The Top 8 Foods That Dogs Should Never Eat

Sometimes it is pretty hard to say no to your dog when they want a tasty treat. However, there are some things you really need to learn to say no to. There are some things that your dogs simply cannot eat. While there are few foods out there that we cannot eat, dogs are not made for diets that we often indulge in, and if they do, they can get really sick, get long-term issues, or even die from these foods. 

So, watching what goes in your dog’s mouth is a must, and you need to be observant of what they can reach in your kitchen because one mistake could lead to some very costly veterinary bills. 

So, what do you need to look out for?


What Foods Should Your Dog Never Eat?


Aside from food, there are many things you should be on the lookout for in your dog, and if you do not know what to look out for it is wise to consult your vet and learn of warning signs online as well. 

There are plenty of websites that can educate you about what should be going in your dog, and what should be coming out, as well as things such as what to do when your dog ripped nail offHere are 8 things you should be particularly vigilant of going in your dog’s mouth.


#1. Nuts


Nuts might look good to us, and might look appetizing to Fido, but your dog should stay away. Any nuts, especially ones which are chocolate coated can be very dangerous to your dogs’ health. 

Macadamia nuts are the worst of all. Your dog could get weak, have swollen limbs, tremors, and get permanent damage to their muscles, nervous system, and digestive system! 


#2. Raisins/ Grapes


Grapes and raisins are great for us, but for your dog, they are not. If your dog managed to snag a few you might not notice. Not until you find that they have caused excessive damage to your pup’s kidneys or liver. 


#3. Fruits With Pits


Some fruit might seem okay for your dog to eat, and most of the time they are, bananas are great, and apple slices minus the seeds are fine. 

However, peaches, plums, and other pitted fruits are a no-go zone. 

They are a choking hazard, to begin with, however, if they chew on the seed, these pits also contain a form of cyanide which can easily be fatal when metabolized. 


#4. Onions/ Garlic


We love onions and garlic in our dinners, they add so much flavor, go great in fried foods, to flavor a dish, in salads, and so on. 

However, even if they are sautéed, or cooked up with something else, eating these can cause serious and permanent damage to their red blood cells. 


#5. Yeast/ Dough


Homemade bread is one of the best things in life. If you’ve made a loaf and have left it to rise, your dog will be sniffing around to find out what smells so good. 

However, if Fido eats the dough or yeast, it will rise in their stomach. 

A small bit might only cause excessive gas and a bit of a belly ache, but too much can rupture their stomach or their intestines! 


#6. Candies


Candy, including chocolate, is something that we love, so we know Fido would love it too. 

However, many sweeties get their sweetness from xylitol which is a sugar alcohol. This is deadly to dogs. They can get seizures, liver failure, low blood sugar, or even die. 

Chocolate is just as bad. 

So, keep your candy to yourself! 


#7. Coffee


Coffee and caffeinated drinks are not good for dogs thanks to the methylxanthines which are in cacao seeds. 

This can cause some severe issues in dogs ranging from excessive diarrhea, seizures, arrhythmia/ abnormal heart rhythms, or death. 

So, when you make yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, don’t make one for Fido too, be selfish. 


#8. Alcohol

It might seem like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs, but alcohol and dogs do not mix. Alcohol can have such an extreme effect on you, and your dog weighs nowhere near as much as you. 

This doesn’t mean they’re lightweight but think about it logically. It can damage your dog’s brain and your dog’s liver. We often love our pets more than we love ourselves, stay true to that, and don’t let Fido have any of your pints. There are certainly a lot of questions about what dogs can eat and what they cannot like “Can my dog eat vanilla ice cream?”  As a dog parent, being extra vigilant about what your dog eats is important.



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