4 Incredible Management Features of Yoga Studio Software

A useful and effective yoga studio management software needs all of its business aspects running smoothly. Which includes booking classes, scheduling sessions, managing staff, running payments smoothly, inventory management, marketing campaigns, salesforce, etc. All of these features can be in single software or can also be available as separate software.

Management software can have all these above-mentioned features and a lot more. Businesses’ survivals are easy using software to help them. Otherwise, the health fitness business cannot grow in this tough market.

People managing the business of a yoga studio need to have the foresight to see incoming problems and profits. For this to go perfectly, the management software provides the help to see them coming. Such as sales funnel can show the stats of the sale of a specific product. Through the marketing and inventory, managing staff can guess what things need to replace and what things shouldn’t.

Following are the features of yoga management software which are essential for the running of a complete yoga studio:


Cloud Processing:

Cloud computing is a part of the software. That’s how it works and keeps the data of it. It keeps the staff from arranging paper files of each customer, each transaction, and each product of the studio. This releases the studio staff from a lot of hectic work. This is how they use that time to improve other aspects of the business.

Other than this people used separate software for collecting the data, and arranging and organizing it. That was a load of migraine-giving work. But now people can use a single software to do all this from one platform. Plus, now software also allows you to integrate all the software you used before. So, that your data won’t get lost in any way possible.

In addition to all this, the automation feature of the software is one of the biggest blessings of software. This feature alone can be said as the reason why most people choose to use software for help. It allows the management staff to automate the tasks and forget that it’s their responsibility. The software saves all the data of the new customers, who sign up for the yoga studio, on the software server.


The feature of the software makes the clients able to see the booked seats of the class and available ones. This one is generally the friendliest feature for the clients and customers. This feature keeps the record of the staff members’ assigned classes and the clients willing to take these classes.

This feature also keeps the clients from the blunder of double booking themselves to the same trainers. The software makes the option of booking un-editable if is already booked. Or in case of group classes or sessions when no spot is available then the same happens.

It allows the clients to choose the best time from their timetable. Which matches their required service and staff on the scheduler. If you think you are more comfortable with the on-paper appointments and their caretaking then you should take a look again at the benefits list of this software feature. In short, those manual methods were a huge responsibility, they required a lot of human effort, and were time-consuming.

Using the yoga studio management software for this job also keeps track of clients’ check-ins and check-outs. This gives the studio the data on how much time a client spends on the premises of the yoga studio. This will be useful for marketing campaigns of the yoga studio to know which services of the studio need improvements. So that more people will also come for that service which has a negligible number of customers right now.

Staff Management:

The software has many ways to help the owner or the management staff. One of them is using the staff management tool of the software to track staff activities. Each activity of the staff members which they perform under the premises of the studio is recorded. Such as staff’s attendance, their check-ins, and check-outs, their words shared with other staff or clients, etc.

The software has a huge memory to store every piece of information you want. Some of these settings are set on by default which keeps recording information unless you change the settings. If a staff member is on the radar because of their shady behavior, they are closely observed using this feature.

These behaviors can be their unusual activities or some kind of secrecy. For example, late check-ins, early check-outs, unapproved leaves, coded messages shared with clients, etc. The human staff is not able to keep a record of all these details of every individual in the studio all the time. This is why the non-human help of software is worth the price. Also, if the customers and clients are satisfied with the trainers and their cooperation only then one can grow this business.

Membership Management:

In customer care businesses members and customers are a top priority. They are considered a vital part of the business whose grip is essential for the growth of the business. Using software to deal with your members make you able to take care of their requirements more effectively.

This software can manage all the member’s information at a single portal. The easy-to-understand interface of the software app makes a non-technical person see the vital details easily. This management aspect involves the remaining resources of the membership benefits.

This also reminds the members of the renewal of their current membership. Or if more closely observed, staff can also guess which newly made membership will be more beneficial for the member according to their usage. For example, if a member has a membership already but their check-ins are on a specific time slot. And the new members will be more beneficial for them with more customized services.

The rest is on a member to decide whether they want to switch or not. Just like these, there are a lot of other benefits the software provides for everyone. If you are a yoga business owner and you need software like this then Wellyx can become your priority. Because it provides its customers with reasonable deals and exact required features.


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