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Julian Henry De Niro was born in the United States on 20 October 1995. He was 25 years old. The father of Julin Henry de Niro is a famous star actor Robert De Niro. His mother is also famous in the industry; his mother is an actress and model. He is of Italian ethnicity and American nationality. He has a twin brother named Aaron Kendrick De Niro and has American citizenship. De Niro has a low profile on social media and lives a private life.

Julian did not follow his father’s path; on the other hand, he followed his mother’s path and became more successful. He enjoys socializing with their friends by seeing Instagram photos which prove that he is a model. Robert De Niro is an aide in his interview that he does not follow his children to pursue acting careers.

Henry Martin De Niro and Virginia Admiral were famous painters in America and are the grandmother and grandfather of Julian De Niro. He has not started his career yet but his father made his appearance at 20 in Brian De Palma’s movie. We did not estimate his net worth, but his father estimated a net worth of $200 million. And he earned this from his Professional career. It is difficult to find out about its childhood, education, and professional career. But it’s safe to say that it is educated well. Its father is one of the most successful businessmen. Julian Henry De Niro followed his father’s path. Julian is known for his business mind but, he has appeared in some movies. His full Bio is down below.


Full Name: Julian Henry De Niro

Born: 20 October 1995

Father name: Robert De Niro

Mother Name: Toukie Smith

Gender: Male

Profession: Entrepreneur

Birth Sign: Capricorn

Country: United States

Nationality: America

Religion: Christians

Ethnicity: White Height: 5 feet 9 inches, 1.75 m, 175 cm

Weight: 65 kg, 143 ibs

Hair color: Black

Eye color; Dark Brown

Net worth: 3 Million

Profiles: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

 About Education:

He has not disclosed any of his education histories. But, it predicts that he graduated from a reputed university in America.

Family of Julian Henry De Niro:

Mother of Julian De Nero

The mother name of Julian De Niro is Toukie Smith. She is a popular actress and model in America. For the late 80s, she’s famous for Eva’s role in Rawley. The nickname of Toukie Smith IS Doris A. She went to the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is an American. The birthplace is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Her religion is Christianity. Her sun sign is Taurus. Made her debut with Not Known.

 Her movies are

  • 1987- 1988 Miami Vice
  • 1988 Me and Him
  • 1989-1999: 227
  • 1991 Talkin Dirty After Dark
  • 1994 I Like It Like That
  • 1996: Joe’s Apartment
  • 1996: The preacher’s wife
  • 1999: Goosed

Father of Julian Henry De Nero:

Robert De Niro was the Son of two Greenwich Villager artists. He dropped out of school at age 16 to study at Stella Adler. When he worked with a few Plays, he appeared in his first film, Brian De Palma’s. Robert De Niro was the father of Julian De Niro. He’s one of the most popular and famous actors. He was born in Manhattan, New York City on 17 August 1943. He’s got the fame of the role in Bang the Drum Slowly.

For the role in The Godfather: Part II, he received an academic award for best supporting actor. In his role in Raging Bull in 19809, he received the Best Actor academic award. He has earned 4 Golden Globe Awards for best actor nomination. He has collected The A academic Award, DE Mille Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Life Management Award. Henry M. Di Nero Helen Martin Di Nero, Donald Admiral, and Virginia Admiral are his grandparents. Robert De Nero has five siblings

 Famous movie of Robert De Niro

The most famous movie by Robert De Niro was Taxi Driver in 1976.

His greatest movies are

  • Angel heart 1967
  • A Bronx Tale 1993
  • This Boy Life 1993
  • Cape Fear 1991
  • The Irishman 2019
  • Mean Streets 1973
  • Heat 1995

Siblings of Julian De Nero: Julian De Nero has 1 twin brother. The name of the brother is Aaron De Niro. He was born to Robert De Niro and his girlfriend Toukie Smith. • Half-sister: Helen De Niro. She is the youngest.

