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Anime series, movies, books, and novels are too common all around the world these days. People consider it good to read anime and watch the animations. Secret art storm sword is also an anime that gets popularity among people due to its main character “Celine”.

This article covers everything about the secret art storm sword. Therefore, if you want further information about the secret art storm sword, you are right.

Secret art storm sword Overview

Secret art storm sword is an art craft by Epic seven-game that is delivered or passed down by the family of Celine. It has the secret to a form of sword art that enables one to

Control the energy with their body to beat their enemies with the fastest speed as the speed of light.

Secret art storm sword Synopsis

Celine is an Earth elemental thief who attacks the enemies when they are using non-attack skills. Secret art storm sword is an animation by Epic seven that enable people to beat their enemies.

Hero Introduction

The major character is Celine in secret art storm sword. She is an Earth Elemental thief who can cause a huge amount of damage to enemies when they use non-attack abilities. She is a wandering woman who depends on her Sword only. Celine is a swordswoman. Her element is earth, and she is a thief. Her sign is Scorpio.

Celine is capable of defeating and damaging her enemies. She can damage her enemies by her eye blinks. She is also capable of recovering from dealing with her damages.

Skills and Abilities

Celine is generally a swordswoman. She has the following skills and abilities in her.


She can attack the enemy with a sheath. Simply put, she can uppercut her enemies when they attack him. She can kill or beat her enemies by hitting them strongly.


She can attack her enemies unplanned or unsystematically. She can attack them with a blink when they are using a non-attack mode. Blink skill can be activated one time after every two turns. Celine can cut, attack, and defeat an enemy with only the blink of her eyes.


She is capable of attacking her enemies with a thunderclap. She can dispel all the caster and slashes over her enemies before activating an explosion.

Secret art storm sword Skill Level

Skill levels are of two types in secret art storm sword. Skills levels are mentioned below with its description.

Skill Level 1 (Basic Skill Level)

Skill level 1 has a 50% chance to give an increasing attack to the caster for one turn when the enemy uses a non-attack skill. It can only be triggered once in turn.

Skill Level Max (Maximum Skill Level)

The maximum skill level has a 100% chance to give the increasing attack to the caster for the first turn when the enemy uses a non-attacking skill. It also can be triggered once for a turn.

Artcraft Background

Artcraft is the book that is passed down by Celine’s generation. Al the necessary skills and secrets of sword art are mentioned in it. Anyone who wants to produce the energy in their body to defeat the enemies with the fastest speed as light can benefit from this art craft.

Secret art storm sword is an art craft that enhances the combat speediness and attack of the person when an enemy uses a non-attack skill. It continuously enhances speediness and enables one to attack the enemy when he uses non-attack skills.

Secret Sword is an art craft that is produced by Epic seven.

Stats of Secret art storm sword

Secret art storm sword is an art craft produced by Epic seven. The major stats of this art craft are mentioned below:

  • Basic Attack
  • 21
  • Max Attack
  • 273
  • Basic Health
  • 32
  • Max Health
  • 416

Equipment of Celine

  • Intuition gives caster sheath for two turns when she uses blinks.
  • When she uses blinks, it will increase damage dealt by 10% and attack the enemy with the highest power.
  • When she uses thunderclap, the damage dealt is enhanced by 10%
  • Celine is a swordswoman who knows the usage of sword art with unique skills and techniques. She has the power to defeat her enemies. She attacks enemies when they use non-attack mode. She can attack enemies by increasing and fastest speed. Celine plays a role in art craft.

Flan (Ice Ranger)

Flan is another character of the Secret art storm sword. He also plays a role like Celine. The only difference between both is that Celine is Thief exclusive while Flan is Ice Ranger.

Skills of Flan

Flan has the following skills.

Communication Breakdown

Flan can attack the enemy with a gun. It has a 50% chance of dismissing one buff

Data Monopoly

It inspires an ally, enhancing and rising attack, it can give severe hit damages for two turns. It can increase combat speediness by 30%.

Advantageous Deal

It can drive a hard bargain alongside all the enemies. Flan can disable them for healing and decrease their defense for two turns. Flan can decrease the combat speediness of enemies by 15%. It can give an extra turn.


Artcraft Level

  • Level 1

Level 1 has a 50% chance to give an increasing attack to the enemies for one turn when they use non-attack skills. It can only be triggered once in turn.

  • Max Level

When the caster uses non-attack skills, it increases the combat speediness by 20% and can obtain ten souls. Souls can be attained once.

It is an incredible way to get endless entertainment and to learn the Sword’s attack.

What is the reason for suggesting the Secret art storm sword?

It is a unique art craft that allows you to learn how to use the Sword and it will be equipped for your security team on both Arena and Guild war. It is extraordinarily beneficial for thieves like heroes who play a role in the defense team against the opponent team that uses non-attack skills to enhance their CR and provides buffs.

Secret Art

Any of the Skill and ability that is selected by a few people who know how to use is Secret Art. this art itself can be unknown to the universe. The secret Sword is a move you can use to defeat your enemies with incredibly increasing speed.

What skills did Celine show in Secret art storm sword?

Celine can uppercut her enemies. She can attack the enemy using a sheath. Using these skills, she can hit the enemy with a strong attack. It will increase the damage dealt to Celine and enable her to deal with or heal the damages.

In addition, Celine uses Intuition skills. She can attack a random enemy with the blink of her eye when the enemy uses non-attack skills. It can be activated one time every two turns. She can cut the enemy in the blink of her eyes. The damage-sharing effect is ignored if the enemy is not a Boos or Elite.

One more skill that Celine has is “Thunderclap.” She can dispel all the debuffs from the caster and slashes at the foes before activating a blast. It will increase the evasion of the caster for two turns.

It is very enjoyable for people of every age group.

What is the benefit of Secret art storm sword?

Secret art storm sword is an art craft passed down by Celine’s family. This art craft has all the secrets of using sword art. It contains the basic knowledge of skills and techniques of using the Sword’s art. It enables a person to obtain the energy with their body to defeat the enemies with the increasing and fastest speed.

Art craft enables someone to generate combat speediness by attacking enemies using non-attack skills. It increases the speediness of the caster by 12% and provides a 50% chance to raise the attack for one turn.

How many types of articraft are there on Secret art storm sword?

Some of the articrafts that are classified by their classes are mentioned below:

  • Maga Articraft
  • Knight Articraft
  • Warrior Articraft
  • Thief exclusive articraft
  • Should Weaver Articraft
  • Ranger Articraft
  • Common Articraft

What is the category of Secret art storm sword?

It is an articraft that enables people to attack opponents using non-attack mode. The category of this articraft is thief exclusive.

In this articraft, Celine is a swordswoman who completely depends on her Sword. She uses unique techniques and skills to beat her enemies using her Sword.

Final Words

Secret art storm sword is an articraft that increases the combat skills and can enhance the speediness of combat to defeat the enemies when they use the non-attack skills.

This article contains almost every type of information about it. Therefore, if you want to get information about it, then this article will be helpful for you. I hope the information mentioned in it will be sufficient for you.


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