The importance of Google My Business in the SEO strategy

Even today, companies (small and medium-sized businesses) don’t necessarily know that local searches have increased in numbers which are visible on this scale. Therefore Google My Business is important for his or her business.

According to SEO gurus, “46% of Google searches aimed toward finding an area business”. and that is not all! According to  Google, “28% of local searches cause an instantaneous purchase ” and “30% of mobile searches are location-based”.*

Given these statistics, companies have every interest in performing on their local SEO. And this includes the implementation of a natural referencing strategy.

Why can we mention Google My Business local referencing?

Today we mention local SEO because we notice the uses of the web. Users, searches associated with their geographical location. Whether it’s to seek out an already known point of sale (search for an address or opening hours for example). To seek out a store near your home, the primary reflex is to consult online.

97% of consumers trying to seek out a neighborhood business do an internet search consistent with a Hubspot study. Smartphones and voice search have driven this trend. They offering the facility to possess information at their fingertips. 82% of smartphone owners. Who shops will use a “see near my location” search, according to program Land?

Google understands the necessity to cater to users by providing local results. In 2014, the “Google Pigeon” algorithm implemented to enhance the ranking of results on local queries. It works especially through geolocation or local specification typed within the search bar.

Results of GMB;

So, how can professionals exploit this trend to have well-position in local results and supply the information which requires to Internet users?. Creating and optimizing a Google My Business listing may be a must during a local strategy.

This online presence is “materialize” by a Google My Business listing that represents your digital storefront. Also, a Google My Business listing that uses posts may be an excellent practice. You’ll also use a tool like to schedule and automate GMB posts.

This Google My Business (GMB) page will appear consistent with the user’s query and therefore the categories (real estate agency, hairdresser …). That you simply have chosen to define the activity of your company. These categories are essential in order that Google can make the link between the search intent of the user and your GMB file. But they’re also essential for the optimization of your page and thus for your local reference.

Google my Business listing for local SEO Optimizing 

First, you’ll start optimizing your GMB listing for local SEO by choosing up to 10 categories (1 main category and 9 additional categories) that best define your company’s business. Please note that you simply require to define one main category. The others are optional but are often beneficial technology for you. The higher you define your activity, the more likely you’re easy to find.

Indeed, the definition of the foremost category and additional categories allows your GMB. Google My Business listing to be found whenever a user performs a related search. The algorithm is responsible for positioning your business before the foremost relevant requests. Apart from your listing to return up more often and get a position. You would like to update your listing regularly and provide accurate information.

Information about (Google My Business)

After this initiative, you’ll then define the attributes (tags) which can be displayed on your listing. These attributes are “objective attributes” (accessibility, services…) or “subjective attributes” (atmosphere…) and permit you to characterize your establishment. They’re integrated by the business owner, by the customer, or by Google according to customer reviews.

These attributes provide additional information which will be searched by Internet users. And this has an impression in terms of SEO. It allows seeming within the search results when these attributes have utilized in the query.

It should be noted that these tags are often very useful during a voice search. Because the online user tends to make very long requests often including them. Google provides the result with the corresponding tags. (e.g. Google, maybe a supermarket in Paris 10th accessible to the disabled? “. Google will give him the result or results of supermarkets in Paris 10th having as an attribute: “Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance”).


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