Learn about the Benefits of Mobile Learning

Learn about the Benefits of Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning has become common in the past couple of years. With Mobiles, you have access to a variety of content that is readily available online. Mobile learning is also called mLearning.

Mobile learning is beneficial both for students and the workforce. It is an easy way to get new information and training along with help whenever need.

You cannot have a successful workforce unless you have a successful training course. With mobile learning, you can help your team reach their fullest potential as the learning course is just a click away.

Today’s new generation of learners (Students and Employees) rely on technology more than ever. Their world revolves around smartphones, traditional textbooks, and chalkboard training and learning is no longer a thing for them. The use of smartphones offers new learning opportunities and the development of skills that are vital for today’s learners.

There are many learning management systems (LMS) in the market that support mobile learning. All the LMSs have different features and come with pricing. It is recommended to check the right features that best suit your needs and requirements and opt for an LMS that supports Mobile learning. Always go for a free trial version that will help you in understanding the platform and once you are sure you can invest in that platform. For example, check Docebo pricing model as they offer a free trial subscription, and remember you can never go wrong with an LMS that offers both desktop and mobile learning.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of Mobile learning:


1) Anywhere & Anytime Access


Everyone’s Smartphone is carrying everywhere so the information available on the phone is accessible from anywhere in the world. And at any time using the internet. Pairing mobile learning applications with LMS allows learners to access their training material from anywhere. Since everyone attaches to their mobile phones. The trainers can take the advantage of this reality and can deliver the learning material to the device that is handy all the time.

The trainees don’t have to sit on a laptop or a desktop to get the information they need, they can log in on their phones to enhance their knowledge. Thus, the trainees can access the tools that expand their learning without interruption as learning is available at their fingertips.


2) Cost-Efficient


One of the biggest benefits of mobile learning is that it is efficient both in terms of cost as well as time. You can use the messaging application to let your team know about the new training. Or you can even let your team know that a course is needed. Don’t interrupt your employee’s routine jobs to inform them that they need to take the course; so, that productivity will not get hampered.

You can save on getting people into one room for the training along with travel and accommodation costs. As everything is available online there is no need for traditional printed material for training and learning, this will also help in saving a lot of money. The employees can complete their training from anywhere and at their pace without interrupting their work and productivity.


3) Maximize Retention


The training is valuable only if the employees remember what have learned and can apply the same learning to the job. It is human to forget what people learn in the training that was provided months ago. But, when there is a mobile training application it becomes easier to make training a habit. The trainers can send push notifications to the trainees to remind them to give a quick run-through of the learning material. This helps in maximizing retention of whatever they have learned as they can revisit and watch the training courses as often as they like. Retention of knowledge is a vital aspect of growth in any organization.


4) Faster Learning with Higher Engagement


Mobile learning makes virtual instructor-led training faster and more effective. With mLearning, the learner can watch as much or as little as they want of the learning course that has been provided. When the information is provided in an interactive way it helps faster learning. As mobile learning is convenient it helps in increasing engagement as the learners can take the training anywhere and at any time.

With mobile learning, the training and development of employees become simple and engaging. More and more companies are adopting mobile and remote learning. When integrated correctly, smartphones and mobile learning applications can enhance the learning experience in more than one way.




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