10 Surprising Foods You Should Never Put In Your Freezer

Freezing can be a great way of making certain foods last longer. By preserving certain ingredients or leftovers at cold temperatures, they are less likely to go bad within a short period of time. Unfortunately, you cannot freeze everything. Certain foods that are softer or that have a higher water content are less likely to keep their structure. Not only that but the flavor of Surprising Foods can be compromised after freezing. 


These are ten Surprising Foods that you should never store in your freezer that you may not know about. 



Surprising Foods

Firstly, it can be tempting to preserve eggs in the freezer to make them last longer, but they will be unusable if they are frozen in their shells. If you do want to freeze eggs, it is worth cracking them into a sealable bag. 

It is also recommended that you do not freeze boiled eggs, regardless of whether they are in the shell or not. They can become watery and very tough. 


Fried Foods


Another food that can completely change when it is put in the freezer is fried food. They get very mushy, and will not be crispy at all when reheated. This is because they become water-logged in the freezer, which impacts the texture and overall taste of any fried food. French fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken wings should not be put into the freezer. 




Because of the complex interaction that the fat compounds have in dairy products, they are not ideal for freezing. Milk will separate when it is defrosted into curdled chunks and water, which makes it unsuitable for anything. The same thing happens with sour cream, cottage cheese, milk-based sauces, hard and soft cheeses, and dressings. They will separate once they are taken out of the freezer, which makes them less tasty. 

Yogurt has also been known to lose its creamy texture, so it’s probably best to leave frozen yogurt making to the pros. 


Cooked Pasta


While you can safely freeze uncooked fresh pasta with few implications on the internal structure, it is recommended that cooked pasta is not put into the freezer. This is because it will stick together more, and eventually become a mushy chunk that is almost impossible to eat. 


Fresh Fruit

fresh fruits

Another food that may be tempting to store in the freezer is fresh fruit. Because of the high water content, certain fruits will become mushy in texture, which will make them difficult to eat. Watermelon will basically be inedible if you put it into the freezer, so it is worth sticking to the refrigerator with soft fruits and vegetables. 




Similarly, lettuce and other greens used in salads should not be kept in the freezer. These also have a high water content, which will impact the texture of the greens once they are defrosted. The fibers separate, and that leads to the greens becoming mushy and falling apart. 




Unless they are chopped and covered in oil before freezing in ice cube trays, the majority of fresh green herbs will fall apart when they are frozen. Consider storing herbs in a cup of water in the refrigerator, or finely chopping them and leaving them to dry out. This can make your herbs last longer without needing to freeze them. 


Canned Food


Because of the high water content, canned food can actually explode when it is put inside the freezer. It is shelf stable anyway, so there is no need to store it in the freezer. The water inside will expand and eventually make the food spill into the freezer drawer. 


Defrosted Meat


Once any meat has been defrosted, it must not be put back in the freezer. This is because it will encourage bacteria growth, which can spread to other Surprising Foods. For more detail about what you can and cannot do to keep meat safe, check out this guide about cooking a frozen roast in the oven


Carbonated Drinks


Similar to canned food, carbonated drinks can explode in the freezer. It is tempting to store some in the freezer for a refreshing drink, but the pressurized aluminum can easily explode. Because of this, you should try to keep your carbonated drinks stored in the refrigerator. 




There are many Surprising Foods that are not appropriate for storing in the freezer one of them Hotaru Ika Okizuke. This is mainly because their internal structure is more likely to be impacted. In turn, this can lead to the foods falling apart and becoming less appetizing on the whole. 



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