What is the 25th Island of Greece?

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If you are a regular social media user and tend to stay updated with the hot topic around, then you probably might have stumbled across a meme circulating about the ‘25th Island of Greece’. You might be wondering, what is so special about a random island in Greece? There are a total of 6000 islands in Greece of which 227 are actually inhabitants. How is the 25th distinct from the rest? Below you will find the real reason behind the phrase used ‘25th island of Greece’.

The ‘25th Island of Greece’ meme takes Twitter by a storm

You might have come across people talking about the Island of Greece while scrolling through Twitter or other social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Greece actually has 6000 islands, of which only 227 are inhabitants. So why are people only mentioning the 25th island?

Well, the answer to that is, there is no special reason behind it or some conspiracy theory. It is actually part of a viral meme. You can search up the ‘25th Island of Greece’ on the internet. When you Google ‘what is the 25th Island of Greece’ you will be shown an Islands’s name, and people think it is hilarious for some reason.

25th Island of Greece

Thus, what is the ‘25th Island of Greece’?

By now, if you searched up the ‘25th Island of Greece’ on the internet, you would have come across the Island of Greece is an island in the Cyclades known as Amorgos.

Thus, what is ‘25th Island of Greece’?

Now, you might think there’s nothing special right? You probably still don’t get it? Well, you are not alone. So why exactly is ‘Amorgos’ going viral over the internet?

People think ‘Amorgos’ sounds like ‘Among us’

The Island of Greece is actually getting viral because people are linking its name ‘Amorgos’ to ‘Among us’. ‘Among us is a 2018 online spaced themed multiplayer game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth, which is really popular amongst children at the moment. The game consists of a group of spacemen, who perform different tasks around the spaceship and need to find the imposter among them before he/she kills the other. Although the two words are not entirely alike, they definitely do sound a bit similar, and the fans of the online game ‘Among us’ think it’s considerably funny.

25th Island of Greece and conclusion

Due to the film ‘The Big Blue’, Amorgos became one of the tourist attractions in the late 1980s. Slowly and gradually, tourism has been increasing. Even though, the island’s geographical conditions do not allow a mass number of tourists. It can be accessed only through the boat. The three main tourist lodgings are in Katapola, Chora, and Aegiali. The capital, Chora, is located in the inner part of Amorgos, with an altitude of 1148 feet near the center of the island. The castle that was built in the 13th century is surrounded by Chora. It is a beautiful village, with narrow alleys, churches, and White Cycladic houses.

25th Island of Greece

There you go, now you can join the trend as you are in on the joke that ‘Amorgos’ sounds like Among us. That was the 25th Island of Greece and its sudden emergence over various social media platforms.



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