What is Cricut mystery box?

It is a discounted collection of Cricut material, tools, digital images, and fonts. It is an incredible deal that makes people crazy about it. It makes people crazy about which things are inside the box? on which things are discounted? It also contains cuties. Many people do not know about the Cricut mystery box. In this article, I am gathering all the information about it. This is helpful for you if you have any questions about the Cricut mystery box, so this information is useful for you.


What is a Cricut mystery box?


A Cricut mystery box is a collection of items of Cricut-Brand which are available at discounted prices. According to the MSRP, the retail price is 130$-190$ for the full box of items. Every box is enclosed with many things in it and the things are tied together with a theme in-Cricut mystery box. Such as the most recent mystery box is “All That Glitters” which is filled with glittery items. It has glitter vinyl, paper, and glitter pens. The items can be changed if they run it will replace them with the same and another item of equal and greater value. It is the best thing which provides you with good deals and endless fun together. You are thinking about the things inside the box.


Which things does a Cricut mystery box have inside it?


Many people craze has a craze about the things inside the box and they also have suspense. Each box has many things inside and it is changed for every box but commonly you can find the things mentioned below.

  • It has vinyl inside it.
  • It has a transfer tape.
  • It has different types of paper.
  • It contains special cutting tools.
  • It contains a different kinds of pens and markers.
  • It contains different types of useful tools.
  • It has a fabric sampler.
  • It also contains many digital image sets.
  • It contains fonts and styles.
  • It has a Cricut cutie.

It is not sure that every mystery box has the same things and the things mentioned above but mostly contains the things mentioned above. However, you can find out the things inside the box by watching an “Unboxing Video” and you can also find out the things inside the box by visiting the page.


Do Cricut cuties always come in a Cricut mystery box?


A Cricut cutie is a small collectible figure which is made up of plastic. It is the special thing in the Cricut mystery box which people want to buy but you cannot purchase, you can only get it by the purchase of something and it is given to you in the mystery box and it is also given to someone who likes it most. All mystery boxes do not contain the Cricut cutie but some mystery box contains it inside. It is the best thing people want to have inside a box but not every box contained a Cricut cutie inside it.


Can anyone buy a Cricut mystery box?


It is a special type of box which contains discounted things inside it. Everyone wants to get it but not everybody can buy it due to licensing issues and shipping issues. Only U.S and Canadian people can purchase an official Cricut mystery box. Boxes are not offers to the people of every country. People want to buy it but are extremely sorry, everyone cannot purchase it. Some Cricut sales are specific to Cricut access subscribers. Some Cricut mystery box offered to those who are Cricut access subscribers. With a Cricut access subscription, you can save 10% on every purchase of a mystery box. If you do not have Cricut access then you can also get benefits by a free trial that comes with every mystery box.


How do I get a Cricut mystery box?


You can get a Cricut mystery box by placing an order for an official mystery box in the Cricut shop. You can place an order for a mystery box when it is available. Buying a mystery box can be hard because sometimes people do not know about its release and sometimes it sells out very rapidly. Such as the February 2020 mystery box sold out in almost three hours. For getting information about the release date of the mystery box you can visit the official page Cricut mystery box.


When does the Cricut mystery box get announced?


It is a big question that comes to the mind of many people. There is one mystery box released every month but sometimes there is more than one mystery box that comes in a month. Mostly Cricut mystery boxes get released in the middle of the week. It is released in the middle of the day commonly at 12:00 pm.

Many bloggers and official pages provide you with information about the release of the Cricut mystery box and they also unbox it by which you can find out the things inside it. If you follow such pages and blogs, you will get a notification about the release of a mystery box. Once the mystery box is released you will get a notification from the pages which you have followed and you can easily know about the release of a mystery box.


At which prices do Cricut mystery boxes come?


The Cricut boxes have come in 39.99$-74.99$ before the discount. The discount which works for the mystery box is the “Cricut Access Discount”. You can get this discount by signing in. a mystery box contains discounted things which are admired by eth people and everyone wants to get but not everyone can purchase them. It is only available in U.S and Canada.


Is the Cricut mystery box worth the money?


Each Cricut box has different and unique things as compared to the previous. If you tried it for the first time, you will get unique things that are useful and incredible. Many experienced Cricut owners said that they loved it because they always experienced new and unique things after purchasing it which are incredibly useful. It is totally up to you whether the mystery box is worth the money or not. Many people think that it is worthy and many people think that it is not because they use the same content.


