The Different Types of Custom Greeting Cards


It has been recorded that this rewarding craft originated in ancient China, where they’d send messages of goodwill at New Year using the custom of sending a handmade card. The Chinese, however, weren’t the only ones to think up this idea. There is also evidence that the early Egyptians relayed their sentiments on papyrus scrolls. Until the beginning of the 15th century, Europe got the message and decided to create their greeting cards to celebrate occasions like New Year and Valentine’s Day.

History of Cardmaking

The cardmaking trend increased greatly over time and continuously introduced new and exciting reasons to create and send cards. This notably was the first commercial Christmas card in 1843. An English inventor, Sir Henry Cole, came up with this concept and asked artist John Callcott Horsley to design a card to send out to his colleagues and loved ones over the festive season. It has been practiced since that date; the greeting card industry’s popularity has only propelled. However, with a transition through time, there have been various types of Custom greetings cards, which has been listed below:

Standard Fold Card

The most basic fold in custom greetings cards, this Standard Fold technique allows you to fold a single piece of card vertically or horizontally. Once it is folded in half, ready to decorate as you wish, the result will see a rectangular card shape, both card panels an equal size to fold precisely together.

Square Fold Card

The Square Fold Card is very similar to the Standard Fold Card. However, instead of folding the card into a rectangular shape, it’s folded into a square. This custom greetings cards design is made from one sheet of cards, and both card panels will also be an equal size to fold neatly together. This type of design is one of the most used ways regarding greetings cards.

Gatefold Card

A Gatefold Card opens, as suggested, like a pair of gates parting in the middle. With three panels altogether, this card has two folds – each creating a flap that meets in the center. This custom greeting card design is most common in catalogs, menu cards, or brochures.

Tri-Fold Card

This type of card fold is pretty straightforward to make as you won’t need any extra materials to make the base. This had been one of the reasons for this custom greeting cards design to be popular. Identical to the leaflets, this Tri-Fold Card folds twice to make three panels instead of two. All three panels will be equal sizes to fold precisely on top of one another. This is a unique method of making cards that can look amazing.

 Aperture Card

An Aperture Card is a unique custom greeting card design with a shape cut out of the front cover, folded over with a design framed in the window. It is known to be folded similarly to a Tri-Fold Card. There are three panels with two folds. The aperture hole is created in the central panel, while the left panel is folded and stuck down to form the back of the window where the design sits. The card will then open like a Standard Fold Card.

Rocker Card

Rocker Cards are simple to make. Once you’ve folded your card once in half, all you need to do is cut an even curve out of the bottom. It is considered to be the tricky part, which is ensuring that the curve is even, or else it may not work. When your card is stood up, it should rock when touched. This unique design though being the easiest one to make.

Pop-Up Card

These cards do not exactly as the name suggests; however, images will pop up from the center when the card is opened. The Pop-Up Cards use tabs inside a folded card, cut out from the card blank. The images are stuck onto the bottom section of the tabs to neatly fold down when the card is closed, popping up again when opened. This process of custom greeting cards has been the most exciting and most popular due to its output.

The buying of premade cards can be incredibly expensive. However, so for that reason, more and more people are creating their own. Cardmaking is not only a cheaper option but a far more thoughtful one.


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