ExtraTorrent Proxy List 2023; Unblock All Extratorrents Sites

ExtraTorrent Proxy List 2023; Unblock All Extratorrents Sites

Torrent sites are popular these days and people frequently used these sites to get entertainment. However, we commonly see an issue with torrent sites, which is that they get down when we want to use them. The solution in this situation is ExtraTorrent, which comes to facilitate torrent users. ExtraTorrent proxy is an online directory of digital content like entertainment media and software.

After the downing of torrent sites, ExtraTorrent gets huge popularity among people. Someway, it became successful and it manages correctly to deliver digital content safely to the people through ExtraTorrent proxy due to which it gets too much popular among people. Huge traffic was noticed there and a lot of digital content like premium games, drama serials, games, and much more were downloaded at this site.

On a day on May 2017, the ExtraTorrent site got shut down which was very miserable for those who use the site to get entertainment. However, in this situation, I am going to tell you how you can unblock the Extratorrents. However, before, we will be familiar with what they are.

Extratorrents Proxy Sites Overview

When it comes to the sites, a question that rises in my mind is what these sites are and why to use them. In simple words, the proxy sites are a copy of the real site or work as a mirror. Regardless of being a copy, they contain all the content that the Extratorrents have in them. Therefore, if the Extratorrents are shut down due to any reason, you can access its content using the proxies of their sites, which work as the copy of the site.

Extratorrents Proxy Sites Overview

Extratorrents sites were developed in 2006. Since its development, it became popular as a source, which gives reliable content. It was a trustworthy BitTorrent site, which has millions of users. The whole community of torrent appreciated this site.

Many Extratorrents users appreciated it as the best substitute for famous P2P file-sharing sites like Kickass Torrents. Unluckily the Extratorrents site was getting down on 17 May 2017. After its own, it was substituted by numerous Extratorrents proxies who work as the copy of the real site and gives all the content that the site has.

Extratorrents proxies are prohibited in many countries because of copyright issues as the sites used copyrighted content. Therefore, we bring some of the best Extratorrents proxies for you if you want to get endless entertainment through the Extratorrents.

ExtraTorrent Proxy List 2023


If you are looking for proxies to access the content of ExtraTorrent sites then the following are the best choices for you:

Serial Number

Proxy Link or Address

1 https://extratorrent.cyou/et7



All the proxies are 100% verified and not banned in most countries. You will get all types of torrent files and magnet links from the real ExtraTorrent site.

How do ExtraTorrent proxies unlock the ExtraTorrent site’s content?

A proxy website works as the doorway and a bridge between you and the website you are trying to access. A midway server separates the users from the website they use to reach or browse. When you use the proxy sites then the request to access any website is directed through the server of proxy before attaining the mirror site. Like this, the proxy helps users to unblock and access the ExtraTorrent sites with a high level of security. No one can track you when you are browsing the ExtraTorrent sites using the proxies.

Can you access ExtraTorrent without using a VPN?

Of course, you can get access to the ExtraTorrent sites without using VPN. You can access the sites using the ExtraTorrent proxy sites that are the clones and copies of the real site. When you hit on the ExtraTorrent proxy site, it will take you toward the real ExtraTorrent site or show the homepage of that site. Commonly, the process is called cloning which is copying the content of the real site.

ExtraTorrent Proxy List 2023

These proxies have a strong process of updating links regularly. In this situation, if you do not find any link working properly then you can shift to the next one. You can use torrent sites without a VPN using the proxies but we are suggesting you use a VPN because such sites are banned in some countries due to copyright issues and they promoted pirated data. The countries in which they are banned track the users browsing the sites and they banned them in an attempt to access the banned sites.

When you use VPN, you can hide your identity and no one is capable of tracing your activity when you try to access torrent sites. Therefore, if you want to be secure when trying to access torrent sites then you should use VPN.

What do you have to do before using the ExtraTorrent proxies?

All the proxy sites are secretly owned by someone and have a major purpose of generating money to make the site functional. Therefore, these sites use many ways to generate money like displaying many ads, selling services, using your hardware, and other tasks that are executed behind the scene.

Some of the files in the proxies are contaminated with viruses and malware. Therefore, you just have to install the best antivirus to prevent the virus harm your system. Additionally, you should have VPN, which enables you to hide your identity and server number so you cannot be tracked.

How can you download torrent files?  

If you want to download any torrent file then you can do this from any of the torrent sites. Go to the torrent sites and look out for the file you want to download then hit the download key. You need to open the torrent files in a torrent client. You can install any type of torrent client for Windows and Mac from the internet.

For downloading any torrent file, you should use a reliable site with fewer ads. After that, you need to find out the torrent file, which has a high number of seeds peers to get a good speed.

Is Torrent sites are legal?

When it comes to the legality of torrent sites, downloading pirated content is illegal. So, these sites are banned in some countries due to copyright issues. The people who have copyright can take any legal action against you. Therefore, it is clear that if you are using ExtraTorrent sites to download pirated content, it is an illegal activity.


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