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4 Commonly Used Garage Door Repair

Your garage door broke down? Don’t know the exact process of fixing one? An unfixed or damaged garage door may pose a security risk to your house and your possessions which is why you should always stay on your toes in repairing your garage doors as soon as possible. Here are four types of commonly used garage door repair you might not have known.

1. Sectional Garage doors;

The name is pretty self-explanatory; sectional garage doors are separate sections that open vertically. Thus, this makes them compatible with almost any type of opening (rounded, etc.).


What are they made of?

Galvanized Steel is the primary source used in the construction of Sectional doors, even though timber and aluminum doors are available in the market. Manufacturers also offer woodgrain finishes to the steel doors, which results in the security and reliability of having a steel door and the aesthetic look that wood carries.

Besides getting steel doors with wooden overlay, you can also opt for timber sectional garage doors. While timber sectional garage doors can be manufactured up to 5 meters wide, i.e., over 16 feet, timber doors can only be available up to 8 feet wide in Up and Over form.


Any sectional garage door is fixable, whether a metal sectional or a wooden door. The most common repairs on a sectional garage door repair are as follows:

  1. Roller replacements
  2. lift cables Replacement or placing them back on the drums
  3. Replacement of broken torsion springs
  4. Replacement of hinges
  5. Putting the door back in the tracks
  6. Balancing out heavy doors
  7. Replacement of bearings in torsion system
  8. Bottom weather seal replacement
  9. Replacement or reinforcement of damaged sections/panels
  10. installing/replacing perimeter weather-seal

If you use your garage door quite often (i.e., more than ten times a day), you will have to service your sectional door every 1-2 years. Likewise, if you are using your garage door in moderation, such as 5-9 times a day, you can service your garage door every 2-3years. However, if you use it only rarely, then you can serve it after every 4 or 5 years.

Service/Tune-up of Sectional Garage Door

Service or tuning of a sectional garage door consists of the following procedures:

  1. Adjustment/balancing of springs
  2. Tightening bolts/nuts/screws etc.
  3. Lubricating moving garage door parts for better mobility
  4. Performing a 20-point safety inspection


How Secure Are They?

An insulated and double-skinned sectional garage door contains strong security ability. Unless you come prepared with special tools or are ready to make a lot of noise, it is almost impossible to break into a sectional garage door repair. This is especially true for sectional garage doors with electric operators. Electric operators such as Promatic Bi Secure and Hormann Supramatic consist of additional locking in its operator boom in the form of steel hooks. These firmly hold the door panels at the top while being held by a motor.

Other Benefits

As sectional garage doors open and close vertically, this means that the space around the opening can be fully utilized. This type of garage door is best suitable with driveways or shorter garages, allowing vehicles to be parked up close against the door. The garage door does not require ‘swinging it out to open it. The door panel curves upwards over the opening and then back into the headroom of the garage. Unlike the other garage door types, a sectional garage door offers full drive-through height and width if specified and fitted accurately. This solution is ideal for garages with limited access dimensions or that fit large vehicles.

2. Roller Garage Doors;

These garage doors operate smoothly, as they consist of no internal tracks and have a smooth vertical opening. These garage doors are considered one of the most versatile garage door options available out there.


These doors are manufactured using aluminum or steel. The roller door is similar to a curtain consisting of slats that roll around themselves at the top of the door opening. Aluminum garage doors offer insulation.


Roller shutter garage doors are available in non-insulated single-skin steel and insulated double-skinned aluminum. Both are available with the options of manual or remote control electric operation.


These are a few steps you can follow to repair a roller garage door:

  1. Check-up on the fixings;

In case your roller door fixings are not in order, there might be high chances for your garage door to fall, causing damage to you or your property. A specialist will have to check all the fixings on your garage door and repair any faults for your door to operate smoothly.

  1. Straighten and clean the guides

Roller garage doors run on a set of guides that tend to get murky and distorted with wear and tear. In this case, you will have to turn to a professional because getting your roller garage door back on track will take more than some soap or hammer hits.

  1. Safeguard your spring tension

If the spring tension in your roller garage door is balanced correctly, it will help your roller door operate smoothly and open at the right speed.

  1. Checking in on the hubs

Your roller garage door may collapse if its hubs are not in their best condition. Make sure to get them checked while repairing.

  1. Lubricating the hubs and springs

Lubricating the hubs and springs will improve the function of your garage door and prolong the usage period of its parts.

