What Is a Bitcoin Credit Card and How To Get One

There are several types of Bitcoin credit cards available, but they all function in similar ways. A cryptocurrency credit card lets you make payments online or at brick-and-mortar businesses using digital currency instead of fiat money such as the US dollar or euro. These cards work similarly to prepaid debit cards but with cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currencies. They may be an option if you’re looking to use your Bitcoin symbols or other cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions without having to convert them back into traditional currency first.

What is a Bitcoin Credit Card?


A Bitcoin credit card is a cryptocurrency-debit card that allows you to convert your digital currency into fiat currency. You can spend it anywhere traditional cards are accepted. According to the experts at SoFi, if you get one of these cards, you’ll no longer have to worry about converting bitcoin symbols into USD or Euros. Before purchase—you can use it anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted.



The cards are available in all 50 states, have no annual fee, and allow you to earn rewards. The card comes with a zero percent introductory APR on purchases for six months. After that, there’s a 17.24 percent purchase APR.

Application Process


A business must apply for a license through its state of residence to start. Because every state has different regulations, it is best to begin by looking at your specific requirements on your state’s website. Once you have all of the documents, you can apply in person and pay any required fees or submit an application online. While some websites will act as third-party applications. It is best to go directly through your state office to ensure everything gets sent off properly and processed without issue.

Reward Program


The best part about Bitcoin credit cards is that you can redeem them for cash back or rewards. Each credit card has its reward program; your points, as a result, can be redeemed for more than just gift cards. Most Bitcoin credit cards offer 1% cashback on all purchases and 5% cashback on purchases made at restaurants or gas stations.



Since Bitcoin credit cards are brand new technology, there are still a lot of kinks to work out. According to Experian, half of all online credit card transactions were fraudulent in 2016 and 2017; these numbers are even higher for international purchases and smaller merchants. To reduce your risk as a Bitcoin symbols cardholder, make sure you only spend money. You can afford to lose and watch your statements closely for odd charges. If you think you’ve been targeted by fraudsters, contact your bank immediately.



Like regular credit cards, bitcoin symbols credit cards come with fees. The main fee is the interest; like cash advances, crypto-credit card payments are often subject to higher interest rates (between 12% and 16%) than purchases or other types of payments. Some Bitcoin credit cards have a flat fee in addition to interest. For example, they may charge $20 every time you purchase with them. Or an annual fee that you’re required to pay whether or not you use them.


Cryptocurrency is a unique and exciting way to exchange money online. Not only does it allow for completely anonymous transactions, but it also offers lower transaction fees than most traditional payment methods.


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