Importance of Solar Light System along with Solar Lade controller


Solar lade controllers are really amazing products that work with the help of sunlight, heat, and energy. These are gaining huge popularity in today’s world because they can save a lot of electricity bills and are highly convenient. However, it contains a glass-like surface that captures the heat and transfers it to a battery. This battery then divides all the heat in the form of light and electricity. These also provide a lot of benefits apart from financiers benefit and also safe towards the environment.

The battery that holds the heat and energy further demands a special device known as the Solar Lade controller. These devices are also equally important to safeguard the health of your battery. Also, it has a personal working process that can differentiate this from other products.

Are you thinking of avail one Solar Lade controller?

However, before availing of the Solar Lade controller, you should avail information regarding the same and understand how it works and types of this, and many more. In this way, you can opt for the best Solar Lade controller for yourself, and that will suit your battery life as well.

What is a Solar Lade controller?

Solar Lade controller is also known as the charge controller is nothing but a voltage or current controller to charge the battery in a way so that it does not get overcharged. The voltage and current that are passed from the solar panels to the battery are controlled by this to further set off to the electric cell. Normally, 12V panels are provided in the capacity of 16-20V, which further protects from overcharging and damaging through the electric cell.

Normally, the electric storage device called the battery demands a 14-15V of the electric cell to get fully charged. Thus, if it receives more than this then it can, however, damage the battery. Also, the Solar Lade controllers are available in various types, sizes, and functions as well.

Types of Solar Lade controller

The Solar Lade controller can be divided into three types that include the following:

  1. PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)- One of the oldest and traditional forms of the controller and are hugely available in the market with the best industry standard.


  1. Simple 1-2 controls- These are also great and effective and work only when the battery received a certain voltage. Well, the main purpose of this controller is to control the voltage after ensuring a certain level. However, it contains some basic transistors to further control the voltage in one or two steps. Also, it does not have a lot of segments and thus can also be understood with a little break.


  1. MPPT (Maximum power points Tracking)- These are the most famous and highly demanded Controllers in today’s world. These controllers truly are the best as they know how to bring out the best voltage along with amperage for your works from the solar panel and further combine with the electric cell bank.

The final results that are provided by the MPPT can bring 10-30% more power out from your solar panel.

 How does a Solar Lade controller work?

With the help of the photocell and timer, the Solar Lade controller controls the light and energy when the sun sets off, and automatically it turns off the lights when the sun sets up. The photocell further detects the presence of the sun. The Lade controller Is further attached with the solar panel and the battery to further transmit the required amount of heat and energy.

In addition, it also contains a timer-like device that is preset for a certain period of time to further determine when to switch the light off. Also by reading the panel it determines the presence and absence of the sun.

What are the features of the Solar Lade controller?

There are several features that are provided by the Solar Lade controller:

  • Auto Charged Indication
  • Looks after the Reverse Current Flow
  • It has a charging current of 10amp to 40 amps.
  • Provides a high amount of reliability
  • Reduces the maintenance of the system and increases the battery lifetime.
  • Also, it protects the whole battery from overcharging.


Thus if you want also, you cannot think of a panel without these. However, if you want to avail of a new one then you can contact Solar Life. Here you can avail all the best products with a free installation as well.


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