pinnacle of their bodies are like no other, so you will no longer locate them elsewhere.

The polyp helps the coral feed and can additionally go with the float of the water. There are many particular colorations of polyps available. However, you must be extraordinarily cautious as they can burst, and that can purpose severe damage to the coral.

Location of OG Bounce Mushroom

You do not have to fear this coral attacking different corals and dwelling organisms in the tank; they are peaceful.

Wherever your location is the coral, make positive there are sufficient vitamins and mild that is wished for the coral. Moreover, make positive it is away from fish as they can occasionally nip the polyps, which can be harmful. If you keep these matters in mind, they are convenient.

In addition, make sure now not to go it once more and once more as it can stress the coral. It will be higher if you location them on sand or any tender substrate because sharp objects can damage them.

Lightning Required to Grow OG Bounce Mushrooms

The lighting fixtures are one of the most vital components of coral care, considering they live to tell the tale primarily of photosynthesis, which requires carbon dioxide and light. After this, the coral also produces oxygen, which your fish use.

The mild has to be reasonable because a good deal of mild can also bleach the coral and kill it. The PAR cost of around 50 to a hundred and fifty is fantastic for their fitness, which is the center of mild intensity. Ants more extraordinary than PAR a hundred and fifty will lead to white scarring on the coral due to oxide radicals in their bodies.

Water Flow Required to Grow OG Bounce Mushrooms

Water goes with the flow is every other necessary issue of mushroom coral health. Keep thinking about how it can deal with some fluctuations; however, if the water float is too strong, it can severely harm the coral, and as a result, there must be steadiness in the reef tank.

It is a crucial motive why it has to be positioned in a region the place the water drift is low, as per the principal goal of now not leaving your coral on the pinnacle of the tank. Excessive drift will harm the polyps as nicely as reason them stress which will stop them from extending fully. It will defeat the real motive of having such enthralling coral in your tank.

OG Bounce Mushroom’s Diet

You do not simply have to feed these corals as they live to tell the tale of photosynthesis due to tiny residing organisms on the coral.

You can furnish them with food, and they will fold the meals like an onion earlier than eating it. However, it is for the exhibit, as they do not want this more food.

They do not want something extra if there are suitable lights and sufficient carbon dioxide. This species of Bounce Mushroom coral no longer feed as aggressively as others. It makes preserving them even more straightforward, as there will be no value in feeding them.

Production of OG Bounce Mushrooms

Productions are the way by way of which the Bounce Mushroom reproduces so that extra of them can grow. It is a structure of asexual reproduction.

It is very effortless to propagate this coral in your tank. You have to do this thru the fragging process, in which you have to take a knife or scalpel and reduce thru the center of the coral.

A small piece of the oral cavity should be left in each piece, so reduce it straight to the mouth. The two corals will then bounce and return within a couple of days.

Final Words

OG Bounce mushroom is the category of mushrooms that can be grown under any conditions. Here, you will find out everything about them. I hope the information given here will be sufficient for you.


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