Why To Use Collagen For Joints And Stiffness

You will find collagen everywhere at present. Apart from the medical and sports store, you will also find it in your nearby grocery store. You can get it both in powder and pill form. Also find collagen creams for flawless beauty. You can blend collagen into your smoothies or sprinkle it into your favorite cup of coffee. This amazing nutrient has the potential to strengthen everything from your nails and hair to your achy joints. Collagen is considered a miracle supplement. With every passing day, collagen is gaining more popularity, and that is obviously for a good reason. Actually, it is a key protein that your body requires. Collagen can help your joints to move more smoothly and that too with less pain. In case you are thinking about giving collagen a try, you should know about the reasons why it is being used for joints and stiffness.


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Why Use Collagen For Joints And Stiffness 


Here we will answer your question and check out the benefits of collagen on your joints and bones.


Collagen Is Crucial For Healthy Cartilage


You may not know it; collagen plays a huge role in the ability of your joints to move. Some particular type of collagen is present in your skin, organs, and bones. When it comes to the cartilage between your joints, a specific variety of collagen can be found.

In your articular cartilage, type II collagen is present or the tissue, which stretches over both ends of your bones, and sits in your joint’s middle. It is that particular cartilage that keeps your joints sliding, moving, and blending smoothly.

Collagen helps cartilage and eventually your joints to stay flexible along with absorbing shocks and stay well-supported generally. But with growing age, articular cartilage gets depleted.

The years of rubbing against each other, the cartilage results in tear and wear, breaking down, and it leads to joint pains and aches. Another factor plays a role here, and that is with aging, our body reduces the production of collagen.

Your body naturally loses collagen and hangs onto increasingly less over a considerate amount of time. In addition to that, when collagen becomes depleted at the end, it is your joints that suffer.


The lower level of collagen can really result in loose tendons and cartilage that can make injuries more severe. 


Replacing Lost Collagen Calm Joints Stiffness


If your body can not get the right amount of collagen, your cartilage can become compromised. It causes some joint centric conditions, such as osteoarthritis, or at least increases the risk.

Research shows that the aging-related loss of collagen could lead to a much higher risk of degenerative joint disorders. However, if you add collagen back into your body through your diet or at least with the help of collagen supplements, you can counteract the risk.

In case you are already experiencing any joint pain, that also might be soothed by taking collagen supplements specifically designed for joint pain and stiffness. Research also shows that if you increase the consumption of collagen, you will be able to improve the condition of osteoarthritis symptoms.

Reducing joint pain is another benefit of this. A number of studies witnessed a significant reduction in joint pain with the consumption of collagen.

A study was conducted among athletes. In that study, the athletes took 10 grams of collage every day for six months. As a result, they experience a significant decrease in joint pain both when they are walking and also resting.

Another study has found that adults who were taking just 2 grams of collagen every day for more than 2 months also experienced a similarly major improvement in their joint pain. They were able to be more active physically than they were before using collagen.

Research states that when you are leveling up your collagen intake, the extra protein that your body is getting accumulates in the cartilage between your joints.

It might also stimulate your body to produce more collagen. As a result, you are experiencing less inflammation. Less pain and much better mobility.


Final Thoughts


Collagen is an important part of your body. It is present the main component for forming the cartilage that protects the joint bone from friction with each other.

With age, when our body reduces the production of collagen, and also because of several years of friction, the cartilage starts to tear and wear. It results in joint pain and other conditions.

Collagen intake makes the cartilage healthy, and this leads to improved joint conditions.


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