What is the best way to install a scope on an AR15?

Riflescopes have been well-known for over a decade. The addition of new technology and ranges has improved the shooting experience and provided plenty to anticipate. The mounting process is always a concern, no matter how expensive your riflescope is AR15. The mount is the only explanation for your failure, even though you are an accomplished shooter since it is difficult and needs great precision. In the event of a misaligned scope, the whole shooting phase will have to restart, which would be very time-consuming. When firing, the optic and the bore should be pointing in the same direction. Since the entire mounting process is extremely difficult, we’ve created a guide to assist you in analyzing simple and promising methods for mounting a scope on an AR15.
To install the scope successfully, you will need a variety of tools. Even if you use the most basic equipment, you risk destroying the optics, which will not work in your favor. To put the rifle, you should have a shooting rest. It will also measure the scope’s precision and aid in the analysis of the shooting target. It’s important that you have rubbing alcohol on hand to properly sanitize the ar15 pieces before mounting. When installing a lens, a bubble level needs because it aids in accuracy and ensures that the optic level prior to installation. Since it has a forward reach double ring and two sets of rings to match the weaver rails, a cantilever scope mount requires. A torque wrench, as well as a hex bit tool with wrenches, needs in addition to these.
You should calm down before starting the mounting process and be careful when doing so. Remove all gun magazines and put the gun in the shooting rest as the first step. Set it with a bubble level and a straight level, then get ready. Place the scope mount on the upper receiver after the AR15 is stable and leveled.
Then, just enough to keep it stable, tighten it over the receiver. Don’t make the scope too narrow. Then tighten the bolts with the torque wrench. Different mounts have different torque levels, so experiment to see which one works best for you. Take the optic and drop it onto the scope after securing the scope mount. Ensure that the rings are resting on the scope’s flat surface. Then, using the top portion of the rings, place them over the optics in an “X” pattern and tighten them. The gap levels on each side of the ring should be the same, and they should be very tightened. After the optics have been tightened, there should be some room for them to move.

The best position of installation for AR15;

After that, position the bubble level on the flat part of ar15 and align the reticle vertically and horizontally. It’s best if you keep it in the shooting rest. Make sure the optic and scope are matched after the crosshair is aligned. After you’ve completed all of these steps, all you have to do now is tighten the scope rings completely in an X motion, making sure the screws on both sides are also tightened.
The fundamentals remain the same if you use a one-piece cantilever mount on an AR or conventional bases and ring on a bolt-action rifle to mount the scope. However, you will need some basic tools to match the riflescope before you begin. Standard tools can be used, but they can harm the optic, so we suggest the following:
The Hex Bit Tool is a valuable tool to have on hand because it can be used on a variety of weapons, not just the AR 15. If you don’t already have one, Real Avid sells The Gun Tool. Standard bits and wrenches are included, and they work well on weapons.

Required tools for AR15;

The Torque Wrench is a fantastic tool to have around for securing the scope mount to the AR15 platform. The Cantilever Scope Mount contains two sets of rings to match Picatinny Weaver Rails, as well as a forward reach double ring.
A bubble level is needed when installing a scope or firearm sight, as failure to do so would compromise accuracy. When mounting the scope, make sure the optic is fully level.
Before mounting the scope, clean all sections with rubbing alcohol and cleaning patches.
Spend some extra money on a shooting rest or a gun vice to put the rifle on, as it also helps to measure the accuracy of the mounted scope. You can get one to use with both rifles and handguns for a reasonable price.
The majority of these items are likely to be found in your home. The shooting rest is optional, but it will make a significant difference in the mounting process. Take a look at the steps below once you’ve gathered all of your supplies.


If you plan on doing the long-range shooting, the scope ring lapping kit is a must-have. Hopefully, the information in this article and the instructions provided were helpful in properly mounting the scope on the AR15. It suggests that you use the bubble level to keep everything in check. It is preferable, to begin with, and an efficient process rather than having to restart later. Have fun shooting!
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