Teeco: Learn what you need to know

Teeco is a private company, which offers wholesale gas equipment and tools. Teeco is one of the largest wholesale dealers of gas and oil equipment all over the world. It has the largest number of employees, which are struggling to provide the best customer service to its clients, and this company offers quality products all over the world. This provides the best quality products to its clients at very reasonable prices. This Company was developed in 1946.


All about Teeco


This is a private limited company, which offers gas and oil tools and equipment to people all around the world. It is the biggest wholesale dealer of oil and gas equipment. It provides the best products by quality at very reasonable and affordable prices.

The company started to work in 1946 when World War II was at its end and when there was a huge demand for the goods that fueled growth in the economy of California. All types of energies had required need being filled by the industry.

Ben started to fill the economic loss and requirements of the LP-Gas dealers by selling cylinders, copper tubing, and valves. He wanted to fulfill the customer’s requirements and then he felt that the dealers would need brass fitting. He begin to create a collection of brass fitting in his garden in 1941. His fittings were really demanded by people and clients were satisfied with his work. He worked in a good manner and his sales volume was increased then he realized that he required a warehouse to do his work. Then he started a Tilden Engineering and Equipment Co., which was “Teecho.”

The early warehouse is at the 10-foot location from a 15-foot garage. When Teeco get a huge rise in people and the volume of their work increased the Teeco transferred to 420 square foot building which was located at Figueroa Street in Los Angeles and at that time, it was the year 1949.


A popular name in California

The company’s name is getting popular in California and everyone knows about Teeco and its services. The Teeco grew in a very little time and its products were in huge demand by the people at that time. At that time, Ben decided to move Teeco to the center of the state to provide better services to his clients. he moved Teeco in Fresno, California in a 40-80 foot building at Cherry Ave. Teeco remains there until 1953.

In those four years, the sales volume gets a continuous rise in Los Angeles and then Ben moved again to Teeco in Los Angeles. In 1956, the company consist of 10,000 square feet quarter in Burbank, California. The number of employees was also begun to grow rapidly as the demand for products increased. At that time, many hardworking employees joined a company and played an important role in the success of the company. Those employees were M.F. (Mike) Ball, John Parkhouse, Gene Hardester, and D.M (Marshal) Etter. Their hard work and struggle along with Ben would become the reason for the continued rise of Teeco in 1960.

The development brings it toward success

In 1950, The company changed its location many times, and every time it was moved to a larger scale with high facilities. At that time, there was a huge rise in the demand for their equipment. Such type of LP-Gas companies was growing too rapidly at that time.

Teeco grows rapidly from time to time and all of its development brings it towards success. Now, this is becoming one of the leading companies in the world, which is well known for gas and oil equipment. There were many customers of Teeco at that time including Petrolane Gas Services, Suburban Gas Van Gas, California Liquid Gas Corporation, Pargas, and Unitas. At that time, Teeco with the help of its brokers started a service program. Teeco provided its services to the far western states.

The year 1970 is full of major incidents for Teecho such as suffering from a fire incident, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tilden retiring this year, sale of the brand to another person who was Mr. Leonard Andrews in 1976.

Major events and incidents in the history of Teeco (in ’ the 70s)

Year and DateEvents and Incident
July 1972Fire Incident at the Anaheim California, warehouse
1973First oil crisis
August 1973Teeco changed location to Irvine, California
November 1974A new warehouse opened which was the Seattle branch
July 1975Achievement of Simpson- Eckel company, San Francisco, California


Retirement of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tilden and sell Teecho to Mr. Leonard Andrews.
1978Second Oil Crisis


This decade take away many problems for Tycho. The struggle of its employees, their abilities, and the support of their customers make them strong for future years and helped them to grow again.

Teeco changed its customer base in 1980. The company now provides services facilities, sells products, and supports employees to provide tools. It is working for eighteen Western United States. Teeco get a good opportunity in 1989 to grow the core business, which is available at this time. The company developed PACA, which is a large fabricator and provides services for truck repair and truck equipment in Sacramento, California.

This developed a new operating unit mentioned below:

  • Equipment supply service
  • Truck and Vehicle fabrication and repair services
  • Dispenser fabrication services
  • Engineering and construction services

All of this was started in a 46000 square foot building at that time.

In 1989, the development of PACA leads Teecho to take interest in its work and make struggled to grow this company more and more.

General information about Teeco

Teecho Website
IndustryOil and gas industry
Company VolumeConsist of 11-60 employees
Headquarter of TeecoSacramento, California
TypePrivate Limited
Founded Year1946
Field and DomainPropane Fitting, Propane tools, Dispenser Restoring, Truck repairs
Company’s Legal NameTeecho Product Inc.

Teeco Services

Teeco provided its services throughout the United States of America. This is one of the best oil and gas equipment dealers in the United States of America. This is a private limited company, which is working in the United States of America. It offers oil and gas tools and equipment to people and provided the best quality products to its clients. It is offering propane fitting, truck repairing, dispenser refurbishing, and propane equipment.

The major services, which Teeco Offers to its customers are, mentioned below:

  • Engineering, Design, and Construction Services
  • Dispenser Fabrication Services
  • Propane Fitting
  • Truck Check-ups Services
  • Truck Repair Services
  • Teeco Product, Inc.

Location of Teeco

1st Location

Address: 7471 Reese Road | Sacramento, CA 95828

Phone #: 916-688-3535 or 888-225-6621


Regional Branch Operation Manager: Mike Cooper,

E-mail Address:


2nd Location

Address: 1601 Pike Street NW | Auburn, WA 98001

Phone #: 253-735-0222 or 800-426-9456

Fax:253-735-0222 or 800-426-9456

Regional Branch Operation Manager: Randy White

E-mail Address:


3rd Location

Address: 414 E Blvd N | Rapid City, SD 57701

Phone #: 605-342-4942 or 888-843-8660

Fax: 605-342-4942 or 888-843-8660

Regional Branch Operation manager: Dean Travis

E-mail Address:


The company provides good services to its clients and it is one of the best oil and gas wholesale dealers.

Teeco Catalogue

Tesco’s Catalogue consists of more than 250 pages of products by which you can find out your desired product and it also provides the required information for the LP-Gas Professional. This catalog is used to view the product details and to get any type of information about the company or products. It is important for customers to log in to Teeco Catalog and create their accounts with Teeco. This helps them to contact their Teeco Representative for any product. A customer must make an account with the company to purchase many things from Teeco. Because they are not selling anything to the public.

Teeco Account

Teeco product is a wholesale distributor of oil and gas products but it does not sell anything directly to the public. It also does not gives any information to the public and users. If you want to buy anything from company Products then you have required to create an account with Teeco. Teeco provides you with information about products and gives you services with the help of your account with Teeco. If you want to buy something, then you can visit It helps you to find a retail dealer for you who can help you to buy something at reasonable prices. With the help of an account, Teeco products register you to order something online. An account with company is very beneficial for you.

Final words

Teeco product, Inc. is one of the best companies in the United States of America, which offers gas and oil equipment, brass fitting, dispenser fabrication, construction, engineering services, and truck repair. Teeco products do not give its services to the general public so, if you want to purchase any product from company Products then you have to require an account with company. You can create your account with company products by visiting their official website mentioned above in the article.


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