Peep into Tyres of Your Car and Know Every Part in Details

The is the only part of a vehicle that establishes contact
between the vehicle and the road. This indicates that the tyres are
crucial parts and their quality must not be compromised. The tyres
handle various tasks including handling, braking, acceleration and
many other activities. This is why the manufacturing sector makes a
considerable amount of research before designing and manufacturing
a tyre.

Apart from this, the tyres select to fit in a new car are not chosen
based on just size and brand alone. Every vehicle has a specific
requirement, and the tyres must be chosen to satisfy this requirement.
This ensures enhanced safety and efficient performance of your car.
Although people are aware of the significance of the Car Tyres in a
vehicle, they are still unaware of the various parts in a tyre. You must
know that having proper knowledge about your tyre parts is essential
for better driving.

Tyre Parts;

This is because knowledge about your tyre parts might save your
pocket or let you make a wise decision in many such required
situations. For instance, you are going to purchase new tyres for your
car. You get a display of various types. You explain
the manufacture date, the tread pattern, construction of sidewall
and tread life for different tyres by the salesman.

Knowledge of tyres;

   You have very less knowledge about just pick the one form a reputed
manufacturer. Sometimes, you find the tyres not satisfying your car’s
needs and realise wasting money on purchasing such tyres. Thus, you
need to have a proper idea about its construction to act wisely
in such situations and save yourself from unwanted expenses.


Abrasion resistance and grip contributing to tread and traction are
offered by the pattern and the rubber compound of the tread.

  Bead Filler
This is a rubber compound, which is located above the bundle of the
bead. The uses the body plies wrapping around the bead for tuning
up handling and riding features.

The tyres are secure to the wheel by the bundles of the tyre bead.

   Body Ply
One or more than one body plies are available in many tyres. Each ply
is the manufacture of nylon, polyester and rayon cords in a layer of rubber.
These plies play the role of tyre structure and offer strength for
containing the inflation pressure.

Typically, two belts are placed at opposite angles with the help of steel
cords. The belts offer stability to the tread portion in a tyre.

This is a compound of rubber compound. This covers the body plies
on the tyre side. This offers resistance to weathering, scuff and

  Inner liner
This is a rubber compound with the help of which the inflation
the pressure is retained in a tyre.

Tyre composition

   Steel wire is utilized in the tire beads and belts uses the steel wire to
make the tyre casing stiff and enhance the car tyres handling
capacity and wearing performance. In trucks, they are fit
under the plies.

   Synthetic polymers
Styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber are the two significant
rubber polymers synthetic used in the tyres’ manufacturing. These are
used combined with natural rubber. The chemical and physical
characteristics determine every tyre part’s performance along with
the overall performance tyres.

   Natural rubber
The natural rubber offers particular performance features to the tyres.
For crack and tear resistance, it is perfect.

Different fabric cords kinds reinforcing the tire are the textiles used in
a tyre. The weight of the vehicle is to support these cords and
dimensional stability in the vehicle is improved. Aramid, rayon,
polyester and nylon cord fabric are these textiles. The tyre plies are
made using this in passenger tyres.


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