Bidet Converter Kit
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Hygiene is everyone’s number one priority. One of the most prominent aspects of hygiene is when we use the bathroom for our daily natural calls. With everyday usage comes everyday problems. Whether it is getting rashes and irritation due to using toilet paper multiple times a day or sitting on the freezing toilet seat in the winters, the traditional toilet system has its issues. Well, to eradicate all these issues from your life, install a¬†bidet converter kit¬†in your bathrooms. It comes with many features that aim to make your life much easier and more convenient.

What is a Bidet Converter Kit?

A¬†bidet converter kit¬†is a toilet set add-on primarily used to wash one’s genitals via a gentle water spray. It gives a fresher and cleaner feeling as compared to using toilet paper. Furthermore, it is also the more hygienic option as it thoroughly and adequately washes the genitals. Whereas even after wiping with the toilet paper several times, it leaves a residue, thus causing irritation and rashes in the sensitive areas.

It is highly convenient for moms with younger children and people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or having had rectal surgery. It provides the ease and comfort required for hard times.

Benefits to installing Kit

There are many benefits of installing a bidet converter kit in your bathroom.

  1. Eco-friendly: A bidet is environmentally friendly because it uses water instead of toilet paper for cleaning purposes. A toilet paper is made of 1.5 pounds of wood. The entire population consumes millions of toilet paper rolls every day, which requires deforestation to produce such an amount. Hence, to save the world from the drastic effects of global warming, opt for the eco-friendly choice.
  2. Say bye-bye to clogged toilets: Often, when you are trying to flush the toilet after you have used the toilet paper, it gets blocked. It is so frustrating, especially when someone is waiting to go to the bathroom after you and is stuck trying to unclog it. This problem is eradicated when you use a bidet instead.
  3. Lighter on the pocket: Purchasing a bidet converter kit is a one-time expenditure, whereas you will have to buy toilet paper for the rest of your life. Therefore it is a cost-efficient option.
  4. Saves you in hard times: One of the biggest crises in the corona time period was getting a hold of toilet papers. It can be challenging to get such essential items during a natural crisis such as hurricanes and thunderstorms. At the same time, the purpose of a bidet is to remove all such problems.
  5. It is comfortable: The genital and anal area is a sensitive area. In comparison, toilet paper has a rough texture which can often cause anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Continuously trying to reach the unreachable area can also cause back and posterior pain.

Difference between a Bidet and Converter Kit

The purpose of both the items is the same, but a Bidet is often more expensive and requires a bigger area to install. Therefore to install a bidet, a spacious bathroom is required, but the majority of the houses have small congested washrooms, which makes it difficult and costly to purchase and install one.

On the other hand, a bidet converter kit is cheaper than a bidet and can be installed on a traditional toilet seat. It does not require any extra space or additional items for installation. The installation method is also straightforward.

Types of Bidet Kits

There are three different types:

  1. Bidet Attachment: This type of bidet is attached to the current existing toilet seat, and nothing is replaced or removed.
  2. Non-Electric Bidet Seat: To install this type of bidet, you need to remove the toilet seat of the traditional toilet and install this one. This bidet contains the essential bidet functions.
  3. Electric Bidet Seat: This type of bidet contains extra functionalities such as seat warmers and water temperature control properties as well, along with the basic features.

Non-electric Bidet Converter Kits

There are many companies and models that manufacture non-electric bidets. Some of these are mentioned below.

  1. American Standard 5900A05G.020: It is designed for elongated toilets. It is very convenient for the elderly and people with back problems who have a problem with lowering themselves, as its height is taller than regular seats. The lift-off feature provides a quick and swift self-cleaning option.
  2. KOHLER k05724-96: This bidet does not require electricity or an electric outlet to function. The sprayers attached to the bidet have different adjustable pressure options and a self-cleaning wand. It also does automatic cleaning after every use.
  3. Brondell Swash Eco seat: This converter kit has a dual nozzle system that is designed for front and backwashing. It also has a warm temperature spray; hence it makes it ideal for menstrual cleansing.

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