What is the role of employers in promoting ergonomic furniture?


As an employer, the best way to show care towards your colleagues in the modern office is ergonomic furniture

I’m not an employer but I have had the privilege of working under some of the most caring ones. They had one trait in common, unequivocal care for their employees. In fact, they never addressed us as ‘employees’, rather they called us ‘colleagues.’ Though this was more than a decade back or so, the element of care still blossoms in many offices. And that’s because, with time, corporate severities have gone up, and so have the physical and mental turmoils of the workforce. But the good news is that today’s employers are aware of office ergonomics, and provide their colleagues with promoting ergonomic furniture.

Once the pandemic lockdown was over and people were back in working mode, many friends of mine confessed that their employers were highly concerned about everyone’s well-being. While some had already provided ergonomic furniture such as desk chairs and standing desks at the workplace, others were planning to get them in the coming days. This inclination of employers towards ergonomic furniture was not only confined to employees who worked in regular offices. Gladly, they took home-office ergonomics also quite seriously.

The unanimous endorsement of ergonomic furniture

I am quite impressed to learn that ergonomic furniture such as desk chairs, sit-and-stand desks, meeting booths, phone booths, and stools are proliferating in workplaces all over. And I have no apprehensions in saying that employers have played a big role here. They educated themselves about office ergonomics, sought feedback from their management, and invested in ergonomic furniture such as desk chairs and standing desks. Of course, they seek productivity but are also concerned about employee welfare.

If there’s a leaf that employers can take out of someone’s book, it’s the unanimous endorsement of furniture by some of the world’s leading corporate heavyweights. Here the most prominent name is Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., who vouched strongly for sit-stand-desks for the company’s workforce. There are other such examples as well, and employers have a lot to heed from. I’m of the view that ergonomic furniture manufacturers should involve employers or other company representatives in the marketing and promotion.

Why should employers promote ergonomic furniture at the workplace?

Ergonomic furniture
What is the role of employers in promoting ergonomic furniture

Employers should promote ergonomic furniture such as desk chairs, standing desks, stools, meeting pods, and phone booths because of various reasons. And the gist of all the attributes is ‘care and comfort. For employers’ knowledge, I would like to highlight some aspects of ergonomic furniture that should take into consideration.

  1. The luxuries of having good postures

    I’m sure that every employer knows how important good postures are at the professional front. With good postures, the unimaginable is scalable. Ergonomic furniture such as adjustable standing desks, office desk chairs, and wobble-free stools improve posture continually, and this has a highly positive impact on physical fitness, health, and productivity. In my opinion, this trait of ergonomic furniture is enough to purchase it.

  2. The robustness of firm and healthy backs

Wow, you’re the leader of a pack that’s backed by good back muscles and spines. What else do you need to win the battle? I feel that work prowess goes up to monumental levels if there’s a good back to support and propel it. I’ve even had the luxury of working with an ergonomic chair with a headrest as my companion. I loved the lumbar –lower back- that it gave me. After some time, I forgot about neck pains and aching spines. And I’m sure that whoever uses ergonomic furniture such as desk chairs and standing desks. You can look forward to alertness and physical fitness day in and day out. Talking of standing desks, a friend of mine recently got one from his employer, and he can’t even think of working without it now.

  1. The gifts of ergonomic furniture and a productive workforce

I don’t think that I need to reiterate this point. But to encourage employers for furniture, I would like to show the allure of a mentally charged-up workforce that’s productive to the hilt. Ergonomic furniture such as standing desks, office chairs, stools, meeting pods, and phone booths are an amalgam of aesthetics. Now tell me which employer won’t relish and cherish a happy and productive workforce? The lucre of profitability should be enough to draw employers and companies. Towards ergonomic furniture such as standing desks and office chairs.

  1. The joys of a secure and continual return-on-investment (ROI)

    I have been a student of Economics and was particularly impressed by the Keynesian Theory of Investment. Keynes, though he was critiqued, said that a company’s savings can be interpreted as to its investment. I’d like to convince all employers that office furniture such as standing desks, office chairs with five wheels, stools, meeting pods. Phone booths cost high but enhance savings in the long run. The savings can be in the form of fewer medical expenses, zero replacement costs, and employee attrition.


I hope that I have been able to convince employers about ergonomic furniture. The benefits are way beyond comprehension, and the drawbacks are none. If you’re an employer, you can play a major role in promoting office furniture.









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