How To Reduce Traffic Noise In A House

If you live in a city, you will probably be fairly familiar with how often there is constant noise outside, and oftentimes, it will get disruptive inside your home as well. You may go to bed at night and find yourself listening to constant traffic noise and people shouting. 

If you live in a densely populated area this can leave you frustrated, tired, and straight-up annoyed with how things are, and you will wonder what you have to do to reduce this noise, or even cut it out completely. 

Thankfully, it is not too hard to sort this problem out, the difficult part is finding out what is letting the noise in, but as you can imagine it is usually windows that are the culprits.

 However, if it’s really frustrating you contact a company such as acoustic consultants London to find a solution for you.


Soundproof The House From Traffic. 


Soundproofing is pretty simple at its core. Generally, the issue most people have with too much noise comes from traffic outside. However, in inner cities it can be from clubs, pubs, and so on. 

There are multiple ways that you can fight this issue, but starting with windows is the easiest. 


Better Windows Make A Difference

Windows are usually the culprit for allowing unwanted sound into your house, note that you need to change your windows every 10 years or so, as a rule of thumb to keep them in peak condition and keep sound out. 


Double Glazing

Double glazing is generally the go-to, and if you do not already have double glazing throughout your home, then you should. Having this installed can significantly reduce the amount of outside noise that is coming into your home. As an extra upside, it will also keep warm air inside your home, and save money on both energy bills and our ability to get a good night’s sleep! 


Triple Glazing


If you already have double glazing, and it is just not hardcore enough, or if you feel like the noise is so bad you want to go all out, go for triple glazing. 


Triple glazing is 3 panes of glass instead of 2, and it gives you much better soundproofing abilities and allows you more heat insulation as well. You will also find that you have fewer issues with condensation as well. 


Granted, triple glazing is far from cheap, however, even if you just put it on a few windows where the most noise comes from you will notice a massive difference in the disruptive level of the noise. 


Sound Proofing 


You can introduce many fashions for soundproofing in your home. Most soundproofing methods are reserved for studios in which sound quality inside a particular room is very important. 


Yet, if the noise coming in from outside is absolutely terrible, and it is affecting your life on a larger scale then it is wise to consider these. 


You can even get soundproofing tiles that you have installed on your walls and then have plastered over, your walls will look normal, but the insulation of sound is amazing. 


Do note that this may not have as great of an impact as you may hope though, as it is not actually intended for this purpose.


Check Your Walls


Don’t forget to check your walls as well. If you were only to have a thin 2×4 or 2×6 stud exterior wall then the noise from traffic will easily get through this, and your problem likely goes beyond windows. 


Sound can come through many things, so even a tiny crack can be a cause of problems in your baseboards. 


Electrical outlets and cut-outs can also let unwanted sound in as well. So, consider all options. 


Seal Gaps


It is always worth looking around your home to find gaps that may be letting sound in, any openings, cracks and such can let sound through. This is especially important around windows and doors, as sound has the least resistance in these areas. 

So, no matter how tiny the gap is, getting rid of it altogether is imperative for you to not have sound intruding on your peace of mind. 

Add in some insulation to fight this. 




Notice we mentioned insulation, insulation is usually known for keeping spaces warm and safe, but its other role is in keeping areas noise-free. 

If you find that your home is subject to a lot of noise and nothing seems to be blocking it, make sure your home is properly insulated first. 



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