What is the Residual Arcane Warframe & What Makes it Unique

What Makes Residual Arcane Warframe Unique?

The Residual Arcane Warframe is a unique and powerful frame that can be obtained through various means in the popular free-to-play cooperative action role-playing and third-person shooter video game, Warframe. It is one of the many Warframes that players can choose from and customize to suit their playstyle.

The Residual Arcane Warframe is a unique and powerful weapon in the world of Warframes. It is a rare, but powerful weapon that has been used by some of the most successful players in the game. This warframe allows you to channel your arcane energy into powerful attacks and defenses. It also has an array of special abilities that can be used to great effect. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Residual Arcane Warframe and explore what makes it so unique.


The Residual Arcane Warframe has four abilities at its disposal, each with its unique effects and uses:

Arcane Eruption

Arcane Eruption is the Residual Arcane Warframe’s first ability. When activated, it creates a small explosion at the targeted location, dealing damage to enemies within a certain radius. The explosion also leaves behind a residual field that continues to damage enemies over time.

Arcane Barrier

Arcane Barrier is the Residual Arcane Warframe’s second ability. When activated, it creates a barrier around the Warframe that absorbs incoming damage for a short duration. The barrier also reflects a portion of the absorbed damage back at enemies, making it an effective counter against enemy attacks.

Arcane Strike

Arcane Strike is the Residual Arcane Warframe’s third ability. When activated, it imbues the Warframe’s melee weapon with arcane energy, increasing its damage and adding a chance to stun enemies on hit. This ability is great for close-range combat and can help take down enemies quickly.

Arcane Guardian

Arcane Guardian is the Residual Arcane Warframe’s fourth and final ability. When activated, it creates a protective shield around the Warframe that absorbs incoming damage. The shield also has a chance to reflect incoming attacks at enemies. This ability is great for protecting the Warframe and its allies in tough situations.

How to Obtain

There are several ways to obtain the Residual Arcane Warframe:

Random Drop

The Residual Arcane Warframe can be obtained as a random drop from certain high-level missions, such as Sorties and Invasions. The chances of getting the frame from a random drop are relatively low, but it is still possible.


Players can also purchase the Residual Arcane Warframe from the in-game Market using Credits or Platinum, the game’s premium currency. The price of the frame may vary depending on the player’s platform and the current market value.

Baro Ki’Teer

Baro Ki’Teer is a special NPC (non-player character) that appears in the game every two weeks and sells rare and unique items, including the Residual Arcane Warframe. Players can purchase the frame from him using a special currency called “Ducats,” which can be obtained through various means, such as dismantling other items or completing certain missions.


This is a powerful and versatile frame that can be used in a variety of situations. Its ability to absorb and reflect damage makes it a great choice for players who want to play defensively, while its damage-dealing abilities make it a formidable offensive option as well. Whether you’re playing solo or with a group, the Residual Arcane Warframe is sure to be a valuable asset in any mission.


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