6 Different Types Of Sushi To Try For Food Lovers

There are so many different foods out there. So much to try if you are a food lover. Enjoying food is not just about eating whatever is there. Enjoying food is about wanting to try new things and enjoying a variety of different dishes. So many people recoil when you say ‘sushi’ as they have this unpleasant image in their head of what they think it is. But, sushi is not strictly raw fish, sometimes it’s not fish at all. You can even get vegan sushi! 

Do not judge by reputation. Give sushi a try. 

We will word this list under the assumption that you have considered sushi, but have never actually tried it. So, if you are a newbie to sushi, but fancy giving it a go, this is the perfect list for you. 


What Exactly Is Sushi? 


Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that often includes vinegared rice, with sugar and salt. However, this description is more true of the sushi roll description. 


Sushi is a broad term, and it usually refers to fish or vegetables prepared with this rice and seaweed. However, there are other dishes that fall into the sushi category that does not include these. 


Best Types To Try! 


Rather than explain sushi to you, we will instead just introduce you to some, so you can experience sushi for yourself. No longer will you be asking what is masago in sushi, instead you will be equipped to find out from your own experience! Even better! 


#1. Sashimi 

This  is one of the most popular dishes at many sushi establishments, and it is usually what many people think of when they think of sushi if they are totally new to its concept. 

Sashimi contains no rice, it is simply well-cut, fresh, and tender slices of raw fish, it is served in a long rectangular slice referred to as hira-zukuri.


#2. Nigiri

Then there is Nigiri, which is sushi made with molded vinegared rice that is topped with raw fish. It is shaped thin and is easy finger food, and grabbable with chopsticks.

This is long and slender, and can come with different types of fish to top it, although the most common is probably salmon. 

It is usually served with soy sauce as wasabi. 


#3. Maki

Maki is probably the more well-known sushi dish. It can be found at general food stores and most restaurants easily. It is vinegared rice wrapped in seaweed and in the middle is the flavor, either raw fish or vegetables. 

You can get these in a vegan form, with cucumber in the center instead of raw fish, it is also not uncommon to have avocado Maki as well! They are bite-size too, so it’s really easy to eat for a food lover.

#4. Temaki

Temaki is a meal on its own. These can come in many forms. Although it is a form of sushi roll, it is made by rolling the ingredients into a cone. 

It will be filled to the brim with vegetables, rice, and fish. These can also be called hand-rolls. They are one of the biggest forms of sushi, and they can easily be a whole meal on their own. 

#5. Chirashi

Chirashi is a type of sushi that is actually quite similar to sashimi. It means ‘scattered’. 

It will be served to you in a bowl. There will be vinegared rice at the bottom, with raw fish slices on top as well as garnishes. The fish can often be chosen by the chef to add an element of surprise. 


It is the perfect dish for the adventurous eater out there. 


You can often find fruits and vegetables added into this dish as well as things such as caviar and of course wasabi! 


#6. Uramaki

Uramaki is a lot like maki, however, instead of the seaweed covering the rice, the rice covers the seaweed. 

Also, the nori will be wrapped around the filling and they will also have a lot more toppings, sauces, and garnishes

They are like maki went and got a makeover and came out looking all glammed up. 

You can also find these in a vegan variety in some places too. 

This sushi is one next to Temaki that is writhing in flavor, you get the seaweed, the vinegared rice, and the filling as you normally would, but the toppings, garnishes, and sauces that come with it, give it potential for so much extra flavor. 


It is definitely one of the most flavorful sushis.

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