  1. Inspection

You won’t know what’s wrong with your garage door unless you have it inspected once in a while. A visual inspection will look for tears in the roller door curtains and any other visible issues with door operation. An excellent garage team will give you a thorough report on your roller door condition and fix potential parts that need repairing or slight maintenance.

  1. Maximize your motor

If you have a motorized roller garage door, your service will cover it. The professional working on your roller door will reset the sensitivity for a smoother operation. Also, check and adjust the motor limits of travel, so the opening and closing are well maintained with no room for accidents.

Other benefits

Roller shutter garage doors require minimum space. The vertical opening allows the owner to adjust the length of their driveway and garage. This ensures that you have enough parking space as well. The opening mechanism allows tall vehicles like 4×4’s to be parked there without blocking the opening or closing of the door.

3. Patio Awnings;

What are awnings?

Awnings are roof-like covers that extend over a particular space and are mainly used for shade, shelter from rain, snow, or wind. You can find awnings in different scenarios, mostly over doors and windows of homes and commercial buildings’ entrances.


Patio Awnings (explained)

Patio awnings, also known as shade cloths or sails, are one of the cheapest and easy-to-install options that can work similarly to a garage door repair. These are particularly popular amongst homeowners, and polyester, canvas, or cotton are often the primary material used in making them. Moreover, some patio awnings have pores that allow water to pass through, thus making them only useful for shade. Therefore, if you want to block sunlight for a few hours a day, these are perfect for using over pools, etc.


Repairing a patio awning can be much cheaper than replacing it completely. Here are a few solutions to common problems with your patio awning:

If you haven’t been attentive to your awning and it’s been up for quite some time, or it sits under any plant- trees or other shrubs-you may see some rips or tears that would need mending. This isn’t as bad of a repair job unless you fix it early. If you don’t repair the tears, the problem might worsen, and you might have to replace the entire awning instead of just repairing it.

You can fix the small mends and tears with patches that you can find at awning retailers. Special tapes are also available for small rips. However, if you cannot find tapes or patches for your awning, you can use a different method. For this, you would need a waterproof adhesive. Then trim away any hanging threads, and use glue in the bottom side of the awning to seal the rip. You will have to clamp the tear together so the glue will make maximum adhesion. You can also use small bundle clips, or in case the tear is small, you can use a clothespin.

Uses of Material

In case a piece of the frame is loose, your awning will start to sag on one side. This happens over time, especially if you have used wood instead of aluminum to construct its frame. This can be very simple to fix. At first, you will have to check all the frame components to assure sturdiness. Furthermore, if you find a piece that seems loose, you can tighten them back with wood screws and a drill. Make sure the studs are supporting all parts of the frame.

Repairing a retractable awning can be a little complicated. If you have a motorized awning, hiring a professional who can check the motor would be better. Sensors are part of retractable awnings that tend to need repairing quite often. You can replace a sensor on your own; however, a dead sensor cannot be fixed. Replacing a sensor is quite simple: take it down from its location and install a new one in the same way you took the old one out. You can check with the manufacturer’s guide as these can differ from brand to brand.

It is cheaper to repair an awning than to replace it. Also, checking your awning every once in a while will help you make early repairs and save a lot of money from installing a new one.

4. Carports;

Like awnings, carports are structures made of metal that are either covered with fabric or a roof. Carports are mostly separate from your home, having at least one side open. As the same suggests, Carports are mainly used for you to park your cars in it, offering protection from harsh weather conditions inside your home driveway.



Metal carports are pretty durable and can be kept in the best shape with little maintenance. Inspect them after storms and adopt a cleaning routine at least once a year. Storms cause the most damage to metal carports. High winds and debris can cause your building to be damaged beyond what its paneling can stand. It would be a good idea to certify your building to maintain a wind speed and snow load congruent with common or severe storms in your area.

Have an inspection of the building to find out where any damage has occurred. Search for missing holes where screws have been detached due to debris, places where panels are missing, and any dents in panels. Note down the damaged or removed parts to replace them in the repair process. It is important to note the cause of the damage while repairing so you can take safety precautions later.


Sometimes it is better to repair your garage door on your own -to some extent- as it can be pretty cheap. We have explained four different garage door repairs that you can follow if you are looking for a guide to help you fix your garage door repair. However, if you cannot fix it on your own, it would be better to seek professional help.


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