Satyam result; how it Changed the World?

As an Indian citizen, you will be excited to know about Satyam Result. If you are, then you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss everything about Satyam result. The Satyam scandal, also known as the Indian Enron scandal, was a major corporate fraud in India that came to light in 2009. The scam involved falsifying the company’s accounts, overstating assets, under-reporting liabilities, and inflating profits.

So, everyone who wants to know about Satyam results can enter this article. Let us start our discussion.

Satyam Lottery Results Overview

Satyam is a famous occasion held in India. A draw is held by shopping malls all around India. The draw is held, so people who participated in it do not know the ticket number. The people who participated get a set of tickets, and a random number is produced, then the ticket is distributed to the people who win.


Satyam lottery is a television created by the State of Kerala in India. It is a TV show which K. N. Menon produces. K. N is the famous producer and director of Telugu films. This TV show is very popular among people, so it is spread to other states all around India and other countries worldwide.


It is a luck-based game in which players play to get a chance to win. In this game, contestants select a random number to get a chance to win the draw. Such draws are played worldwide with the major goal of increasing the fund for government projects. Draw prizes increase from country to country; anyone can win by selecting the right numbers on the lottery tickets.


The Indian Government arranges some lotteries to benefit people and support those with low income. The Government held such lotteries to increase their funds for charity purposes and the welfare of their nation. The Government allows people to buy their tickets online and participate in the lottery. You can buy a lottery ticket online through a lottery portal run by the Indian Government.


Satyam lottery is one of the lotteries run by the Indian Government for the welfare of the Indian people. It is a very popular draw in India, and many people participate. The tickets for this lottery are sold in all the states of India, excluding the state of Jammu and Kashmir.


How do you play the Satyam Lottery?


If you want to win prizes by any lottery, you can consider the Satyam lottery if you are an Indian citizen. It is one of the most popular lotteries played in India and held by shopping malls. Therefore, you can get a chance to win incredible prizes by participating in it.


Satyam is a lottery program run in Madhya Pradesh, India. A huge population of India participates in this lottery to get a chance to win prizes. You can buy the Satyam lottery ticket online through online sellers and outlets. You will find out if you are looking for how to play the Satyam lottery.


Satyam lottery is a chain of lottery held by the Andhra Pradesh state government. If you want to buy the Satyam lottery, you can get it online at You can play the Satyam lottery directly at the location at which it is held, and you can play it online through the internet.

A lottery process is the same as betting. To play the Satyam lottery is not too difficult. You have to select the right number from the list of numbers and then match your selected number with the final number.

The major difference between betting and lottery is the amount of prize a participant wins is fixed in betting but not in the lottery. However, you will face some specific rules in the lottery that are the same as betting. If you neglect the rules and do not follow them, you cannot win the lottery and lose the chance to win prizes.

What are the results of the Satyam lottery?

Satyam lottery is one of India’s popular events where a huge population of people participates to win wonderful prizes. People get a chance to win exclusive prizes and a big amount of money. People can play it offline and online. The results of the recent Satyam lottery are mentioned below:


Lottery Time 1 Winner  2 Winner  3 Winner
09:00 AM613562876390
09:20 AM618762126305
09:40 AM612762936369
10:00 AM610762566344
10:20 AM613562016390
10:40 AM618062776359
11:00 AM613662486391
11: 20 AM612062546397
11: 30 AM612262946319
12: 00 PM6110—-—-
12:20 PM619562436318
12: 40 PM610562876310
01: 00 PM618662016348
01: 20 PM619162756349
01: 40 PM612962656313
02: 00 PM619862506349
02: 20 PM610262146395
02: 40 PM612962846317
03: 20 PM610562866392
03: 40 PM617262416336
04: 00 PM619462376351
04: 20 PM618362056367



How do you check the Satyam lottery result?

Satyam lottery is such an event for people, which gives them excitement to win the prizes. People can get a chance to win prizes. After the play, Satyam announces the Satyam result, which decides who the winner is.


The people whose lottery Ticket number matches the numbers in the results are the winner of this wonderful and suspicious game. Here, you will learn how to play the Satyam lottery and check out the Satyam result. Satyam lottery is a well-arranged lottery approved by the Government of India. As it is approved, so it is not a fraud. You can play it because it is an easy and trustworthy source of getting wonderful prizes. Satyam Computershare Pvt, Ltd. runs it. It is one of the safest and scam-free lottery schemes offered by the Government of India to people.


Satyam is one of the ancient and well-arranged lotteries held in Andhra Pradesh. It is popular due to its wealthy prizes and unique lottery way. It is one of the draws that allows people to win prizes. The lottery offers an easy way to play and wonderful prizes for winners. It provides an opportunity to be wealthy.

The lottery is a luck-based game in which everyone can win prizes. People who win the lottery are the luckiest of all the participants.

When will be the next Satyam lottery?

Satyam is an Indian lottery event that allows people to win wealth and high prices prizes. Satyam weekly, with three major draws for three versions of lotteries.

The draw is held at 10:00 PM daily, and the results are published on the official website and on TV programs. If you want to participate in the Satyam result lottery, then the only thing that you need is a ticket. Buy a ticket and participate in the game. When you buy the ticket, remember to choose the right number. A huge amount of people waited for this lottery, and many people participated in it.

When was the Satyam lottery start for the first time?

Satyam lottery is a popular event in India that provides a chance to people to win exclusive prizes. This lottery was conducted for the first time in 1996, and now it has been the greatest lottery played by a great population of people in India. It has a cash prize money of 1070 crore.

Where was the Satyam lottery held?

Satyam lottery is a chance for people to win wonderful gifts. Many people participate in the game, and the luckiest people get prizes in this lottery.


Satyam lottery starts in Andhra Pradesh, India. People from any of India’s states can easily participate in this lottery and win exclusive gifts. People only need to get the tickets and match their selected numbers in the list of winning numbers. If they found their number on the winning list, they won the lottery.

Where can you check the Satyam lottery results?

Satyam result lottery is one of the oldest lottery events in Andhra Pradesh, India. The lottery is held every week, and many people participate in it. Satyam results are published on the official website of the lottery. However, if you feel hard to access the official website of the Satyam lottery, you can view the results that are broadcasted on TV programs.

When can anyone buy the Satyam lottery tickets?

Satyam is a game where you can get fix prizes. The big jackpots are available for every draw. Satyam lottery was launched on 24 December by the Global Lottery India. It has now become the most famous lottery all around India. You can get information about lottery ticket purchases on the official website of the Satyam result lottery.

Final Thoughts

Satyam lottery is one of the famous lotteries in India. Many people win exclusive prizes by participating in it. Anybody can participate in this lottery and get a chance to win wonderful prizes. I hope this article will be helpful for you.


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