CBD products: A health hazard or a Miracle in disguise

CBD products: A health hazard or a Miracle in disguise

With continuous growing interest in cannabis and the availability of its products, many of us are intrigued by it. However, hardly any of us has any clear idea of how effective it is for us and its benefits. CBD Products like Lazarus Naturals CBD lotions, creams, gummies, tinctures, and oil catch our eyes when we search for CBD products; however, we are apprehensive about using them. We will make it clear why everyone should include CBD in their lives.


Understanding its source

CBD is an extract of medical marijuana or cannabis plants. The manufacturing of this compound is also taking place in labs these days. Cannabidiol is not the only extract of marijuana. It is one of the sixty known compounds. Authorities also say that there are 400+ compounds of this plant. But, most of them need study and exploration before market launch.


There are two primary varieties of cannabis. These are:

  • Cannabis Sativa is cultivated in Eastern Asia and is now distributed worldwide due to globalization. It has been used in food, recreation, seed oil, and religious ceremonies throughout history.


  • Cannabis Indica is the putative species that represent cannabis. It grows annually and is used chiefly to make cloth fibers.


Indica is shorter than Sativa, with broader and darker leaves. That is how you can differentiate between both these strains. Cannabis sativa is the one company’s use. And the usage of Indica is not profound due to higher THC content, which is known to make people high. Governmental bodies had proposed regulations to control THC content. Under the Farm Law of 2019, all the rules are duly mentioned.

We dealt with the sources of cannabidiol. It also talks about the possible extracts of the plant. By now, researchers have studied four compounds of the herb. These includes:

Cannabidiol and cannabinol are mild drugs. They all are different based on the concentration, effects, advantages, and side effects. Out of these, delta-9 THC is the most potent compound.

These compounds are still under research to extract more windfalls. You can learn about them here in detail. And, you can find infused goods both online and offline.


The benefits of cannabidiol


The effect of this herb can be seen in case of both mental and physical ailments. Let us learn about the specific areas of action of the herb.

  • Acts as a painkiller
  • Having anti-inflammatory properties
  • Inhibits depression and anxiety
  • Increase energy and alertness
  • Boosts confidence
  • Provides quality sleep
  • Fight insomnia
  • Increases libido
  • Inhibits the growth of acne
  • Treats depression in animals


These benefits are what users mention after the usage. Along with that, few studies establish its proof. But few CBD users met the other face of it. Let us see what possible negativities are associated with its usage.



What are the consequences?

The usage of cannabidiol is of two types. The first is skin application, and the second is the way of consumption.

There are distinct effects and causes to both forms. When inconveniences arise due to consumption, they are as follows:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced appetite
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Liver injury (in minimal cases)


Side effects on the skin are rare. Cannabidiol is mostly skin-friendly. But in minimal cases, the hazardous output can include:

  • Irritation
  • Rashes
  • Allergy


Drop the usage of CBD infused the moment you encounter any issue. And always remember to consult your doctor.


Possible Adverse Effects

CBD may have adverse effects; however, mostly, it is negligible. However, it’s essential to know why that might be happening. Understanding the restrictions about the usage is essential. A pregnant woman and person with ongoing liver and kidney treatment should avoid its use.


Other than that, few medicines can get fatal with CBD. These are:

  • Angiotensin II Blockers
  • Antiarrhythmics
  • Antibiotics
  • Antidepressants
  • Antihistamines
  • Antipsychotics
  • Anesthetics
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Non- steroids
  • HIV antivirals
  • Oral hypoglycemic agent
  • Prokinetics
  • Proton-pump inhibitors
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Beta-blockers
  • Calcium channel blockers
  • Sulfonylureas
  • Corticoids
  • HMG CoA reductase inhibitor (statins)


Do not administer cannabis compounds when you are following any of this medication.

Even after its completion, ask your doctor about the dosage and power.




How can I get rid of its side effects?


Extreme side effects of CBD are after prolonged and miscalculated dosage. A beginner should always start with smaller proportions, nearly 20-25 mg. You can also talk to your doctor about proper dosage.

The initial effects include hangover or high. There are several ways to undo this effect:

  • Hydrate yourself to dilute the content.
  • Have some food. It will act as an antidote to high
  • Get some lemon juice.


Usage of the herb has not led to any severe intricacies. But one should not rest assured by this statement. We are all now over and excess of anything is bad for health. One should stick with this rule for CBD as well. No matter how the complications are, it is better to take precautions.


Final Say

Like our promise, we brought forward the bright and dark side of cannabidiol. Now, you are the ultimate decision-maker. On comparing all the raw facts, our conclusive decision supports the herb. It appears to be one capable of treating most new issues. But for different people with distinct needs, the concussion can change.



Positive and negative are the two mandatory faces of anything in this world. The case with cannabidiol is also similar. On one side, it gives ample benefits, and on the other, it has side effects. A calculative usage of goods ensures positive results. And over usage can lead to ill effects. We need to keep this rule in mind while using CBD products. It comes with great interest, but exploitation can be hazardous. So make sure you use the herb wisely.



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