  • Half-brother: Raphael De Niro, born on 9 November 1971.
  • Elliot De Niro: He was born on 18 March 1998.
  • Adoptive- sister: Drene De Niro

Marital status:

Julian De Niro is not yet married.

His Farmer step-parents:

  • Julian de Niro former stepmother’s name is Grace Hightower De Niro
  • The name of the Former stepmother is Diahnne Abbott

Julian De Niro Great Grandparents:

  • Donald Admiral Julian Henry De Niro’s great-grandmother
  • Alice Admiral Julian De Niro grandmother
  • Julian De Niro grandfather name was Henry De Niro
  • Julian De Niro grandmother name was Helen De Niro
  • Julian De Niro great grandmother was Mary O’Reilly
  • Julian De Niro great grandfather name was John De Ni
  • De Niro’s great-grandmother was Angiolini.
  • Grandparents Robert De Niro Sr
  • Grandmother Virginia De Niro

Julian de Niro great uncles and aunts:

  • Julian de Niro uncle was John De Niro
  •  Great aunt was Joan De Niro
  • Julian De Niro great aunt was Joan D NIRO
  • Great Aunt name was Elizabeth De Niro
  • Great aunt’s name was Eleanor Admiral.

Juliet de Niro’s twin brother:

Julian de Niro keeps away from the public eye. Aaron Kendrick De Niro has a twin brother of Julian De Niro. Aaron Kendrick De Niro is an actress and producer. But his brother Julian has no links with the entertainment industry. Other siblings are older than the twins.


About Julian De Nero:

Is Julian De Niro an actor? He started his career as an actor. In James Franco, he plays the role of Billy. His acting career did not last. He preferred business instead of an acting career. He is a very successful businessman and successful entrepreneur at the age of 25.

 Personal information:

Height of Julian De Nero:

It’s a heavy-weight actor. He grew up with siblings, Aaron Kendrick De Niro, Elliot De Niro, Raphael De Niro, and Drene De Niro. The Cousin of De Niro is Nicholas De Niro, son of Raphael De Niro. The height of Julian De Nero was 5 feet 9 inches and its weight was about 65 kg. The colour of her hair is black and her eyes colour is dark brown. Capricorn is his zodiac sign.

He has a twin brother Aaron De Nero. His parents got separation, one year later. Julian De Niro is not active on social media. He is a private person. From the University of America, he completed his graduation. His favorite place is in Italy and he likes to travel. He is a successful entrepreneur. His favourite hobby is testing different foods. He likes to watch Football. His favourite food is Italian. Julian De Niro has instagram followers 422. His Instagram account is private.


He is not acting too much on social and keeping his life private, that’s why his dating life was not revealed. But it is assumed that he is not dating or he is not evolved with anyone. He focuses on building their business first. His family is a very famous film star, but he keeps his life private and does not evolve in the media.

Net worth:

 Robert Di Nero Net Worth:

The father of Julian De Niro’s net worth is about $500 million. Robert Di Niro is currently working film industry. His form of income came with his old mega-hits even at this age.

 The net worth of Julian De Nero:

He was a very successful businessman and entrepreneur at a very young age. He does not follow his father’s career. His family is multistep, but he likes to run his business and put his all focus on it.

Does his family support him financially?

He is family supports him financially if he needs some income. In 2020, the net worth of Julia De Ner was approximately 300 million.

Achievements of Julian Henry de Niro:

There is no information about the achievements of Julian De Niro.

 Hobbies of Julian De Nero:

Football is his favorite hobby and he watches TV.

 Some Facts

  • Julian De Niro is the nephew of Will Smith and Norman Smith.
  • In James Franco’s Dubious Battle he played the part of Billy
  • It is the stepson of Diane Abbot and Grace Hightower
  • In presumed colleges in the United States, he is studying psychology.
  • The net worth of Julian Di Niro is approximately $3 Million.
  • From an early age, Julian Henry De Niro and Startle Basket both are American pruners.

Final words

In this article, I have given you detailed information on Julian De Nero his complete bio, and about his family. About his profession, and career.

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