6 Different Types Of Gin Glasses You Need To Know About

A gin and tonic is one of the most commonly served drinks around the world. Some bartenders may put it into a rocks glass, whereas others may shake things up by using a Highball glass. If gin is the key ingredient in a cocktail, it’ll likely be served in a Copa. While there isn’t one ultimate gin glass, there are a few that deserve some special recognition. If not for their appearance, then for their practicality when it comes to embracing the taste and aromas of an alcoholic beverage. These are the 6 types of Gin Glasses you must know about the next time you consume your favorite gin-based drink. 


The Copa de Balon can be roughly translated as the “balloon glass.” It originated back in the 1700s and has a distinct bulbous shape that sits on a long stem. It appears much like a typical wine glass.


Its unusual shape is great for trapping the aromas of the gin which allows the drinker to better enjoy the taste. The large shape of the glass equals lots of space for ice, which means a much more refreshing drink.


The unique shape of the bowl allows you to try out a variety of garnishes. Like fruits, vegetables, and herbs – provided they compliment the taste of the gin and tonic, of course.


  • Stemless Gin Glasses

Modern, attractive-looking, and useful—the stemless gin glass is the perfect vessel for your favorite beverage.

These glasses share a similar shape to the balloon glass, but without the tall stem. Their shape also allows you to embrace the notes of the gin as you take a sip, while also leaving plenty of room for garnishes and ice. 

Be warned: this glass type may warm up quite quickly in your hand. This could dilute your drink!

If you prefer this style but prefer the addition of a stem, you should take a look at large gin glasses with short stem.


  • Tumblers


Also known as an Old Fashioned glass, a Lowball, or a ‘Single Rocks’ glass. The glass types under the “tumbler” umbrella have become a standard way of serving gin-based drinks. 

A typical tumbler glass itself is short and broad which means there’s plenty of space for ice cubes and garnishes. This makes it better suited to drinks that require slower sipping at a cool temperature.

It also usually has a thick base which is excellent for muddling all of its ingredients. Not only does this ensure more flavor for your drink, but it also guarantees an easier drinking experience.


  • Highball Glasses

Named after the classic whiskey and soda cocktail, these glasses are tall, elegant, and narrow making them the perfect vessel for the crispest G&T.

Largely in part to their shape, these glasses have a limited surface area which will keep your chosen drink carbonated and cool for longer periods. In addition to their practicality, 

Highball glasses are also aesthetically pleasing and will make a versatile addition to any home bar. Feel free to use them for your preferred gin drink or your favorite cocktail.


  • The Coupe Glass

Coupe gin glasses have a long stem, a wide rim, and a curved basin-like appearance. That makes them one of the most interesting gin glasses to look at.

They are made to be quite sturdy to withstand a whole host of drink spillages and are especially great for the most decadent gin cocktails. However, they aren’t ideal for heavily carbonated cocktails as bubbles tend to fizz out quite quickly.

More expensive Coupe glasses are made using more fragile glass which could be frightfully easy to shatter.


  • The Flute Glass

Generally host to champagne, flute glasses are a type of gin glass that pairs well with just about any alcoholic drink. 

A reduced rim surface area helps to keep the fizz of your drink intact for longer. This will only serve to add something extra to your drinking experience. Its long stem means you can idly sip without the worry of your drink warming up.

The limited air space at the very top of the glass means the aromas and flavors of the drink may sometimes be lost. but this depends on the type of drink you have.


This is a definitive list of the types of gin glasses you need to know about. With these 6 options, you have plenty to choose from the next time you are planning to make your own gin-based cocktails at home.


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