A Guide To The Types Of Golf Clubs


Golf is a sport that requires a lot of practice and knowledge. But aside from some general guidelines and tips such as those found here – what else do you really need to know? The simple answer: everything about golf clubs. In fact, the first major step to becoming a successful player is picking the right kind of golf club that will serve only to amplify your skills.


If you’re a little bit lost, here’s a quick guide into the types of golf clubs currently available.


Types Of Golf Clubs


Woods are long clubs with large heads that have been designed to hit the ball from long distances. Despite their name, they are no longer made of wood. 


Woods are typically longer than irons and are usually used for driving the ball. The shaft of this type of golf club is also much thicker than the shaft of an iron golf club. This makes it useful for harder swings, which generates more power in turn. 



Irons are typically shorter than wood clubs. This makes them the perfect equipment to hit the balls closer to the green (to make mid-range shots). The shaft of an iron club is comparatively thinner than a wood club which helps to get the ball airborne faster and reach higher speeds in a shorter time frame.


One of the other features that distinguish this type of golf club is its head; some are solid, while others are completely hollow. These irons have angled faces (“loft”) that are etched with grooves that work to grip the golf ball and impart spin.


Irons come in numbered sets that typically range from a 3-iron to a 9-iron, or a pitching wedge. 



Hybrid clubs are one of the newest gold club variations to hit the market. Hybrid clubs can also be considered as a cross between woods and iron; giving you the best features of both clubs without any of the negatives. 


Hybrids are also numbered like irons and the number corresponds to the iron they replace. In addition, their design makes them a great choice for beginners. They can be held more firmly and allow for a small amount of wiggle room if you don’t manage to hit the ball completely straight.



You’ve almost finished the game. The golf ball is so close to the hole that you can all but taste the par. It’s time to bring the putter out of your bag.


Putters are specialized golf clubs that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are typically shorter than irons and are designed to get the ball on or near the green. 


The shaft of a putter is typically thinner than the shaft of an iron club. This allows you to strike the ball with less force and control the ball better. You’ll be using these golf clubs more frequently than others so you must find one that feels comfortable in your hands.


Meet the Wedges

Wedges are their own type of golf club yet they are also a sub-set of irons. Simply, they have the same type of clubhead as an iron club but are just angled for more loft.


Wedges are also used for more successful, shorter approach shots into greens, for pitches and chips around greens, and also to ensure successful play out of a sand bunker. 


Here are the types of wedges:


Pitching Wedge

You’ll use the pitching wedge the most often to hit 120 yards. This type of wedge is generally used for approach shots, but many golfers use them for chip shots, too. 


Gap Wedge

If you need to hit 100 yards then the gap wedge is the club you need. It is there to bridge the gap between other variations of the wedge, thanks to the fact it has more loft than pitching wedges.


Sand Wedge

These are higher lofted wedges which makes it easier to get the ball into the air. As a result, they are very useful if you need to get a ball out of a sand trap. Plus, they’re also effective for rough or fairway shots!


Lob Wedge

Lob wedges have the most loft out of all the wedge types. If you get your golf ball stuck in a deep rough, the lob wedge can be used to knock the ball quickly into the air and back onto the green.




Knowing and familiarizing yourself with the right golfing equipment is absolutely essential. It may be a bit of a confusing process but as long as you remember to test before you buy, you’ll find golf clubs that work perfectly for you.


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