How long it will take to get a mystery box if I ordered it?


It is totally dependent on our location and it depends on how far we are from the warehouse and how much time it takes to reach us. Sometimes it arrives very rapidly and sometimes it takes a long time for reaching to you. At least one week is require for its shipping. So, if it gets some time to reach you don’t worry and wait for some time otherwise you can take help from their customer service center.


Can you return a Cricut mystery box after buying it?


As we know it’s all about the suspense and people want to know which things are inside it. If you buy it and you opened it then you cannot return this box. If you are not open it and you want to return it for some reason you cannot return it even in this situation also.


What is a Cricut digital mystery box?


It is a digital type of Cricut mystery box and no physical products are shipped to you in such type of Cricut mystery box.

  • It contains digital cut flies inside it.
  • It has print and cut image sets in it.
  • It contains licensed images and pictures.
  • It has different types of fonts.

A digital mystery box is more beneficial than a simple one. Every deal and discount for a digital mystery box is the same as a simple box and it is also the same in price as a simple mystery box. But the difference is this “Cricut Access Premium Subscriber” can get 50 % off on the mystery box.


How do you access your Cricut digital mystery box?


You can get access to your mystery box inside the Cricut design space. Once you buy a mystery box, you will get a notification through your email. When you get a notification, watch it properly and relaunch the Cricut design space. You have two options on your screen. Click on yes and reopen it. After reopening it go to the images and choose the image set under many categories. Then you must select the “purchase” option and scroll to get your purchased image set. If you have many image sets then you can find out one by searching it on the search bar by its name.


How can you find help when the box link is not working or the website is not loading?


When a mystery box is released many people visit their website to purchase it due to which website does not work properly.  The best thing you can do in this situation is to keep trying the link or try to visit the “Cricut Sales Page” by which you can get a large list of mystery boxes. You can add it to the cart from that page which is easy for you.


Which is the current Cricut mystery box?


Easter Egg Mystery Box is the recent and current mystery box that was released in March 2022. It is available for 59.99$ and it has more discounts for Cricut access subscribers. All sales are final and nobody can return them after purchasing but content can be changed. The quantities of this mystery box are limited so don’t wait and order it rapidly.

The Easter Egg Cricut Mystery Box contains the things mentioned below.

  • It has a Cricut cutie (Lilac).
  • It has permanent vinyl, light yellow shaded.
  • It contains permanent vinyl in mint.
  • It has everyday Iron-On and lilac.
  • It has a day Iron-On sampler, sugarberry.
  • It has a scoring stylus, lilac.
  • It has a fabric grip machine mat.
  • It has a milky gel pen set that contains blue, orange, mint, pink and yellow colors and it has medium point.
  • It has infusible ink in a rose pink color.
  • It has infusible ink within the party pink color.

This box is incredibly unique and it has many good or useful things inside it. People want to get it and it offers unique things to the people who have craze about this mystery box.


Where to buy a mystery box?


These incredible boxes can purchase on Cricut and they are sold out rapidly. There is a less quantity of mystery boxes available to be purchased. You can purchase it from different retailers like Michaels Stores and Amazon. The mystery boxes are available at discount and these are not too expensive. All the deals are final and you cannot return it back after purchasing them. You cannot find out what is inside your container till you open it. The Cricut Disney mystery box is one of the well-known mystery boxes which are widely purchased by people.


Which is the most popular Cricut mystery box?


Cricut Disney Mystery box is one of the most popular and well-known mystery boxes which is widely purchased by people and people enjoy the things inside it. People like to buy a Disney Cricut mystery box and admired its services. If you want to purchase a unique mystery box this one is the best option. You can get it and it is available in less quantity so don’t waste your time and get it rapidly.


What does mystery box mean?


A mystery box is a surprise box that collects many discounted things in a specific theme or brand. Every mystery box contains different things compared to each other and people are wonderfully excited about the things inside a mystery box. It contains many useful things inside which are incredible and people are admiring the things in a mystery box. Cricut box is an incredible deal and everyone cannot purchase it because this service is only available in U.S and Canada. It is not available for all countries and you can only get it if you are a citizen of the U.S or Canada.


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