Top 10 Best Organic Foods Near Me In New York


I guess we can all agree that there’s been a drastic change in the type of food and how it is available to us over the years. Processed food is now consuming more than half of the global population. However, with the increase in the consumption of processed food, the value of organic food has increased too. People are now trying to fix their diet after realizing what processed food can do to them. Here are some of Top New York Organic food companies to go for if you are considering organic foods near me:

1. Gotham Greens

Gotham Greens is a cool place that provides commercial-scale greenhouse facilities for fresh vegetable production in urban areas. It has also become known as one of New York states leading producers of the finest quality greenhouse-grown vegetables and herbs.

Gotham Greens cultivate their produce locally to ensure it’s fresh and long-lasting when delivered. Their products have fantastic taste, value, and sustainability.

2. Bowery farming

Bowery is a modern farming company that is growing the purest produce imaginable. It has indoor farms with newer technology that creates the ideal environment to grow post-organic produce.

Bowery farms use 95% less water, zero pesticides, and are 100 plus times more prolific than other farms in the same region. Their produce is currently available at select Foragers stores and Whole Foods in the Tristate area and featured on the menus of Tom Colicchio’s New York restaurants Craft and Fowler and Wells.

3. Tiny Organics

Tiny Organics helps foster healthier children and shape their appetites to prefer vegetables from earlier days. It ensures that children can grow up without any chronic diseases and obesity.

Organic foods near meThey deliver 100% organic, plant-based, fresh frozen meals directly to your door built on vegetables and essential fruits. Two friends Betsy and Sofia are the founders of Tiny Organics. Since its launching in January 2020, it has been featured in national publications like TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Inc, Mother, Forbes. It has also garnered investments from thought leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk and Andreas Weigend (founding CTO of Amazon). Here I can find awesome organic foods near me(my home).

4. Vita Coco

Vita Coco is coconut water that consists of five essential electrolytes: magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, sodium, and calcium. It’s the essentials you need to stay hydrated. On a diet? No sweat! Vita Coco is also fat and cholesterol-free. All market Inc., doing business as Vita Coco, offers non-carbonated beverages.

5. Rind snacks

Rind Snacks makes a line of savory, chewy, and carve-able dried fruit snacks focused on the power of the peel. By conserving the most nourishing part of California-grown, non-GMO, and organic fruit, snacks are packed with up to 3x more vitamins and fiber than traditional dried fruit.

Their snacks help fight food waste. They use fruit, whole, and nothing but the fruit for a maximum peel-powered punch! It was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in New York.

6. Aloha

Initially created in 2013 by three long-time Hawaiian business partners, ALOHA is an employee-owned and operated company. It is devoted to making the healthiest but delicious plant-based protein products on earth.

ALOHA’s product portfolio includes protein bars, protein drinks, and protein powders that taste as good as they are for you. Their products are USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, soy-free, dairy-free, stevia, and sugar alcohol-free.

Their products are sustainably sourced and thoughtfully packaged with deep respect for both people and the environment. Aloha products can be found at Harris Teeter, Kroger, Wegmans, Sprouts, and several other grocery or natural outlets.

You can also find Aloha online at Amazon, thrive Market, Vitacost,, and through its D2C site,

7. Mouth off

Mouth off is a dissolvable gum prepare to get rid of bad breath. It does not simply mask the odor but attacks the molecules in the mouth that cause it. Mouth off is a plant-base, sugar-free, and free of other artificial ingredients. The company is launching later this fall and offers both a D2C subscription and retail options for purchase.

8. Phin and Phebes Ice Cream

‘Phin and Phebes Ice Cream’ manufactures and markets ice creams for people of different age groups. The company offers ice cream in various flavors such as coconut, banana pudding, key lime, vanilla, ginger, iced coffee, peanut butter, and dark chocolate.

It provides online ordering services and sells its products to stores in the United States and through online retailers. Phin and Phebes Ice cream is founds in 2010 and is based in Brooklyn, New York.

9. Southern Tier Pet Nutritious

Suppose you are searching for Organic Food for your pet. In that case, Chenango Valley Pet Foods, Inc. is one of the leading contract manufacturers of premium holistic, natural, and organic pet foods in the United States.

In 1981 Chenango was founded in New York. The company is a pioneer in the organic pet food space, owning the first organic-certified plant in the US. It is also the only USDA organic certified pet food producer on the east coast.

Chenango also manufactures dry cat and dog foods for many branded customers. This is a place of organic foods near me. The company is also a supplier of private label brands to its retail customers.

10. Nextdoorganics

Nextdooganics have a solid commitment to getting their stuff from new, urban, young, activist farmers and food makers. They find local organic vegetables, fruits, meats, dry goods, and small-batch items and pack them year-round into weekly pick-up or delivery orders for Nextdoorganics members in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The main packages are $20-50 per order.











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