5 study abroad myths you should ignore

5 study abroad myths you should ignore

“What if it’s too expensive?”

“What if the university is not as good as they say?”

“Will you be able to manage your expenses well in a country you’ve never been to?”

Everyone who has decided to move to study abroad is no doubt excited and can’t wait for their new experience to start, but there are a lot of questions in their mind like this and the list goes on and on. There are many myths like this that you encounter on a day-to-day basis. Nobody knows what life in a faraway land will look like. The uncertainties are enormous but larger than those are your dreams. No one can assure you of the life you wish to have abroad. Still, if you’re moving from India to the UK, you can always have the assistance and guidance of a company like Remigos, who promises to be with you at every step and provide you with all the help you need while moving to a foreign country.

There are a lot of myths deeply rooted in people’s heads when it comes to studying abroad, and we intend to break those myths. Here are the 5 study abroad myths you should ignore:

  • Studying overseas is expensive:

Studying abroad is expensive, but not as much as you think it is. The costs depend on the university you choose and the country you will stay in. However, a lot of universities provide financial aid in terms of scholarships and funding packages to attract students to their universities. If you’re moving to the UK from India to study, easy money transfer from India to the UK can be regulated smoothly by Remigos. They transfer money to the recipient’s account in just about 6 hours. Not only that, but they also assist in various services like opening a UK bank account and insurance.


  • Staying in a different country is unsafe:

Leaving the comfort of your own country and moving to a new one sure is a difficult thing to do. There are a lot of factors to look for like the crime rate, medical facilities, etc. Make sure that you look into all of this before picking up the country you wish to study in. Also, make sure that your university has certain norms and regulations for students from abroad and is concerned about your safety. If you’re moving from India to the UK, do consult with Remigos for private insurance in the UK, which covers all your medical expenses and makes you stay away from home safe.


  • Establishing relations is impossible:

This isn’t true at all! When you move to a new country, you get to meet people just like you from all over the world. You’re not the only loner there. Universities organize many extracurricular activities in which you can indulge and interact with people more. There are a variety of activities, such as workshops, internships, and volunteering, in which you can work with others.


  • Losing touch with the family:

If you wish to stay connected with your family, trust me you will. You might not be present with them physically, but you can stay in touch with the help of the internet and phone calls in the present world, time sure has changed. Let’s say you’re moving from India to the UK, make sure to get a UK SIM card while you are in India itself so that right after you land in the country, you can make phone calls easily anywhere.


  • Difficult application process:

A lot of people fear moving abroad for studies because they think the application process is cumbersome and requires a lot of work. But this is not the case. Different countries have different requirements and you need to prepare yourself for them. Remigos helps you with all the minute details you might miss while moving from India to the UK and ease this burden. Ensure your paperwork is correct and submit the information accordingly.


As a student, you should concentrate mainly on the courses you need to apply for and in which country you want to study. Do not get scared of the myths like above and be prepared for this new life you are about to step into.


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