Loyola attendance: What you should know about Loyola College

Loyola is a college that is well known for its strict rules and regulations. This article contains information about “Loyola attendance.” Therefore, if you want further information about Loyola attendance, you are at the right place.

Loyola Overview

Loyola is a private catholic higher education institute run by the “Society of Jesus.” It is located in Tamil Nadu, India. A French Jesuits priest, Francis Bertram, with other European Jesuits, established it in 1925. It is an autonomous Jesuits college linked with the University of Madras.

Now, it is celebrating its 78th year in 2022. It has over 8000 students studying as of 2021.

Introduction of Loyola attendance

Loyola College is a catholic co-educational college in India. It has made some rules and regulations regarding student attendance. The College maintains the standards and requirements related to the student’s attendance to:

Keep a high standard of education in College.

Urge a responsible attitude related to class attendance in students, teachers, and parents

Ensure that the students take their class on time and complete all the requirements

Urge students to be regular in the classroom.

Enable teachers to observe the student’s behavior, work, and performance in class


Absent  A student is marked as absent when they do not take their class or cannot reach the scheduled calls or activity conducted by the College

  • School Related Absence

School-related absence is when a student is marked absent in the scheduled class to participate in the activity conducted by the school. School-related absent examples are trips, movements, sports events, leadership events, preparation for any events, music programs, meeting with staff, outside educational camping, reflection days, or other such college-conducted events.

  • Non-School Related Absence

When a student is absent from class and other scheduled activities, then it will be a non-school-related absence. Such absences include sickness, medical leave, dental, other health-related appointments, family events, and personal reasons.


College Attendance

According to the rules, the class will start at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM

The first bell will ring five minutes before the start of the morning, and the second bell will ring at the hours fixed for the beginning of the class.

Students must hold the seats of their classrooms at the second bell’s hit. Loyola attendance will be marked at the beginning of the class. Latecomers can attend their class after a specific period and with the teacher’s permission. They are not selected for attendance.

Students cannot be allowed to take university final exams until

  1. A student has a minimum of 75% attendance at the end of the academic year and is regulated the same as Guru Ghasidas University.
  2. A student must get at least passing marks in the weekly model and Unit test arranged by the College.
  3. The principal is gratified by the character and behavior of the students.

Not any student is allowed to be absent without the permission of the head of the College.

When a student needs a leave, they must be submitted the absence leave to the principal.

A student can be absent for only three days with the principal’s permission by applying.

The student must get the signature of the class teacher and subject teacher on the application. The application signed by the teacher and the subject teachers must be submitted to the principal or vice principal.

Students who are members of sports, NSS, The cultural team, AICUF, and games cannot get the “Grace Attendance. However, they will not be marked as unwanted general absentee students.

No students are allowed to be absent from the class without the principal’s permission.

The principal can reject the leave if they are not satisfied with the character and behavior of the applicant.

Students who are regular absentees in the College after vacation will be fined Rs. 50/- per day.

If the students are failed to get the required marks for practicals and are absent on practicals, their final practicals can be poorly affected.

Only the students who have the required attendance at the end of the year and get the required marks are permitted to sit in the final exams.



Guiding Rules

Loyola College fulfills the following expectations:

  • Support student’s Loyola attendance by clear rules and statements of expectations
  • Make and apply a solid and efficient system to record and observe attendance
  • Maintain a precise record of student’s attendance
  • Make sure that the student attendance is recorded in every class
  • Check and observe the school attendance record regularly
  • Plan a system to support students with low attendance
  • Demand and record an explanation statement for every absence
  • Observe students for particular organized college activities
  • Cooperate with parents or guardians to give them good support as required when a student is absent from College

Expectations from parents and guardians

Parents are required to fulfill the following expectations.

  • Make sure that their child attends College when their statement is required.
  • Support their child to complete their attendance and encourage them to participate in the scheduled school days
  • Ensure that their kids are going to College daily at the time
  • Inform the College about their child’s absence as soon as possible
  • Inform the school before the absence
  • Providing required support to their children in learning during their absence
  • Cooperate with the College to make and apply the strategies when the attendance has been unbalanced fur to the reasons demanded by the College
  • Cooperate with the College to support the children to return to College and be regular after a long absence
  • Make sure that the contact details provided to the College are accurate.

Expectations from students

  • Students must fulfill all the following expectations.
  • Students must attend all the conducted curricular and co-curricular activities in the College.
  • Students must reach College on time.
  • Students must provide a written explanation from their guardians to their teachers and principal before being absent from College.
  • They must work with their teachers to plan the learning activities included in the student-learning plan.
  • They must work with the College to maintain a well-organized environment.

Classroom Attendance

  • The subject’s teachers must observe and record the Loyola attendance. Subject teachers are responsible for taking attendance in every class. Absentees and late arrivals should be appropriately checked. Subject teachers are responsible for following up on the absence as soon as possible.
  • Any pupil’s absence that cannot be accounted for must be said at once to the applicable Head of House.
  • For excellent mastering to take place, college students have to stay in type at all times. However, when departing from class is required for exact reasons (for example, song lesson, scholar welfare appointment, careers appointment, attendance to first aid), the issuing instructor will entire the Movement Log in the College Student Planner.
  • In the path of their motion around the College all through scheduled classification time, all college students ought to be able to produce the movement log to explain their cause for being out of classification if requested by a member of the College staff.
  • A pupil attending an instrumental track lesson must exist their College scholar planner to the subject teacher. The difficulty instructor has to signal and file the time the pupil leaves the lesson in the scholar planner. After the instrumental song lesson, the instrumental trainer is also required to signal and report the time the pupil leaves the lesson in the planner. On returning to the scheduled class, the pupil wills current their pupil planner to the problem teacher.
  • The trainer should no longer exit a scholar from the category for misbehavior. The College’sCollege’s Restorative Practices Policy affords different skills for resolving schoolroom incidents, which no longer consist of excluding the scholar from the classroom.
  • In the match that the instructor is unable to behavior the study room gaining knowledge of due to the behavior of a student, the difficulty instructor will ship an accountable scholar the usage of the Movement Log in the College Student Planner to Student Reception to accumulate a member of the College Leadership Team. The member of the College Leadership Team will at once go to the schoolroom and put off the student from the classroom, supervising the pupil until the count can be mentioned with the concerned teacher and the applicable Head of House.
  • As an obligation of care, college students should no longer be pushed aside by their instructors earlier than the lesson’s conclusion.


Is Loyola College strict?

Loyola College is not too strict or not too kind. You need to show your ID card to enter your hostel. It also has made strict rules and regulations for timing, such as before 10; you must be in the hostel. It also has made attendance rules to make its students regular and punctual.

Final Words

Loyola attendance has strict attendance rules and regulations that are described here. Students must complete their attendance if they want to attend the final exams. I hope this article will be helpful for you.


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