Olivia Rodrigo fans aghast at report teen is dating 26-year-old

A lot of people are expressing their outrage on social media this week as it has been reported that an actress and singer, Olivia Rodrigo fans aghast at report teen is dating 26-year-old.

People have reported for several days now that Rodrigo, 19, has been dating Zack Bia, 26. A source recently told us that the two “really like each other.”

And while the report wasn’t given more details, it soon made its way to Twitter, where commenters suggested how much younger Rodrigo is (and it was made clear that he co-founded Field Trip Recordings with a woman), many users of which were excited.

According to People, award-winning songstress Rodrigo dated music video producer Adam Faze, the outlet revealing that things seemed to be headed for a break-up back in February.

olivia rodrigo fans aghast at report teen is dating 26-year-old
Olivia Rodrigo fans aghast at report teen is dating 26-year-old

Olivia Rodrigo was only pictured once in a swimsuit from the year 2002. Zack Bia was pictured over 10 years later on April 17, 2022. Fans have criticized reports that Rodrigo is dating a music executive because he is not confirmed to be dating anyone and there are still no pictures of them together.

Bia is originally from Brazil and has had romantic interests in singer Madison Beer and Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline.

As the new report came out on Twitter, fans objected to the romantic relationship based on their age difference. In many states, 18 is the oldest age of consent.

Olivia Rodrigo fans aghast at report teen is dating 26-year-old Reviews

Rodrigo seems great, but one person commented on social media that “she needs to start dating people her age.”

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One person said, “Dating someone you couldn’t even go to the bar with is crazy. Her age is still in the teens like no way.”

Another Twitter user expressed concern with the prediction that seniors would be living to 100 in their lifetime. They compared themselves to that scenario, offering a few thoughts on what this would do to society.

“I’m 26 in a couple of days and the thought of being with someone even just 2 years younger than me makes me want to throw up, let alone 19? Someone that’s barely an adult,” they commented, adding an emoji for vomit.

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Another Twitter user suggested that Rodrigo may just be into dating people who are slightly older than her. Regardless of what other people say, Rodrigo may have very specific taste in her preferences

“My people in Christ, this girl is clearly trying to date anyone she can with her history. She will say anything and still find men,” they tweeted. “Y’all would never even dream of dating such a young woman.”


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