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Applications of Heat Exchangers


Heat exchanger for heating purified water in Ahmed Abad

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Heat exchanger for heating purified water

Design and manufacture of a tubular heat exchanger within a purified water loop

Stalwart has been contacting by an engineering company from the pharmaceutical sector for the design. And manufacture of a heat exchanger within a purified water loop. The consumer is a major eastern European pharmaceutical company, manufacturer of antibiotics. The different active ingredients for human and animal medicine.

This water has been pretreated (to remove hardness, metals, and oxides, among others). Treated (the usual procedures are by reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration). Once this process has been carrying out, the water is heated in the tubular, in a Bach process, to a temperature of 85 ºC for the sanitation of a loop.

The solution proposed by our technicians has been our P-TFM-I heat exchanger, belonging to our Pharmaceutical Line. The heat exchanger had to meet various customer requirements; Apart from the roughness requirement on the product side (in this case Ra ≤ 0.8µm), the tubular exchanger is very compact. When mounted on a skid of reduced dimensions.

Heat exchanger for heating fish waste

Corrugated tube heat exchanger for heating sardine pieces and tuna heads

A manufacturer of products derived from fish, a reference in the Southeast Asian market. Once again placed its trust in Stalwart and has commissioned us to design. Manufacture a corrugated tube heat exchanger for heating sardine pieces and tuna heads.

The client wanted to take advantage of this waste from its production process and transform it into a by-product with added value in order to use it for animal feed.

The heat exchanger simply design for a capacity between 8,000 and 10,000 kg / h of product and a pasteurization temperature of 90 ºC; for this, the client had hot water and steam at low pressure. In this sense, the client asked us to optimize the consumption of both services to obtain. The most compact and economical solution with the lowest possible steam consumption.

With these indications, our technicians proposed a solution based on our S-TF20-I. Which offers a highly efficient thermal solution while minimizing the risks of obstruction in the product channel.

Heat exchangers for the vegetable oil sector

Thermal design, mechanical design, and manufacture of heat exchangers for the vegetable oil sector

The main characteristic of Stalwart is that we make custom designs for each project, depending on the needs of our clients in each case. This adaptation is not limited only to the thermal design of the equipment, but we also adapt to the clients’ requirements in terms of mechanical calculations.

In this sense, at Stalwart we have various mechanical calculation software (for example, PV Elite). We are capable of performing these calculations according to different design codes: AD 2000 Merkblatt. Similarly, we can also perform finite Element calculations. Furthermore, at Stalwart we collaborate with other external companies. Specialized in mechanical calculations to solve those cases that we cannot calculate on our own.

Continuing with the above, Stalwart has recently been chosen for the thermal design. Mechanical design, and manufacture of two heat exchangers for the vegetable oil sector. The exchangers selected for this project have been our I-TFMP-I multipass. The heat exchanger and our I-TFM-I multitubular, both belonging to our Industrial Line.

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