What is the DHCP server?


Dynamic Host Configuration Provider is a client-server protocol that provides Internet Protocol automatically, default gateways, and other related configuration information such as subnet mask. DHCP as an internet engineering task force defines FFCs 2131 and 2132. From a DHCP server, DHCP allows the host to require TCP/IP configuration.

To properly communicate on the network a DHCP server automatically requires the network parameters. In DHCP each client is assigned a unique dynamic IP address.

Development of DHCP server?

In October 1993 in RFC 1531, the DHCP dynamic Host Configuration Provider was first defined as standard track protocol. As to bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP), to obtain an IP address from a configuration network, a network protocol is used by a network client. Many workers said that when it was gained popularity in 1997 REF 2131 was released. DHCPv6 introduced the RFC 3315.

The DHCPv6 is a slightly different protocol. DHCPv6 is not just a DHCPv4 but also for IPv6 addresses. Every device will have one exact address. . DHCPv6 devices for multiples addresses RFC 3633 and for prefix delegation mechanism. If further extend and provide configuration information to client configured.

Original Author:  Ted Lemon

Type:   DHCP server

Initial releases:   1999

Stable release:   4.4.2-P1, 26 May 2021

License:   ISC License, MPL2.0

Operating system:   BSD, Linux, Solaris.

ISC’s DHCP Implementations:

It was released in June 1998 but with version 2.0 and 3.0 followed a year later in 2001 and not replaced until in 2007 with 4.0. I this smaller footprint than the more recent versions it’s still supporting 4.1.x. Where a small codebase is important its use. But many clients advised using the type of 4.4 versions. The project switched from ISC license to MPL2.0. In 2019 ISC released kea Migration utility. And Francis DuPont has written the version of ISC DHCP.

When to use the DHCP server?

There are still many companies that still use DHCP servers for IPv4. This is done by a network administrator. But does not have access to the DHCP server. When it starts up on any network the DHCP server maintains an IP address. when it starts up on any network. Because rather than static IP address id dynamic. It stores the configuration information.

  • For all the clients on the network, it has valid TCP/IP
  • Maintain a pool of assignments to the client, as well as excluded addresses, valid IP addresses
  • Associated with particular DHCP client reserved IP address. This allows assignments for a single IP address to a single DHCP silent
  • The length of the time and lease duration will be required IP address lease renewal.

How to use a router/server as your DHCP Server:

How to use a router/server as your DHCP Server:

  • From an upstream DHCP server, a DHCP client obtains and interfaces IPv4.
  • From a DHCP server forward UDP DHCP messages from the client on a LAN
  • Their router/switch services request directly. There are limitations to using a router/switches On a DHCP server. The DHCP control through software.
  • Dynamics DNS does not support. IT cannot create an entry into DNS.
  • No ability to see the current DHCP building and manage the scope. Get information about DHCP building administrator must log in first.
  • The DHCP server runs a router not integrated with IP address management.

Benefits of a dedicated DHCP Server:

Trying to use DHCP on your router/switch use a centralized HCP server. It is true for network environments that require support for both DHCP and IPv4. DHCP server supports both protocols. You can also see the management interface for IPv4 and IPv6.

  • IP address configuration reliable: 

DHCP Minimize configuration errors. Such as tropical level. To more than one computer at a time an address conflict caused by the assignments.

  • Reduced network administration: 

The DHCP server to reduce network administration includes the following features:

  • Automated and centralized TCP/IP configuration.
  • From a central location, it can define TCP/IP.
  • Through the DHCP option, it’s the ability to assign a full range of additional TCP/IP configurations.
  • The efficient changing of the client IP address must be updated, such as for portable devices that move from a different location.
  • The initial DHCP message forwarding by using really agent, on every subnet, eliminates the need for DHCP.

What is a DHCP IP address?

To dynamically assign an IP address within a network to a standard mechanism. It stands with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and internet protocol.

What was DHCP before?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol was the new version of BOOTP. It is an important part of the DDI solution. The older version of DHCP was BOOTP. BOOTP gets an address of the host along with bootstrap info used to configure the host. BOOTP is requiring the user to configure hosts mechanically. It allows new hosts devices to be added to handle IP addresses. While the DHCP server requires a particular IP address. The IP address assigned to computers or devices, it’s the numeric identification or logical address.

The IP address is the term dotted quad notation, it’s the series of four numbers separated by periods. The public IP addresses can be the same that the Ip address that shows the location of your computer, each number can be from 1 to 254.

How to fix the DHCP server not responding?

How to fix the DHCP server not responding?

Configuration on the system and the device that allows a DHCP server to assign configuration on the computer. These two things can cause DHCPO errors. It can occur to join the network when the DHCP system router cannot adjust automatically the IP address.

How to fix DHCP error:

I will tell you some steps to fix the DHCP error. To resolve the errors, follow these steps.

  • Run the Network Troubleshooter:
  • DHCP adapter setting check:
  • Check the setting of the DHCP router
  • Contact with IT support

Final Thoughts:      

In this article, I have discussed what is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Benefits of DHCP and Uses of this server. If any error occurs in the DHCP server how to fix it, I have discussed some points above. If I miss something, let me know in the comment section.



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