Some facts about Blue Whale bitten in half

Due to a recent incident involving White Sharks, ‘Blue Whale bitten in half’ has been a trendy topic among the masses. If you’re curious about it, keep reading this article and your questions will be answered.

Blue Whales

Before straight-up diving into the topic, here is a bit of background. As you might be aware, the Blue Whale is the largest living mammal on our planet. It is known to be 29.9 meters long and weighs around 199 tonnes.

This is why this incident has got people wondering what can cause a mammal of this massive size to end up in such a miserable condition. At first, it was said to be attacked by White Sharks, however, it has been put into the spotlight once again.

How did blue whales found bitten in half of South Africa

On a coast of South Africa, a Blue Whale bitten in half was spotted. The incident is not particularly new and in fact, happened a few years ago but due to recent news, it has gained popularity among the masses on the internet. This incident had people confused as the largest mammal on the entire planet showed up in such conditions. Users over the internet made speculations on what would have caused such fatal damage to a mammal as huge as the Blue Whale. Some also claimed, that, the ‘Meg’ or the ‘megalodon’ (that is a super-sized monstrous shark) was responsible for this incident. However, after some extensive research, it was found out to be White Sharks. The condition of the Whale was not specified, whether it was ill or injured before the attack.

Related incident

A recent incident that has gained quite popularity as a White Shark, was spotted by a father and his son in Maui. This led to the resurfacing of the incident involving the Blue Whale bitten in half. The father and his son were on a Kayak when attacked by a creature in the water. The Kayak was attacked by a shark which left marks on it fortunately the father-son were somehow able to save their lives. Scientists found out that the mark belonged to a White Shark. We believe that the Blue Whale bitten in half incident was taken into consideration and used as a reference.


Hope your queries were answered by this article and now you have a firm grasp of the incident details. Blue Whale bitten in half has been a hot topic among animal lovers who were concerned regarding this tragic incident.

The news cannot be really confirmed as it has been shared only on social media sites such as TikTok where it gained popularity and concern of people. No news channel such as BBC, CNN not even national geographic or Animal planet has confirmed this news. But that does not mean that it isn’t true or impossible. The ocean is humungous and is still yet to be discovered and researched due to its versatile nature. As we all are aware, sharks are carnivores and can pretty much attack any other living thing and consider it as its prey.


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