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There doesn’t pass by a Saturday night where you don’t dust and take out your board games to play with your family and friends. The majority of the board games involve luck, which you toss on the board to unravel your next step. Our success and loss depend on the dice. You might be lucky enough to constantly score more significant and safe numbers throughout the game, or maybe not even be able to cross the first obstacle. Traditionally, we use the six face dice, which range from number one to six. Rolling the cubic dice on the board,(Like roll d8) the number facing on the top is the number you would move forward.

The cubic shape gives a perfect one by the sixth probability of each number landing on the top. Even though we have been using these traditional dice for a long time, the games and their requirements have changed with time.

What is Roll D8?

There are times when you require a more comprehensive range of numbers Like(roll d20\roll d10). This is where roll d8comes in—providing an online utility where you can base your luck on numbers ranging from one to eight. Roll d8 is designed so that each number on the dice has an equal probability of one-eighth to land on the top.

You might be stuck in a situation where you are in a group of eight people fighting on who will get on the one-seater ride first. None of you are willing to give up a chance first, so you choose a suitable medium to decide, and that is roll d8. Instead of fighting over an issue, opt for the wiser option, so grab your mobile phone from your pocket, type “roll d8” in the search bar, and try to luck and sort things on out.

What is Roll D8?
What is Roll D8?

Uses of Roll D8

Roll d8does not only provide you a one to eight face dice, but it is also available online, which means you can easily access it anywhere, whether it is your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or laptop. It provides a convenient and easy-to-use interface. The application interface is very simple and easy to understand. To roll the dice, just tap on the die, and it will generate an answer on the screen. The random generating mechanism concludes with a random number from one to eight numbers at every tap.

The six faces traditional dice is very small in size, and hence it often gets misplaced. At almost every game, at least once, you roll over the die so hard that it falls over the board, and you spend half of the time finding it. It often gets frustrating that the die keeps on falling off the board, but roll d8 omits these types of problems, and the dice will be displayed over a device. Rather than having to find the dice under the bed or sofa every time and pausing the game after every minute because you can not find the dice, simply choose the convenient method of opening your browser.

Often the paint over the dice fades or erases away, making it difficult to judge every time that which number you have scored. This utility takes away every such problem regarding the dice. Not only this, but the dice size is so tiny that elderly players or people with weak eyesight have a problem reading the dice. With the online web application of roll d8, you can simply alter the size of the results showing on the screen according to your personal preference.

Features of roll d8

There are many other features as well. To change the range of outcomes of the dice, you can also switch the settings to any other number. The utility aims to provide convenience to users when they plan or aim to play a board game. Rather than being uncomfortable with being unable to read the small-sized dice or being irritated by it constantly falling over the board. You can now use your computer or mobile phone to eradicate all such issues. Your die is literally in your pocket at all times.

There are many board games where players often use two traditional dies to either finish the game early because of the time crunch or score larger values to make the game entertaining. The problem with playing with two dices is that it can be challenging to manage them rolling in different directions. Furthermore, calculating every time what the total is can be challenging for children. To eradicate two dies, now you can use only one, “roll d8“, which gives a more extensive range of numbers as an outcome.

All about Roll D8


Another benefit of this online utility is that it is safe to use around or by the children. Babies tend to put everything they can find in their mouths. A dice is small enough to pass through their mouth into the throat, which can cause choking in extreme cases. Hence to be careful around babies, using roll d8 is the safer option.

Board games that require dice to progress to the forward block include monopoly, snake and stairs, Ludo, button men, beetle, cee-lo, zombie dice, and many more. Thus there are many games where roll d8 can come in handy. There are different famous board games for different areas; for example, the most famous board game in Pakistan is “Ludo,” whereas it is a “monopoly” for the USA. But no matter the area, the dice, and their usage remain the same around the globe. Hence around the world, people use 8 face dice for every game.

Final thoughts

Not only is this utility available on the internet, but it is also free; thus, it is accessible to everyone. Today, where everything is digitalizing and can access via the internet, why not a dice as well. With just a few clicks, you can now have self-customized dice. Now board games and luck-based decisions are hassle-free and fun and can accommodate a more significant number of outcomes or results.


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