Spayee : All you need to know about it

This article covers everything about spayee. If you want to know all about spayee, then you are in the right place. Apps and software are common these days. Technology enables people to build an application and software for every life purpose. Application and use in learning also make learning and education modern.


Spayee is also a learning app or software widely used for learning digital and technical courses online. Content writers to develop, publicize, and sell their content or practices to others also use it.

Spayee Overview

Spayee is a multipurpose white-labeled platform that content creators use for the creation, publication, and selling of content. It is a DIY (Do it yourself) platform that enables people to create and launch a custom-built educational website. It also supports mobile apps for hosting, publicizing, and selling courses with an automatic payment procedure.

Spayee software enables people to create courses in the form of video and audio, PDF documents, tests, assignments, and live tutorials. Spayee provides multilayer security for the protection of your content and courses.


It also provides all the necessary tools for marketing and user engagement to interact with clients to sell your courses. Spayee provides you with everything you need to run and manage your digital learning platform. This platform is highly customized, enabling people to launch their learning and educational media the way they want.

Uses of Spayee

Spayee is one of the widely used software. It provides the platform to those who have content and want to publicize and sell that content. People with any type of content can sell and publish their content using Spayee.


Content creators like online tutors, trainers, instructors, teachers, educational organizations, training organizations, social media celebrities, and corporates create, publicize and sell their content in the form of audio, video, and live tutorials.

Uses of Spayee

Anyone can easily use Spayee because it has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Therefore, it makes it easy for people to compile their theories, courses, and content and sell them to other desired people through audio, video, and live tutorials. In addition, people frequently use Spayee for learning purposes. They can watch live tutorials to learn every type of beneficial skill, watch videos of courses, and hear approaches that are publicized in the form of audio at Spayee.


How to log in with spayee login

Login to your spayee account. Go to the Spayee App. Enter your email or username and password or two-factor authentication code. Click “Profile.”Click on “Spay/Neuter Policies”Select the spay-neuter policy that best suits your situation. and click “Save.”If you live in California, you may qualify for the state’s spay/neuter assistance, which is currently available to help low-income individuals and families. Find out more on the Spay and Neuter Assistance Page.


Spayee Benefits

Spayee is an incredible platform popular with people who want to publish and sell their content. People and educational organizations broadcast their courses and sell their courses frequently use it. Spayee has unlimited benefits.


It provides an independent source to people where they can build their customized website and run it efficiently. People can run their websites with their domain name and brand. It is where customers can manage their content and have full authority over their content, user data, and strategy to publicize the content and brand.


Spayee enables users to launch their own unique digital learning platform where they can publish their courses in audio and video form. It has numberless advantages, but some key benefits are mentioned below:

  • It is a multipurpose platform where you can find out all types of courses
  • Its interface is looked completely white labeled
  • It is compatible with androids and iOS
  • It is a white-labeled android and iOs app
  • It allows people to make their custom landing pages
  • It enables users to develop their customized website
  • It encourages people to run their own businesses and brand
  • It supports various currencies for payment procedure
  • It provides multiple choices in languages so; people can pick one according to their desires
  • It enables people to take live classes and attend live tutorials
  • It allows tutors to arrange live tutorials for students
  • It will help content creators to create, manage, publicize, and sell their content
  • It allows users to stream content securely
  • It provides better and secure delivery
  • It includes pricing plans according to country
  • It offers various payment plans

Features of Spayee

Spayee is a beautiful digital platform that enables people to create their courses through videos and audio. Some of the critical features of Spayee are mentioned below:

accounting for this feature, you can do the following things on Spayee

  • It enables you to add a user
  • It allows you to archive users
  • It allows you to search out and browse the list of users
  • It will help you to upgrade users’ actions
  • It provides you custom/mandatory user profile
  • It enables upload users

Activity Grading

It will provide the following things

  • It enables you to look at the course history
  • It gives you a grade book
  • It allows you to watch and read grade book comments
  • It will help you to do manual grading
  • It provides you with multiple grading scales


You can do the following things using this feature

  • You can assign courses to categories
  • You can make new categories
  • You can manage your created categories
  • You can get priced categories in the form of bundles

Certificate Management

  • It will provide you following things
  • You can get a certification life cycle
  • You can control and arrange certificates templates
  • You can predefined certificate templates
  • You can make a unique certificate according to the course
  • You can get special certification by the course syllabus


It will provide you following things

  • It will give you a custom user login page
  • It will give you manual accounts
  • It does not need any login
  • It will offer you SAML2/API integration
  • It will show you self-registration

Compliance Management

  • It will enhance your management by providing you due date notifications
  • You will get a soft/hard stop before the date


It will provide you following things

  • It will give you an assignment engine by which you can create and manage the assignment
  • It will provide you with a build-in controlling tool
  • You can reuse PPTs, PDFs, and videos in this feature
  • You can change the course’s setting
  • You can create online video content
  • You will get the course’s backup option
  • It will give you drag-and-drop options
  • You can set a learning path
  • You can arrange live tutorials and events
  • It will provide you test engine by which you can create and manage test
  • It will enable you to upload courses or content


You can do the following tasks using this feature

  • You can customize mobile learning apps
  • You can customize personalized views


It provides you following things

  • It offers you automated registration options
  • It offers you manual registration options
  • It will give you progress tracking options
  • It offers you self-registration
  • It provides you with self-registration with pin #
  • It gives you a registration survey that is based on responses shown by users


It will provide you following features

  • It offers you to discuss the course
  • It offers a gamification format
  • It offers you learner uploads
  • It offers live chat or communication options
  • It provides you with social formats
  • It gives you topic formats
  • It offers video conferencing integration
  • It offers weekly formats

Learning Categories

You can choose one of the following learning options if you want to use Spayee for learning purposes

  • It offers you an Asynchronous instructor-led
  • It provides you with the asynchronous self-paced option
  • It offers blended learning
  • It gives a synchronous virtual classroom

Mobile Learning modes

It provides you following learning modes by which you can choose according to your desires

  • Offline mode with disconnected apps
  • The online method that needs an internet connection

Interface Management

It will provide you following options for interface management

  • It offers extra external pages
  • It offers block management by which you can block and unblock someone on the platform
  • It contributes to setting a calendar
  • It offers language-setting options
  • It offers you to select the location
  • It enables you to place media embedding
  • It provides support for multi-languages
  • It offers ready-mode themes

Offline Support

  • It also supports an offline mode to facilitate those users who do not have any internet source or connection

Offline Support

Reports Management

It will offer you the following options

  • It provides automated report setting
  • It offers canned reports
  • It offers dashboard and graphics reports
  • It includes email delivery reports
  • It provides spreading reports in a range of formats
  • It gives a grading report setting
  • It includes training record arrangements

Shopping Cart

  • It offers a shopping cart to shop for something


This feature offers you the following things

  • It defines roles
  • It provides assignments according to the role
  • It includes system permission per role
  • It provides information about team and team hierarchies

System reports

This feature provides the following options

  • You can generate automated email reports in a predefined time
  • You can also create custom reports
  • It includes an email notification setting


  • It is anti-spam software
  • It is an anti-virus software
  • It has an IP blocker
  • It can restrict registration for a specific domain
  • It will enable you to give a solid password for your Spayee account



Spayee is a beautiful platform that is used all over the world for creating, selling, and branding content. Spayee is a learning platform that facilitates people to learn courses and get content.

You can use Spayee if you have content and want to publish and sell your content to other people and want to run your customized website. This article covers everything about Spayee. I hope it will be helpful for you.


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