Does a hundred-faced dice even exist? roll d100

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Some decisions are better off when left on or handled by luck. You have a variety of hundred options displayed in front of you, and you are having difficulty choosing. Or you do not have the time and energy to go through each and every option because it is time taking. Well, the quickest method to let fate decide things for you is to use roll d100.

What is roll d100, you ask?

It is an online utility through which you can use dice with hundred faces, which means hundred different outcomes. With a few steps and clicks, you can use this application. It is available on all IoT devices, whether it is a mobile phone, iPhone, laptop, computer, mac book, or tablet. Simply go to your favorite browser and search for “roll d100“, click on the first web link, and a visual of dice will appear on the screen. The only step left is to click on the dice to produce and display output on the screen.

Whenever you have difficulty deciding, just reach into your pocket, take out your phone, and open the roll d100 application. It is beneficial as it uses a random generator mechanism to produce an answer. This means that the outcomes are entirely arbitrary and do not use a repeating algorithm.

Uses of roll d100

There can be many other scenarios where this utility can come in handy. Such examples include while playing a board game, making life decisions, or choosing which place to eat today. Are you tired of eating the same thing every day, and you are looking for something new to try, but there are too many cuisines and places to choose from? And you are having difficulty in choosing something.

Now, instead of stressing over such small decisions, you can use roll d100Take out a list of restaurants and dining places near you from the internet, spin the dice for an outcome and choose the restaurant from the list labeled on that number. Here, now all your decisions are hassle-free and can be done in seconds.

Benefits & advantages of roll d100

Roll d100 has many advantages over the traditional six-face dice. Firstly, the most apparent benefit is that it is not limited to six outcomes only. Instead, it has hundred different results, with each output having a probability of one by a hundred to land as the final result.

Furthermore, the traditional dice are tiny in size, making it difficult for elderly or short-sighted people to read and interpret the answer. The answer is displayed on dots on the dice, making it tiring to count every time to roll it. Such problems are eliminated by the hundred faced dice in the online utility. As a result, it is shown clearly on the screen. The font of the result can be adjusted according to personal preference.

Moreover, the application removes the hassle of physically keeping the dice. As the die is small in size, it often gets lost, making it a problem every time you require it. A cliché example of this is whenever you are playing a board game that requires a dice, after every ten minutes, the dice rolls over the board because the player rolled the dice a little too passionately, hoping for a good outcome. Still, instead, it gets rolled over the board and ends up getting lost. But now you can omit this problem by using roll d100. The dice would not get misplaced as it is confined to the screen you are using to open the application.

Making board games more interesting

Often board games get very boring because the game is proceeding very slowly. It makes the players lose interest in the game. To avoid this, you can use the hundred-faced dice to quickly move the game towards the ending, which is the most exciting and intense part. An example of this is while playing monopoly. The initial stage of the game is very tedious and time taking. The real fun starts when almost half of the property on the board has been rented, and most players are reaching bankruptcy.

Monopoly is one of many other examples in which the initial phase of the board game is mare boring. Roll d100 helps quickly escalate the game towards the ending and more exciting part. This online utility has resolved many such problems and aims to help its users in every possible way and omit the issues regarding the traditional dice.

How to use the online utility of roll d100?

Last but not least, the application is straightforward to understand and use. The graphics are highly attractive, giving it the illusion of natural hundred-faced dice. Furthermore, all the directions are provided on the website, making it easier to understand and use. With buttons indicating starting and stopping, the interface makes it enjoyable. It also has the option of keeping track of all the previous results, so you could pull out the history of outcomes if anyone cheated.

It also has the option to change the settings to change the number of outcomes. For example, if you want the result to range from one to seventy-eight or one hundred and twenty-four, you can simply change it from the settings to customize it. The application provides ease to its users by constructing a user-friendly interface.

Final thoughts

Make sure to use it whenever you are having trouble making a decision. Trust your fate and luck, and click on the button to choose what is better for you, and you will not be disappointed. Whether deciding something or speeding up your game, roll d100 to the rescue.



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