How to predict the future value and present value of an asset using an online calculator?

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What is Future Value?

Future value (FV) is the projected worth of an asset based on an estimated rate of return on that asset, such as an interest rate, and the assumption that the amount of money or investment will be kept undisturbed for the duration of the investment. Future value can thus also be stated in terms of expected value. Moreover, it is determined bases on the rate of return earned, such as simple or compound interest.

For instance, if a $13,000 investment reaches the value of $130,000 in 20 years, as a result, we can say that the present value of that $13,000 investment is $130,000. Future Value however estimates that the rate of growth will remain constant throughout the investment. Moreover, it anticipates that there would be a single upfront payment with no subsequent investments or withdrawals after that. Knowing the future value of an asset can assist investors in determining precisely how much each of those elements will impact their investment’s performance.

What is the Present Value of the calculator?

In determining the present-day value of an asset in the financial market or assets. That is expected to be received or earned in the future the value at present of money is often used by economists and accountants?

This is because it’s the “time value of money,” according to economists. Which determines the relationship between the present and future value in financial assets. To put it in simple terms the value of time for money is the idea that any sum of money today is worth greater than the value of the exact amount that is soon.

The concept of the present value is one of the most important concepts in the area of valuation. The present value refers to the value at present of an amount that will receive in the future and is based on the current value. Comparing a variety of options for investment and helps in the selection among the more profitable to take on.

How to Predict Future Value of Asset Using Calculator

How to Calculate the Future Value of Assets Using Calculator Online financial tools. Such a future value calculator is among the best advantages for both economists and investors. Because they don’t need to do lengthy calculations. The calculator for future value employs the formula for future value to automatically calculate the value of future assets. The simplest method to determine the value you will receive from your assets, based on their current value is described below.

Visit a trusted website offering online tools for finance and search for the calculator for future value within it. After looking through it you can input the necessary inputs for calculations. In a future value calculator, according to the formula for future value. The input values to be entered comprise the present value, interest rate, and time frame for which the asset place.

When you input your data ensure that you are entering them correctly, and then press calculate. The calculator begins to calculate and in no time you will know the expected value of your assets. Based on its value as of the present.

How to Predict Present Value of Asset Using Calculator

How to Calculate the Future Value of Assets Using Calculator for Present Value The calculator uses. The formula of present value to determine the value of cash shortly that is show into a particular period. The formula for Present Value is a broad range of applications. It can be employed in a vast variety of financial fields such as banking finance, and investment finance in addition to other fields.

In addition to the numerous fields of finance in which Present Value analysis can use. It is also employed as a component in other financial formulas as well. The process of calculating the value of money at present by using the calculator for the present value. Using a present value calculator the asset’s present value could be calculated in less than a minute. All you have to do is simply enter the values into the space provided for the purpose and wait for the results.


The values comprising the present value formula needed to calculate present value include future value, interest rate, and period. Enter them in the input boxes and click the calculate button within a few seconds the present value. However, always be sure to input the correct value that is requires to enter.


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